August 2010

Monday 08/30/2010

Art Links For 08/30/2010

Paintings of Paris
I liked this night painting of Paris best.

Paris Exposition 1900 - Goodyear or Hawkes

Ikenaga Yasunari via Cgunit
She's really talented.

What 's Tomorrow (2009)

Sunbeam Girl via My Atelier
What a remarkable beauty!!!

From 23 Freckles Blog

Shygals' Serenade Lettermanpress Print
Check out this new print from Amy Crehore.

Shygal's Serenade

Mexican Photo-comic Covers via Monster Brains

Santo Comic

Posters for The Invisible Woman (1940, USA)
I never heard of the Invisible Woman before.

The Invisible Woman

Japanese S&M Cover (1953)
Weird, no?

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Music Video Links For 08/23/2010

George Harrison - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (1971)
One of my favorite songs of all time.  Here's a Ukulele version of the song from Steve.

George Harrison

Oscar Peterson - You Look Good To Me
He's great.

Oscar Peterson 

Junior Wells - Messin' With The Kid (1978)
Jimmie Johnson, Buddy Guy - guitar; Dave Myers - bass; Odie Payne - drums...

Junior Wells

Joy Division - Love will tear us apart (BBC version)
They were such a good bad.

Joy Division 

Nouvelle Vague - Love will tear us apart (LIVE)

Nouvelle Vague

Hindi Zahra - Stand Up
I really like this singer.

Hindi Zahra 

Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)
Soukous by the beautiful Columbian singer Shakira.


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Monday 08/23/2010

Music Video Links For 08/23/2010

Mulatu Astatke - Emnete

 Mulatu Astatke

Magazine - Shot By Both Sides


Joy Division - Disorder

Joy Division

Pere Ubu - Come Home

Pere Ubu

Hiromi Uehara - Desert on the Moon

 Hiromi Uehara

Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Official Video) via Motel de Moka

 Andreya Triana

Dengue Fever Perform - Woman in The Shoes

Denque Fever 

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Monday 08/16/2010

Art Links For 08/16/2010

Alexei Galushkov
This bathers below remind of a Godward or Bouguereau painting.  It's an excellent photograph.

Bathing 1900s

Vintage Tokyo Subway Manner Posters
These are great.

Don't forget your umbrella (June 1977)

Don't throw chewing gum on the platform (September 1976)

The Bride of Frankenstein via Monster Man

The Bride of Frankenstein

Yana Moskalyuk


Illustration for ALBA Shoe Boutique

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Music Video Links For 08/16/2010

Dexter Gordon- Loose Walk (Live in Holland 1964)

Dexter Gordon

Chick Corea & Hiromi Uehara - Spain

 Chick Corea & Hiromi Uehara

Cesaria Evora - Angola (RARE VIDEO)
Here's another live version by Cesaria Evora (1996).

Cesaria Evora

Hindi Zahra - Beautiful Tango
I love this song.

Hindi Zahra 

Thievery Corporation - Sweet Tides

Thievery Corporation 

Afroman - Because I Got High


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Monday 08/09/2010

Art Links For 08/09/2010

Umbrellas in Art

Aprilregen/April-shower. Kolorierte Lithografie mit Tonplatte. Verlag F. Sala & Co. (1855)

Regenschirme (1881-5)

El Quitasol (1777)

Grace Kelly Exhibition - Victoria and Albert Museum
What a beauty.

Grace Kelly (1955)

Barbara Kruger
The GOP Poster child ;-).


Dutch Detective Covers

7 Skeletten

Mica's August 6 Flicker Posts

Willy Pogany - Fauns and Nymphs

Kusma Petrov-Vodkin

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Music Video Links For 08/09/2010

Robert Johnson - Me And The Devil Blues
Another great song by the blues master himself.

Robert Johnson 

Sir Mack Rice - Mustang Sally
This is original 1965 release of this song written by Della Reese. Here's Wilson Pickett's 1966 album version.

Sir Mack Rice

Minnie Riperton - Loving You (Soul Train)
This is such a beautiful song.  It's such a shame that she died so young.

 Minnie Riperton

Betty Davis - They Say I'm Different
I had never heard any music by Miles Davis ex-wife before, but I really like this song, which lists nearly all of my favorite blues artists.

Betty Davis

Mulatu Astatke - I faram Gami I faram
Nice song from the Ethiopian jazz king.

Mulatu Astatke

Train - Hey, Soul Sister
These guys are from SF.


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Monday 08/02/2010

Art Links For 08/02/2010

Calder To Warhol - Introducing The Fisher Collection (SFMOMA)
Unfortunately, I didn't know how to turn off the flash on camera, but these photos should give you an idea of this amazing exhibit at the SFMOMA.

Calder Mobile


George Segal - Chance Meeting


Andy Warhol - Elvis


Calder Sculpture


Mark Di Suvero - Manhout-Vishnu 1989

Macabre kids’ book art by Gojin Ishihara
More fascinating images from Pink Tentacle.

Jorōgumo (lit. “whore spider”), Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, 1972

Rokurokubi (long-necked woman), Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters, 1972

Portrait of a Beauty via My Atelier

Photo by Aneta Bartos (below)

Aneta Bartos

Two Girls

Jenny (2009)

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Music Video Links For 08/02/2010

Lonnie Johnson - Too Late To Cry
I'm not sure what year this was filmed. 

Lonnie Johnson

Horace Silver - Senor Blues
This is a great jazz classic by piano player and song writer Horace Silver.

Horace Silver

Astrud Gilberto - One Note Samba
I still love to her voice.

Astrud Gilberto 

Simon & Garfunkel - April Come She Will
This is a great song by this remarkable duo.

Simon and Garfunkel  

Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor
I think this song is about the Republican platform.

Dead Kennedys

Suzanne Vega - Luka
I thought about this song when I reading about the wife abuse in Turkey and that poor Iranian woman who is supposed to be stoned for adultery.  Of course, domestic violence remains a problem in every country.


Thom Yorke - The Clock (Acoustical Live)

Thom Yorke 

Popnoname - Hello Gorgeous via Motel de Moka


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