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June 2011

Thursday 06/30/2011

I forgot to post this wonderful image on Monday.  BTW, I should have new cartoon out tomorrow.

Reading is fundamental (Click for the image source)  Comment on FB.

Monday 06/27/2011

Art Links For 06/27/2011

Yousuf Karsh at the Met
This is an outstanding collection of photographs by Yousuf Karsh.  The collection contains a literal who's who of the 20th century artists, e.g., Miro, Calder, Ernst, Adams, etc.

Bridgette Bardot (1958)

Nina Sergeieva (1921-1994)

Two Nymph (1995)



Soey Milk

Peck The Deer

Lina Stigsson via Everlasting Blort


Natalia Vodianova photographed by Carter Smith for W Magazine, May 2002

Natalia Vodianova (2002)

Kukula: “Crecer se me ha hecho agridulce”
Recent Kukula images.

Betty Page Fantastique Magazine Cover

Betty Page - Fantastique Cover

Vampyres (aka Daughters of Dracula) (1975, UK)


"Dracorex is a dinosaur genus of the family Pachycephalosauridae, from the Late Cretaceous of North America."  This herbavore (weed eater) is also know as the "dragon king of Hogwarts".


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Music Video Links For 06/27/2011

Billie Holiday - Summertime (1936)
This George Gershwin song from Porgie and Bess has been covered by just about everybody.

Billie Holiday

Carmen Cuesta - You Still Don't Know Me

Carmen Cuesta

Koop - Koop Island Blues (OFFICIAL VIDEO) HQ via Mimi Yoon


The Dynamics - Whole Lotta Love

The Dynamics

Ida Maria - Quite Nice People (Official Music Video Premiere) via NPR

Ida Maria

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Monday 06/20/2011

Art Links For 06/20/2011

Fuco Ueda
I'm glad to see that one of my favorite artists is on Facebook, but more importantly has posted some more of her wonderful paintings online.  I love the tints and subject matter!

Dawn (2011)

Piece Of Spring (2010)

Albert Joseph Moore
These big scans of these two paintings by Moore in particular are great!

A Garden (1869)


Laurie Mcclave
I've always been a sucker for pretty girls and owls.

Stay With Me (2011)

Forbidden (2011)

Natalie Shau
Natalie Shau posted this truly amazing, surreal, Pre-Raphaelite-esque photo of Alexandra Mazzanti and her son on FB last week.  She also has some very nice artworks since I last blogged her.

Alexandra Mazzanti (Dorothy Circus Gallery) with son


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Music Video Links For 06/20/2011

Slim Harpo - Shake Your Hips (1966)
Is that a flute I hear in the background?

Slim Harpo

Albert Collins - I Ain't Drunk
I wish I could play the 25% as good as Albert did.  He was a great.

Albert Collins

Dead Can Dance - Yulunga
I wish I would seen these guys when they were touring.

Dead Can Dance

Bonobo - Recurring
I like this music by Simon Green.


Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets
I heard this trance-like music as background on a fascinating FB video about artist Mimi Yoon. I wish FB would make it easier to link to FB links externally (like from my friggin' blog!!!).

Late Night Alumni

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Tuesday 06/14/2011

Art Links For 06/13/2011

Old French Fairy Tales (Virginia Frances Sterrett 1920)
These are some nice Virginia Frances Sterrett scans from Wikimedia Commons.  I've blogged her Arabian Nights illustrations several years ago.  It's a shame such a talented artist died so young.


Strobridge Lithographing Company
Great scans!  I love Wikipedia Commons!!!

Forepaugh and Sells Brothers (1898)

Kodak Camera Ads
I love the colors and tints in these old ads.  The Kodak was sort of the Iphone of its day.

Summer Vacation (1907)

Out-Doors (1911)

Come To Tokyo - Japan Travel Poster

Japan Travel Poster from the 1930s

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Monday 06/13/2011

Music Video Links For 06/13/2011

Hazel Scott - Takin' A Chance

Hazel Scott

BB King - Rock me baby (1964)

BB King

Otis Redding - Can't Turn You Loose (1966)

Otis Redding

The Police - Voices Inside Of My Head

The Police

Bobby Hughes Experience - Theme From Skidoo (1999)

Bobby Hughes Experience

Caro Emerald - Stuck

Caro Emerald

Funeral Party - Finale

Funeral Party

Paramore - Playing God [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Clinic - Bubblegum


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Monday 06/06/2011

Art Links For 06/06/2011

Toyohara Chikanobu - True beauty (1897)
This is an amazing scan of a beautiful Chikanobu woodblock print, I found looking for something else.  I don't recall seeing this one before.

True Beauty (1897)

U.S. West: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints via Scout Report
There are some excellent images in this digital archive from SMU. I think I'm in love with Kaw-u-tz.  On the War Path looks staged, but it is still a remarkable image with the teepees, moon and clouds.  Finally, it's always nice to check out the cowgirls.

Kaw-u-tz (Cado) (1906)

On The War Path (1909)

State of Texas (ca. 1913)

Louise Brooks
I found this great image of forever popular Louise Brooks last week while looking for something completely different.  It's an amazing image, no?   I'm not sure who the original source is for this image,  but there are tons of her images now on Google, a lot more than there used to be, which is great for us Lulu fans.

Click for Larger Image

A Daughter of the Gods
This was the first nudie film made in 1916 with a major star Annette Kellerman.  Unfortunately, the silent film has been lost.  It must have been quite the sensation to see it with a full orchestra accompaniment.

Annette Kellerman

Hao Shiming

Hao Shiming

Cate Rangel

Cotton Candy

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Music Video Links For 06/06/2011

Robert Johnson - Rambling On My Mind [Re-mastered]
Here's a cover version by Eric Clapton Live and a studio version.

Robert Johnson

Leonard Cohen - The Stranger Song

Leonard Cohen

Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up


Henryk Debich - Na Opak
Polish funk.

Henryk Debich

Chocolate Milk - Action speaks louder than words
Chocolate Milk was an eight-piece band from Memphis that relocated to New Orleans to become the studio band for songwriter and producer extraordinaire Allen Toussaint in the mid-1970s. Action Speaks Louder Than Words was released in 1975.

Chocolate Milk

Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey

Peter Gabriel

Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes (LIVE on Later With Jools Holland)


Esperanza Spalding - Little Fly
Little Fly is based on a poem by William Blake.


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Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)


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