December 2010

Monday 12/27/2010

Art Links For 12/27/2010

Wladyslaw Theodor Benda (1873 – 1948) and Wladyslaw Theodor Benda (Russian Site with large scans)
I've blogged Benda before (America Archives), but these are some very good scans and Benda is worth looking at more than once.  I love the image below.

Tropical Beauty

Pandora by Arthur_Rackham
More information and images by Rackham is available at the WP.


Courtesans in front of the Great Gate (Ōmon) of the Shin-Yoshiwara pleasure district

Katsukawa Shuncho (Japanese, active ca. 1783-1821)

Mia Araujo

Two Spirits (2010)

Arandu - The Prince Of The Forests

The Prince of the Jungle

Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward

Because the Night Belongs to Her
Maureen Down on Patti Smith's memoir Just Kids.

Patti Smith 

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Music Video Links For 12/27/2010

Gene Autry - South of the Border (1939)

Gene Autry 

James Brown - I Feel Good (Alternative Faster Version)

James Brown 

The Outsiders - Time Won't Let Me (1966)

The Outsiders

The Yardbirds feat. Jimmy Page - I'm A Man (1967)

The Yardbirds 

Harlem Underground Band - Smokin Cheeba Cheeba (1976)

 Harlem Underground Band

Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan

 Buena Vista Social Club

Bombay Bicycle Club - Evening/Morning Music Video

Bombay Bicycle Club 

Best Coast - Boyfriend

Best Coast

The Dap-Kings - Nervous Like Me

The Dap-Kings 

Chocolate Genius Inc - Enough For You via Ann Powers

Chocolate Genius Inc

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Thursday 12/23/2010

Merry Christ and Happy New Year!

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature - Christmas
These old books are kind of fun to look through during the Christmas season.  Below is just one of the 180 Children's books related to Christmas.  I love the color lithographs.  There is also a funny version of Jack and the Beanstalk that was given out by the historic Drury Lane Theatre in 1899. 

The Night Before Christmas (1901-1910)

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Monday 12/20/2010

Art Links For 12/20/2010

Females With Flowers In Art
There are a lot of great paintings in this wiki category.  Hopefully, I'm posting ones that I haven't before. 

Louis Welden Hawkins - Clytie

Marie Spartali Stillman - Convent Lily (1891)

Jules Joseph Lefebvre - Clemence Isaure

Alfons Mucha - Spring (1896)

Gustave Moreau - Galatee (1880)

Under the Mistletoe
This book was illustrated by Lizzie Lawson in 1886.

Under the Mistletoe

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Music Video Links For 12/20/2010

Lowell Fulson / Lonesome Christmas pt.1 & pt.2
This is a great Christmas song.

Lowell Fulson 

Johnny Lee Hooker - Blues For Christmas

John Lee Hooker 

Freddy King - Christmas Tears

Freddy King

The Drifters with Clyde McPhatter - White Christmas

The Drifters 

Otis Redding - Merry Christmas Baby
Here is original song from 1947 by the Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers {feat. Charles Brown}.

Otis Redding

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights
Great band!

 Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Breakestra - Cramp Your Style
Here's another version by All The People.  I'm not sure which version is the chicken or the egg.


Mr Scruff - Stockport Carnival

Mr Scruff

Betty Grable - Acapulco via Everlasting Blort

Betty Grable

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Monday 12/13/2010

Art Links For 12/13/2010

Louise Breslau - Friends
I love this painting.


Henri Privat-Livemont - Bitter Oriental
I'd like to have this hanging in my den.

Bitter Oriental (1897)

Geisha Applying Makeup via Trixietreats
What a beauty!


National Journal Syouwa Natsukashimono ads
I'm not sure what this is all about, but it's a fascinating image from post-war Japan in 1954.

Akiyoshi (Orchid) by Dr. Brush (1954 Cover)

Paulorocker's Gallery via Monster Man
Looks like the Bride of Frankenstein fell off her perch.

The Dead Pin-Up

Winter in Yosemite National Park
Maybe I should drive over there while I have some time off.

Photos from the LA Times

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Music Video Links For 12/13/2010

Carmen Cavallaro - Acapulco
This dude could play.

Carmen Cavallaro 

The Shadows - Apache

The Shadows 

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
This is one of my favorite songs by the great Jimi Hendrix.  It shows his depth as a musician and song writer.

Jimi Hendrix

Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane (alternate outro)
This is the album version.

Velvet Underground 

Steely Dan - Do It Again

Steely Dan 

Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody
This was a great song.

Chaka Khan

Opal - My Only Friend via Motel de Moka


Betty Boop Meets Dracula via Little Hokum Rag

Betty Boop 

Jingle Bell Rock: Literal Video Versions via Everlasting Blort
Too Funny.

Hal and Oats (sort of)

Eduard Khil - Vocalise
Let's all sing a long with Eduard!  (Just in case you haven't heard this gem yet.)

 Eduard Khil

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Monday 12/06/2010

Art Links For 12/06/2010

Torii Kiyonaga
There are many more images of this great Ukiyo-e artist at the MFA.  The women's bathhouse is one of favorite prints, and this is a great scan from Wikimedia Commons.

Onna yu, (Bathhouse women)

Sarah Joncas via Cgunit
I've blogged Sarah before, but that was over two years ago.

Little China Girl


Kaliman #57

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Music Video Links For 12/06/2010

Carmen Miranda - Brazil
Carmen meets Donald Duck.

Carmen Miranda 

Big Maybelle - Whole 'Lotta Shakin Goin On (1955)
This is the original version of the song that was cover by Jerry Lee Lewis.

Big Maybelle

Howlin' Wolf - Little Red Rooster
I think this is from the The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (1970) with Hubert "Sumlin, Clapton - electric guitars; Leake - piano; Wyman - bass; Watts - drums".

Howlin' Wolf 

Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust - Live, 1975
In addition to being a great singer and activist, she was real natural beauty in her time.

Joan Baez 

Mars Attack the B52's on Planet Claire via Everlasting Blort


New Order - Leave Me Alone

New Order 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
Karen O looks great in this video.  What a hottie!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

Red Green's Christmas Turkey Bake
Funny stuff.

Red Green 

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Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)


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