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GOP Playing Cards

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WMD, Terrorism
and Iraq

Secret Agent 86: Dubya Smart Updated  1/25

The Little Bozo Who Cried Wolf 1/19

Source Revealed For Iraqi WMD Drawings 1/12

White House Issues Iraq WMD Correction 1/8

WMD Thingy

Kay to Search for WMD on Mars 1/3

Osama Spotted at Borders Bookstore 12/31

Bush Replaces 9/11 Commission Chairman Kean With Schiavo 12/28

Bush Reminds Americans Why They Hate Us

Hunt For WMD To Switch To Jacko's Neverland Ranch

Ridge Issues Santa Claus Advisory

Merry Christmas "Mad Dog" Gadhafi!

Saddam to Play 'Grandfather' in Heidi

Mission Accomplished Again, Well Sort Of

Laura Bush's Annual Christmas Address

The Women of al Qaeda

The Official Neocon 2004 Calendar

Wen Jiabao’s Chinese Puppet Show

A Reagan-Bush Analogy That Works

The Official Codpiece Story

The Baghdad Bush Animated GIF

Ridge Issues Lynch Dawg Alert

Karl Rove Sends A Turkey To Iraq

Baghdad Bush

Bush-Turkey Missing Link Found

Photo Proves Saddam 9/11 Connection!

Kim Jong-il Threatens World's Kimchi Supply

Ashcroft Declares Martial Law In Ypsilanti

Ridge Issues Brown Alert

Saddam Hussein Takes First Place
With Record Sized Pumpkin

"I'm OK - Iraq's OK"  Bush PR Offensive

Ridge Issues Guinea-Zilla Alert

Cheney's Believe It Or Not

Swami Dick Knows All

Ashcroft in Hot Pants

Bush Admits He Doesn't Know Why We Invaded Iraq

Osama bin Laden at the Annual al Qaeda Picnic

Ashcroft Recommends Using Racial Profiling In Iraq

Bush To Have Pledge Drive For Iraq

The Universe According to Karl Rove

Rummy's Epiphany

France Agrees to Send Help to Iraq

Dubya Quixote

How Soon He Forgets

Saddam Hussein Attends Harley-Davidson's 100th Birthday Party

Bremer to Sell Off Iraq's Assets on eBay

Shinola or Skoal?

The Iraq War's Mickey Mouse Club

The Mysterious House of Bush

Kim Jong Il Enters California Governor's Race

Saddam Hussein Turns Up at Kobe Bryant's Trial

Bush Admits US Invaded the Wrong Country

Saddam in Disguise

Secret Agent 86 - Dubya Smart

Bush Takes Responsibility For Loch Ness Monster Claim

Rummy's New Game Show: The Wheel of Farces

Laura Bush Meets Kim Jong Il

Rummy's New Brain

To Tell The Truth

Who's on First?

Sgt. Tenet Schultz

Bush Fails Lie Detector Test

Is There a Cancer Growing of the Presidency?

The Nucular Patsy

Photo "Proves" Bush Wasn't Lying


Condi Reveals Her Post-Impeachment Plans

Osama Spotted at Borders Bookstore

I didn't know that.

ANN ARBOR, MI (IWR News Parody) - FBI director Robert Mueller today confirmed that a man resembling Osama bin Laden was spotted in a Borders bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI. <Full Story>

Tom Ridge Issues Wienermobile Alert For the Fourth Of July Weekend

Bush Says WMD are Just Like UFOs and Jesus

Rumsfeld Unveils Iraq's New Enterprise Zones

Bush Attacks 'Revisionist Historians' on Iraq

Colin Powell's Prayer

The Hypnotic Eye

Bush Orders FBI to Drain Persian Gulf in Search of Saddam's WMD

"Technically Speaking, Bush Wasn't Lying About WMD." Says Condoleeza Rice

John Ashcroft's Jihad

Chirac Presents Bush With the Codpiece of Freedom

The Bush Administration Explains Iraq's Missing WMD

Rummy Explains Iraq's Missing WMD

Saddam Hussein Shows Up at the 7-Eleven in Crawford, TX

Baghdad Bob Meets Bat Boy

Laura Bush Muses on Dubya's Codpiece

Saddam Hussein Sited at Wal-Mart Store in Toledo, Ohio

Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il Proclaims May Elton John Month

Just Like Rummy Planned it

Colin Powell's Secret Prayer

Saddam Hussein's Favorite Singer Iraqi Playing Card

Close to You - An IWR Karaoke Donald Rumsfeld Sing-A-Long

Hans Blix to Lead U.N. Inspection Team On Hunt For Leprechauns in Ireland

Iraqi Information Minister Says The Detroit Tigers Will Win the World Series

Rummy's Mind Meld

U.S. Military Nabs Key Iraqi Player - George Shultz

Jug Ears

Terrorist Abu Abbas Arrested at Subway's

Rummy's Magic Vase

Bush's Taped Message To Iraq

Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il Proclaims May Elton John Month

The Secret Cakewalk Battle Plan

Der Shrubber

Arab View of the Bush War Room

CNN's White House Cheerleaders

Bush Turns Into Gargoyle During Speech to Nation

MoonPies For Iraq War Victims Program

Caller ID Systems Thwart "Phone Diplomacy" Effort

The Neocons: The Same Old Story

The Real Bush Doctrine

Condi and the Itsy Bitsy Spider

San Diego Chicken to Rule Postwar Iraq

Mad Cowboy Disease

Bush's Postwar Plan: Tax Cuts and Christianity

Rummy Issues Home Run Derby Challenge to Saddam

White House Reveals "Coalition of the Willing"

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