IWR Satire - Where in the World is Saddam San Diego?

Saddam Hussein Spotted with a Cafe Latte
Outside of the Baghdad Starbucks

Damascus (IWR Satire) - Saddam had his picture taken in front of the Starbucks at Baghdad Super Mall inside of the Green Zone.  "I just love Starbucks!  I just can't start my day without one of their tasty low fat muffins.  Also, I love their special music CDs.  I just can't get enough of the "Various Artists Vol. 75," said Saddam to surprised local reporters.

Saddam Hussein Attends Harley-Davidson's
100th Birthday Party

MILWAUKEE, WI (IWR Satire) - Saddam Hussein clowns around with a biker dirt doll at Harley-Davidson's 100th Birthday party in Milwaukee.

"All these fat old biker dudes look the same to me," said Ms. Dirty Diane to reporters. 

Unfortunately, the majority of FBI agents where tied up covering John Ashcroft's whirlwind Patriot Act Tour.  Since nobody shows up at Mr. Ashcroft's road trip stops, FBI agents are required to play the role of the adoring public.

Saddam Hussein Harley-Davidson Bonus Picture

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