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The AWOL President

Bush Plan Would Outsource Seniors 3/11/05

The Wal-Mart Candidate 3/24/04

The Sweatshop Solution 3/17/04

The 'Fast-Food Factory' McJobs President 2/22/04

The Road the Serfdom

White House Issues Revised Jobs Forecast for 2004 2/19/04

Monkey Pants Supports Outsourcing Jobs Overseas 2/12/04

Bush Expresses His Compassion for the Jobless 1/22/04

Bush Proposes New NASA Mission To Study the Unemployed 1/11

Bush Campaign Pledge: A McJob For Every McPerson!

Bush Outsources Barney's Job to India!

Poor Barney

Bush Plans to Outsource NASA to India

Bush Tells a McFunny Outsourcing Joke

The McJobs President

Grasso to Star in Bollywood Re-Make of My Favorite Martian

Bush Ushers in a New Era of Indentured Servitude

Bush Blames Doppelganger for Weak Economy

George Bush's Recurring Nightmare


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