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Jackie Chan to Star in a Kung Fu Version of "It's a Wonderful Life"

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Jackie Chan

Hollywood (IWR Satire)  Dream Woks productions announced today that Jackie Chan will be staring as George Bailey in a Kung Fu remake of "It's a Wonderful Life".   According to Dream Woks promotions:

"You'll watch with awe as George Bailey cleans up Bedford Falls, once and for all, as he karate kicks Mr. Potter out of his wheelchair whenever he shows his ugly mug in town!

You'll heart will be filled with envy as George eye gouges Mary in hydrangea bushes.

You'll be dazzled when George takes the nunchakus to Mr. Gower after he almost poisons Mrs. Blaine! 

You'll cheer as George kung fu kicks Sam Wainwright in the head when Sam makes that dumb hee-haw face and sound at George!

You'll shout with joy when George impales Uncle Billy with a throw star, after Billy loses all the Savings and Loans money.

And then you'll shout some more when George gives Nick the bartender an elbow chop in the face after Nick throws Clarence and George out of the bar!

So plan this Christmas season to see Jackie Chan in It's a Wonderful Life!"

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