Tuesday 06/30/2009

Sweet Yumiko In NYC

Yumiko Kayukawa will be in NYC in JulySee Solo Show #25.

One Monkey Can Stop The Show
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Monday 06/29/2009

Art Links For 06/29/2009

Diana and her Nymphs by Robert Burns
I saw nymphs image be from Mica, and then took a look again on Wikimedia Commons and found this amazing art deco painting by Scottish Robert Burns (not the poet).

Diana and her Nymphs by Robert Burns (1926)

Nymph Beauties via Mica
[ ]

KMR via Akubi Zone
These are simply wonderful paintings from KMR.  I want one!!!  Make that two!!!


Candy Apple
[ ]

William Sergeant Kendall (1869 1938)
This is a nice set of Kendall's paintings from the American Gallery.

[ ]

Makan Emadi
These are interesting paintings by Iranian artist Makan Emadi.

Miss Liberty (2008)

Miss July (2004)
[ ]

Women -- Clothing & dress -- 1940-1949 (NYPL)
This is a small set of images but very colorful and the models are very lovely too.

[ ]


Video Links For 06/29/2009

Muddy Waters - You Can't Loose What Your Never Had [Lyric]
This is wonderful live blues number by the legendary Muddy Waters and his band.

Muddy Waters
[ ]

A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover [Lyrics] @AFineFrenzy
I like this song and the Pre-Raphaelite like beauty of Alison Sudol. Also, here is a live version of this song.

A Fine Frenzy
[ ]

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses [Lyrics] @Franz_Ferdinand
These guys are damn good.  Here is a live version of this song.

Franz Ferdinand
[ ]

Monkey Majik - Change
Not a bad tune.

Monkey Majik 
[ ]

Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance [Lyrics] @Lykke_Li via Blog About

Lykke Li
[ ]

Barcode Brothers - Flute
This is a nice song to shave by in the morning.  Weird video though...

Barcode Brothers 
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Monday 06/22/2009

Art Links For 06/22/2009

Mike Cockrill
I love these!!!

Flag Day (2008)

Boy Scout Salute (2009)
[ ]

Yoko Ono Official's Flick Photostream
I was looking for the official site for Suu Kyi's 64th birthday, and I found like to Yoko Ono's Twitter page (great tweets) are vand also this marvelous archive of her and John Lennon images.  It's just amazing! Yoko Ono is quite an amazing woman.  I would image that her life story would make one hell of movie!

John Lennon's Green Card

John And Yoko (1968)
[ ]

Gladys Monkhouse
I like her colors and costume designs.

The Spirit of Color (1917)
[ ]

Bukowski Gallery
These are very nice and fun illustrations for Bukowski's writings.

[ ]


Video Links For 06/22/2009

MC5 - Motor City Is Burning [Lyrics]
I was listening to John Lee Hooker's version, but when I looked I found this old video of the MC5.  This song seems to be appropriate considering the situation in Iran.

[ ]

Space - Magic Fly
I was looking for the video where Obama kills a fly, and found this little gem by a group called space that I had never heard of before.  I guess Obama never heard Never Swat A Fly before. Anyway Lets Go Fly A Kite!

Magic Fly
[ ]

Thomas Mapfumo - Moyo Wangu (1994)
I was looking for his version of Set the People Free as a tribute to the Iranian uprising, but I couldn't find it on YouTube, but this nice song done live in 1994.

Thomas Mapfumo
[ ]

Baracuda - Ass up
Too Funny.

[ ]

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

Passion Pit
[ ]

I Monster - A Sucker For Your Sound

I Monster 
[ ]


Monday 06/15/2009

Art Links For 06/15/2009

Sylvia Ji
I blogged Sylvia Ji's artwork about 3 years ago, and it's nice to see that her painting is still getting better and better.  Her female figures are outstanding. Here's a YouTube video about Sylvia.

La Malinche

[ ]

Mitsuru Watanabe
This is one of my favorite living artists.

YUKIKO/Time of Reading
[ ]

June Leeloo
These are really nice.  I can't believe the painting below is available for only 850 Euros!

[ ]

Bruce New
In his own words:

"My work is an attempt to document my existence. To leave a visual record of my thoughts, ideas, and fantasies. I currently reside in the wilds of Kentucky, with a bird and our son, on a mountaintop, right next to the sun, where I create my artwork high on butterfly wine."

The Sun Totem
[ ]

Portrait of Artistic Genuis: Katsushika Hokusai
This is a Smithsonian special on the legendary Japanese Ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai and one of the segments is about one of great masterpieces in the history of art - Southern Wind Clear Dawn (Red Fuji).  The photographer is video segment of Red Fuji explained that Mt. Fuji turns red usually only three days of the year, and some years Fuji doesn't turn red at all.  It's amazing to think that seventy year old Hokusai managed to capture a view of a real Red Fuji dawn.

Southern Wind Clear Dawn by Hokusai (c1830)
[ ]

Extraordinary early 20th century book covers from Japan via Little Hokum Rag
Great scans.

[ ]

Anne Siems via Coisas do arco da velha
I like these.

Choral Apples (2007)
[ ]


Video Links For 06/15/2009

John Lee Hooker - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer [Lyrics]
This is another wonderful song by Blues Legend - John Lee Hooker.

John Lee Hooker
[ ]

Lily Allen - Fuck You [Lyrics]
This is marvelous song by one of my favorite modern singers - Lily Allen, and it is dedicated to Pat Robertson (Man on Duck) and Rick Santorum (Man on Dog).  Here's a Live but truncated version.

Lily Allen
[ ]

Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls [Lyrics]
And no I didn't just type "Girls" in YouTube.  These guys are good.

Franz Ferdinand
[ ]

12 Girls Band - Butterfly
Very Nice, indeed.

12 Girls Band
[ ]

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody [Lyrics]
This is great song by a great band.

Kings of Leon
[ ]

Incubus - Stellar [Lyrics]
This is another talented American alternative rock band.

[ ]

Animal Collective - My Girls [Lyrics]
I like their experimental music and creative video too.

Animal Collective 
[ ]

Kate Ryan - Ella Elle L'a (official music video) [Lyrics]
Insert a little cheesecake here.

Kate Ryan
[ ]

Veronica Maggio - 17 r [Lyrics]
Last but not least is the Swedish singer and beauty Veronica Maggio.

Veronica Maggio 
[ ]


Monday 06/08/2009

Feng Chang Jiang

Feng Chang Jiang (More Images Here)
These are very easy on the eyes, and excellent figurative art.



[ ]


Chocolate Posters

Chocolate and Candy Posters
Nice, no?

Chocolat Menier

Firmin Etienne Bouisset - Hot Chocolate Maggi

Chocolat Menier

[ ]


Video Links For 06/08/2009

BB King/Eric Clapton/Buddy Guy/Jim Vaughn - Rock Me Baby [Lyrics]
What a great group of guitar players!

Rock Me Baby
[ ]

Frank Zappa - King Kong (1968 Live BBC)
Zappa with many of the original Mothers of Invention jazzing it up on the BBC.  I usually really love Zappa's jazz numbers, but I like all of his early work.

Frank Zappa
[ ]

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge [Lyrics]
This is a great song by these dudes from one of their best albums.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
[ ]

Coldplay - The Scientist (Acoustic) [Lyrics]
This is another great number by these guys.

[ ]

Sade - Your Love Is King [Lyrics]
What a beauty...

[ ]

Anna Ternheim - What have I done (acoustic) [Lyrics]

Anna Ternheim
[ ]

Brainbug - Nightmare
This is a great video!!!  The monster is from the movie This Island Earth.

[ ]

Those Dancing Days - Home Sweet Home [Lyrics] via Coisas do arco da velha

Those Dancing Days
[ ]

Risn Murphy - Let Me Know [Lyrics]
Last but not least...

Risn Murphy
[ ]


Monday 06/01/2009

Ai Yamaguchi

Ai Yamaguchi
I love her colorful anime like bug-eyed pixies.

Chotto sokomade (2000)

Tachibana, 2008

Inochi no horimono (2001)

[ ]


2H - Joseph McSween

2H (Fine Artist Drifter)
This guy's work is outstanding.  I happened to see one of his images for sale on Boonika, and managed to find his myspace page. He has some great art and music selections too!




[ ]


Video Links For 06/01/2009

Taj Mahal - Fishing Blues [Lyrics]
I always like to start off with the real, and Taj Mahal fits that bill pretty damn well.

Taj Mahal
[ ]

John Mayall - Room to move (live) [Lyrics]
This is a good clip of the talented bluesman John Mayall playing one of his classic tunes live. 

John Mayall
[ ]

The Cure - Lullaby (Acoustic Music Video) [Lyrics]
This is great video of the Cure playing Lullaby acoustically.  The Cure's music sure seems to stand up well over time.


The Cure
[ ]

Radiohead - Creep Acoustic Animated [Lyrics]
This is a great song by one of my favorite bands.

[ ]

Evanescence - Lithium (Acoustic live @ VH1) [Lyrics]

[ ]

Anna Nalick - Breathe (acoustic) [Lyrics]
Damn I used to have a Gibson LG1 and a LG2.  Why did I ever sell those guys!

Anna Nalick
[ ]

Stereolab - Super-Electric [Lyrics] Via Blog About
Sterolab's first music video way back in 1991.


[ ]

The Veils - The Letter [Lyrics] via 2H
These guys are really good.

The Veils
[ ]

Rancid - Ruby Soho [Lyrics]
Last, but not least.

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