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IWR Photo Cartoons - Bush and Meatball Curse

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First Family Under Constant Threat
of Falling Meatballs Says FBI Director

Camp David (IWR Satire) - FBI Director Robert Mueller revealed to Diane Sawyer yesterday on Good Morning America that the Bush Family is cursed and lives in constant fear of being struck in the head by meatballs falling from the heavens. 

"This is not some weird deal like Nancy Reagan and her astrologer  or Hillary Clinton talking to Eleanor Roosevelt. Meatballs really do seem to fall from the sky whenever Mr. or Mrs. Bush are outside.  There's even tomato sauce on the meatballs. Sometimes even pesto sauce. That's why you always see them carrying umbrellas even when the suns out," said FBI Director Mueller.

Note:  Influenced by R. Crumb's old Zap Comix about falling meatballs.

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