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Saturday 07/28/2012

Mitt The Twit

 Mitt Romney Cartoons

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Monday 07/23/2012

Art and Music Links For 07/23/2012

Clovis Trouille
More information on Trouille from Wikipedia.

Religieuse italienne fumant la cigarette (1944)

Birge Harrison
The Fifth Avenue at Twilight currently resides at the Detroit Institute of the Arts.

Fifth Avenue at Twilight (c 1910) Here's a larger image from The Athenaeum.

John William Waterhouse's - Lady of Shalott (1888)
Great scan/photo of a great painting.

Lady of Shalott (1888)

Kil Dren via Ok Kim

Pipi (2012)

Cunde Wang

The Xiao-Flute (2002)

New Art From Yasunari Ikenaga

Untitled (2012)

Grassroots Feminist Political Posters in India

Every girl has the right to go to school

The Night Riders

Baby Saw-Whet Owl by Alex Thomson
And last, but not least!

Stevie Wonder - My Cherry Amour (1969)

Stevie Wonder

Chaka Khan and Rufus - Tell me something Good (1974)

Chaka Khan

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Cha Cha (2009)

Malatu Astatke

Beach House - On the Sea (2012)

Beach House

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The Outsourcing King And I 7/5

The Invisible Mormon 7/2

Willard 6/25

Obama Light 6/18

Super Pac Rats 6/14

Nip Mitt In The Bud! 6/11

The Kochie Monster 6/4

Trump Swallows Pagan Baby At Romney Fundraiser 5/29

Every Bully For Himself 5/22

Elvis Romney 5/21

The Two Headed Half-Wit 5/11

Zombies Rally Around Romney 5/7

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Son Of Dubya! 4/25

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The Adventures Of Zipperman 4/3

Invasion Of The Broccoli Snatchers 4/2

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Mitt's Not In Kansas Anymore 3/26

The GOP's Toy Boy 2/21

GOP Women Haters Magazine 3/19

The GOP's Timothy Leary 3/12

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Romney To Use "Jocko Homo" As Campaign Theme 3/5

We're All Douchebags Now! 3/3

Robo Romney 3/1

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The Pope Of Pennsylvania 2/21

Man On Elephant 2/15

Romney's Information Minister 2/14

Romney Channels Nixon 2/6

The Long March To Moon Base Gingrich 2/6

Norquist Jumps The Shark 1/30

Gingrich Promises A Tribble In Every Pot! 1/26

Assange To Play Mr. Humphries 1/26

King Newtie VIII 1/23

The Burgomaster Of Baggage 1/23

Gilligan's Tax Dodge Island 1/18

The Holy Hand Grenade Of Mormon 1/17

The Vulture Capitalist 1/16

Romney Plan Would Give Bigots Tax Cuts 1/9

Karma Chameleon Cover By Boy Mitt 1/4

Doctors To Remove Birdís Nest From Kim Jong-un's Head 12/30

The GOP's B Team 12/26

Ayn Rand Christmas Cards 12/19

Paul Ryan To Star In Gilliganís Island Remake 12/15

I Married A Flaming Asshole From Outer Space 12/13

David Lynch To Host GOP Debate 12/08

Pope Donald The Ridiculous 12/05

King Plutorat 11/30

Benedict Norquist 11/22

The Mr. Whipple Of Washington 11/21

Boehner Cries At Congressional "Year Of Inertia" Ceremony 11/18

The GOP's Last Chicken In The Shop 11/14

Humpty Dumpty Cain 11/7

Cantor: Calling All GOP Lemmings 10/31

Romney Unveils His Pyramid Plan For America 10/24

Cain Hires New Chief Campaign Advisor 10/24

Limbaugh Joins Lordís Resistance Army 10/19

Marcus Bachmann To Be On Dancing With The Stars 10/17

The Pizza Beast 10/12

Romney To Star In Flipper 2012 10/10

Tea Party Queen Says They Donít Look Like Us! 10/7

Captain Beckaroo 10/3

Perry Plan Would Make Mexico 51st State 10/3

Paul Calls Killing The "Underwear-bomb maker" A Blow To Anarchism 10/3

Boehner's Legacy 9/27

Say Goodnight, Rick! 9/26

PerryKari 9/20

Tea Party Holds Crucifixion Reenactment 9/19

Perry Gets New Brain 9/15

Three Card Perry 9/12

Elmer Perry 9/7

Pee-Wee Herman Leads Romney and Perry In New Gallup Poll 9/5

Tales From The Dick 9/2

The Hate Group Poster Girl Of 2012 9/1

The Tea Party Chainsaw Massacre 8/29

Lord Of The Kooks 8/24

Texas - It's Like A Whole Other Third World Country! 8/22

Bat Girl Meets Elvis! 8/17

Sweatshops Are People Too! 8/15

The Compassionless Conservative Ten Commandments 8/8

The Tea Party Taliban 8/5

Muslims From Outer Space 8/3

Boehner Uses AFLAC Duck Video To Rouse GOP Troops 7/28

Bat Girl's Recurring Nightmare 7/27

Bachmann Cancels Choot-Spa Membership 7/26

Flo Wins Iowa Straw Poll 7/25

Perry Getís Call From On High 7/18

Mr. Haney Reveals Secret Debt Ceiling Plan 7/12

Bat Girl Takes Iowa Joy Ride! 7/11

Kelloog's Corny Flakes 7/8

The Legend Of Smallfoot 7/4

Shanghai Michele 7/1

Flake N' Bake 6/27


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