Monday 05/25/2009

Memorial Day With Donna Reed

Dear Donna - A Pinup So Swell She Kept G.I. Mail
This is a interesting and timely article about a shoe box full of touching letters from G.I.s to Donna Reed during WWII.  Whenever I think of Donna Reed, I always think of her role as Mary Hatch Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life.  Mary Bailey always represented a sort of idea woman for me. Also, I didn't know that later in life that she became an antiwar activist and supported Eugene McCarthy in 1972.  The picture below is from this wonderful Flickr set - Bathing Beauties, who had their share of letters from G.I.s too.

Donna Reed
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Art Links For 05/25/2009

Courtney Brims via Traveling with the Ghost
These are absolutely wonderful!

[ ]

Yuki Kanamarue
I love the playfulness and beautiful colors of her excellent artwork.  I want the owl!!!

The Owl
[ ]

Rie Yamashina
These are great too!

[ ]

Takahashi Junichi
These are fascinating and a little creepy photographs of dolls.

Aun (Love) 2006
[ ]

Toys Club Ad List
I blogged this site about an a year and a half ago, and they had some new ads. I liked the one below.

WWII Era Textile Ad
[ ]

Martini Posters via Everlasting Blort
I never would have guessed that there would be such a category.  I don't think I have ever drank a martini.

Red Hot Martini
[ ]

Spock Sugar Smacks Poster via Akubi Zone
I hear the new Star Trek movie is really good, but I'll wait for it to come out on Netflicks.

Sugar Smacks
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Video Links For 05/25/2009

T-Bone Walker - Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
This is a great video of the Fabulous T-Bone Walker!  You may have heard his blues classic Call It Stormy Monday which is a standard covered by artists.

T-Bone Walker
[ ]

Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes (In Color) [Lyrics]
This is an interesting video of Elvis performing Carl Perkins' classic song.

Elvis Presley
[ ]

Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Woman (Live in Hyde Park 1969) [Lyrics]
This was 40 years ago in Hyde Park, and still is great tune.

Rolling Stones
[ ]

Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home (acoustic) [Lyrics]
The next three songs are ones found looking for acoustic videos on YouTube.

Avril Lavigne
[ ]

Incubus - Drive (Acoustic Version) [Lyrics]
Nice song.

[ ]

Paramore - That's What You Get @ Sacramento [Lyrics]
I got to pick a CD by this group.

[ ]

Lady Gaga - Just Dance (Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow) [Lyrics]
And now for something completely different. Nice legs too! :D

Lady Gaga
[ ]

Walter Meego - Girls
More nice legs! :D

Walter Meego 


Monday 05/18/2009

Art Links For 05/18/2009

These are wonderful.  I really like the translucent effect, the subject matter and the beautiful colors. Check out this close-up of the Tyukateien image below.

Tyukateien 2006

Hurinaro 2005
[ ]

Nguyen Thanh Hai
I love this painting.  Is the kitten going to jump on the sleeping beauty or what?

[ ]

Touko Yuma
These surrealist images are excellent!

Thorn Rose
[ ]

Ken Matsuyama
These are really fun. I only wish there were more.

Purple Dog
[ ]

Abbott Thayer - Virgin Enthroned 1891
The more I look at Thayer's work the more impressed I become.

Virgin Enthroned 1891
[ ]

World War Poster Collection
These are great scans of war posters from the University of North Texas.

WWII Poster
[ ]


Video Links For 05/18/2009

Freddie King - Hideaway
Freddie's only Top 40 hit.  This song was also covered by this dude, and these guys too.

Freddie King
[ ]

Captain Beefheart - Click Clack [Lyrics]
I need to listen to the Captain at least one a quarter to keep from going crazy, or more likely to keep me crazy. ;-)

Captain Beefheart
[ ]

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick [Lyrics]
I dedicate this song to the Master of Pain - Dick Cheney.

 Ian Dury & The Blockheads
[ ]

The Sugarcubes - Hit [Lyrics]
I love Bjork!

The Sugarcubes
[ ]

Kings of Convenience - Misread [Lyrics]
Nice Song.

Kings of Convenience
[ ]

Tessanne Chin - Hide Away [Lyrics]
I found this little gem while looking for other versions of hideaway (above)

 Tessanne Chin
[ ]

Mary J. Blige - Just Fine [Lyrics]
She's a beauty!

Mary J. Blige
[ ]

Duffy - Mercy [Lyrics]
Not a bad tune at all.

[ ]


Monday 05/11/2009

Art Links For 05/11/2009

The American Art Museum @1934 Pool on Flickr
This part of the wonderful exhibit by the American Art Museum.  Also, here is a online exhibit from the museum and below is a description from the 1934 exhibit.

1934: A New Deal for Artists celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Public Works of Art Program by drawing on the Smithsonian American Art Museum's unparalleled collection of vibrant artworks created for the program.

E. Martin Hennings - Homeward Bound

Ross Dickinson - Valley Farms
[ ]

Keita Tatsuguchi - Materialism
These are excellent!

Painting of a Girl (2007)

[ ]

Edward Hopper - Summer Interior
This is a gorgeous painting by my favorite American painter.

Summer Interior (1909)
[ ]

Robert Henri - Mata Moana
Not too shabby, don't you think?

Mata Moana
[ ]

Stella Im Hultberg
It's good to see that Stella is still painting away.

For What You Dream Of (2008)
[ ]

The Movie Posters Pool
This is a great set of posters on Flickr.

Metropolis Poster (1927)
[ ]

Paper Dolls - A set on Flickr
Cute, No?

Japanese Cut Out Paper Doll Book Cover
[ ]


Video Links For 05/11/2009

The Beatles - Your Mother Should Know
Happy Mother's Day!  I'll start this tribute motherhood off with the Beatles in the Magical Mystery Tour.

The Beatles
[ ]

Carole King - You've Got A Friend
Isn't everybody's best friend really their mother?

Carole King
[ ]

No Woman No Cry - Sungha Jung (2nd time) [Lyrics]
This little guy can play!

Sungha Jung
[ ]

Tom Lehrer - So Long, Mom (A Song for World War III)
This is a pretty funny song from the Cold War era.

Tom Lehrer
[ ]

South Park - Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat Bitch
This irreverent song is sure to offend everybody, but it's hoot++.

South Park
[ ]

Tilda - Sweet Mother (Nigeria) [Lyrics]
Here's a nice Mother's Day tribute from Nigeria.  Here's the original recording by Prince Nico Mbarga.

[ ]

Octo-Mom Song (Parody of "Low")
Hate to end on such a low note, but this pretty funny.

[ ]


Monday 05/04/2009

Art Links For 05/04/2009

Yuki Nagayoshi 永吉 友紀
I haven't blogged Yuki's work in some time.  It's nice to see she's still creating wonderful figurative paintings.  I love her work, and she is one of my favorite living artists.

Painting (2009)

Lithograph (2000)
[ ]

Ye Tao
These are great.  I want one!

King Kong (2008)

Golden Fingers (2008)
[ ]

Edvarda Braanaas via traveling with the ghost
This very talented artist from Norway was in influenced by master painters like Balthus, and it shows. If you look at her paintings closely you can a lot going on.


[ ]

Luis Comfort Tiffany - Girl with Cherry Blossoms
This is an absolutely beautiful large scan by the great one.

Girl With Cherry Blossoms (about 1890)
[ ]

Guy Rose - The Green Parasol
This is a big beautiful scan - Wow!

Green Parasol (1911)
[ ]

Fass times 5!
It's nice to see Datajunkie scanning again.  Is that Miss California?

Tales from the Tomb
[ ]


Video Links For 05/04/2009

Pete Seeger: Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Happy Birthday Pete!!!  Thanks to Buzzflash for reminding me that it was this great American's 90th birthday. The lyrics are include with the URL above. 

Pete Seeger
[ ]

Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Live 1965) [Lyrics]
Another great song from the master poet - Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan
[ ]

The Chieftains & Alison Krauss - Molly Ban [Lyrics]
This is a beautiful Irish song.


Allison Krauss
[ ]

Doc Watson, Ricky Skaggs & Alison Krauss - Down in the Valley to Pray [Lyrics]
I love to listen to Doc Watson's voice, and he has some top notch company too.

Doc Watson
[ ]

Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box [Lyrics]

[ ]

Radiohead - House Of Cards (Scotch Mist Version) [Lyrics]

[ ]


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