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Amy Crehore

La Cigale (1872)

A Very Sexy Cleopatra

Three Beauties (1793)

Three Gold Fish (2003)

Fuco Ueda

Yakuza Poster

Ryan Heshka's Electroladylux

Snow 1939

Betty Boop

Spring by Kawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

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Freddie Hubbard - Cantaloupe Island

Freddie Hubbard was one of the best jazz trumpet players of all time.  He will now be playing with Gabriel and Charlie Parker in heaven. 

Freddie Hubbard With Herbie Hancock
[ ]


Vintage MFA Japanese New Year's Postcards

Museum of Fine Arts Japanese New Year's Postcards
This is my last (but not least) set of cards from the MFA's wonderful Japanese postcard collection.  There are 837 images which match new year's postcard, and these are some of my favorites from the different style postcards, e.g., Art Deco, Art Nouveau, etc. BTW, the Japanese celebrate New Year's on January 1 and have been doing so since 1873.

Young Girl in Geometric Patterned Kimono

Sanzo Monk from Rekishi shashin (1917)

Woman Playing Koto from The Series The Culture of New Year's (Oshogatsu fuzoku)

Girl and Mice (1912)

Cranes with Mount Fuji


Bowing Japanese Woman (1906)

Children's Gathering on New Year's Day

[ ]


Video Links For 12/29/2008

Bob Dylan - She Belongs To Me (Live 1965) [Lyrics]
She's an artist, she don't look back.

Bob Dylan
[ ]

Nena - 99 Luftballons (1983) [Lyrics]

[ ]

Mad Season - I Don't Know Anything (Live) [Lyrics]
That about sums things up!

Mad Season 
[ ]

Bjrk - I Miss You [Lyrics]
This song has very interesting lyrics and animation.

[ ]

Cesaria Evora - Besame Mucho [Lyrics English]
The barefoot diva sings Besame Mucho.

 Cesaria Evora
[ ]

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Alive 2007) [Lyrics]

Daft Punk 
[ ]



Merry Christmas!

Merry F*cking Christmas via AmericaBlog
Too funny. Hopefully the the link will last all through today, before South Park makes them take it down.

Merry Christmas South Park Style
[ ]

Bruno S.

Abroad - From Berlins Hole of Forgottenness, a Spell of Songs
I thought this article from today's NY Times was a nice inspirational story to read on Christmas day about a real human survivor - Bruno Schleinstein.  Bruno, who was abandoned as a small child and lived in an orphanage, managed to learn several musical instruments along the way and was a part-time Berlin street musician. 

After appearing in a 1970 documentary, he was discovered by German New Wave film director Werner Herzog.  Herzog cast Bruno as the star of two of his movies: The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (1974) and Stroszek (1977).  I saw both of those movies when they came out much later in the 1990s on DVD.  It was clear in the movies that Bruno was carrying a lot of mental baggage, probably from those terrible early years he spent alone in institutions. 

Here's a clip from Stroszek showing Bruno S. performing in a real Berlin neighborhood.  In the NYT article, there is a also a recent video link of Bruno playing his instruments.

Bruno S. Performing In Stroszek

After the release of these two movies, Bruno S. dropped off the media map.

It was very inspirational to see that the resilient Bruno S. was still playing his music (and creating his artwork) in Berlin at age 76.  You go, Bruno!

[ ]



Vintage MFA Geisha Postcards and Prints

Boston MFA - Geisha Postcards And Prints
The Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) has a treasure trove of vintage Japanese imagery.  Since I'm off for the rest of the year, I've had some time to search through their wonderful collection.  The images I selected were based primary on the non-master print makers that I am familiar with the exception of Eishsai Chki and Kitao Shigemasa.  I have blogged Utamaro, Harunobu, Yoshitoshi, etc. many times before.  Therefore, most of these images I had not seen before.  Anyway, here's my favorites.

Geisha with Umbrella, Artist Unknown

Geisha, Terasaki Kgy

Geisha, Artist Unknown

The Geisha Tomino of Sumiyoshiya and Her Attendant Nui, Eishsai Chki

The Geisha Otake, Koganei Jinnei

Woman Holding an Insect Cage and Woman Playing the Shakuhachi, Kitao Shigemasa

[ ]


IWR's Official Christmas Card (2008)

Christmas Card: Advertisement for Cabaret Kabuki
Merry Christmas!  I found this wonderful Christmas Card image at the Boston MFA.  There are also a few more Christmas cards at the MFA here.

Christmas Card: Advertisement for Cabaret Kabuki (Late Meiji Era)

[ ]


Video Links For 12/22/2008

Annie Ross - Twisted (1959) [Lyrics] via Crooks and Liars
I had not heard Annie Ross' original version of this song before, but I do recall Joni Mitchell's version.

Annie Ross
[ ]

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song (1961 HQ Audio) [Lyrics]
The Christmas song by Nat King Cole is one of my all time favorite Christmas Carols.  Here are few more songs of interest that I found: Judy Garland - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Elvis - Blue Christmas, Porky Pig - Blue Christmas, Burl Ives - A Holly Jolly Christmas, Gene Autry - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and John Lennon's excellent song - Happy Christmas (War Is Over).

Nat King Cole
[ ]

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (1978 Live) [Lyrics]
This is a great live version of their song Psycho Killer.

Talking Heads
[ ]

Sakamoto Ryuichi - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Live)
This is very wonderful piece of music from the 1984 movie of the same name starring David Bowie.  I'm going to have to check out that movie on Netflix.

Sakamoto Ryuichi
[ ]

Incubus - Dig [Lyrics]
These guys are really good.

[ ]

Santogold - L.E.S Artistes [Lyrics] via Ann Powers
I'm going to have to pick up her CD.  She's great. Also, Santogold sounds a lot like Karen O doesn't she?

[ ]



Hushimi Magazine Cover (1930s)

Hushimi, Weekly Asahi Magazine, January, 1930s
This is an amazingly beautiful and large magazine cover scan from Art Deco.  Wow++!

Hushimi Magazine Cover

[ ]


Ed Beals Animation on YouTube

Ed Beals' - Wenchellbogum's Channel
I've always liked Flash Pioneer Ed Beals' animation and artwork.  I really enjoyed his Plickey + Muto series when I saw then years ago on Wired Express.  His Wenchell Bogum series is also excellent.  As a fan, I interviewed Ed over six years ago, and I am really glad to know that his ground breaking animation is now available on YouTube.

Plickey + Muto

Wenchell Bogum

[ ]


Video Links For 12/15/2008

Fats Waller - Joint is Jumping [Lyrics]
This video is a little grainy, but it's always nice to see any film featuring the great Fats Waller, especially one of his big hits.

Fats Waller
[ ]

Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse - Broadway Melody Ballet (Singin' in the Rain)
I watched Singin' in the Rain last week for the first time.  In addition to Gene Kelly's legendary performance, the wonderful cinematography and set design, I was very impressed with this sexy Cyd Charisse dance number.  What a babe.  Although Debbie Reynolds' hair style and outfits seem quite dated now, Cyd Charisse in her green dress and long beautiful legs could wow any modern dance floor or stage.

Cyd Charisse
[ ]

Hibari Misora - Jingle Bells 美空ひばり ジングルベル [Lyrics]
This catchy Christmas song was recorded by this young Japanese star in 1953. Also, here is a Tokyo Kid movie clip of Hibari Misora from 1950.

Hibari Misora
[ ]

Joel Grey - Willkommen (Cabaret Film) [Lyrics]
This is one of favorite songs from the great film Cabaret.  If you don't believe me, just ask Helga.

Joel Grey
[ ]

Hole - Miss World [Lyrics]
Here are a few fun facts about this classic song.

Courtney Love 
[ ]

Miss Platnum - Give Me the Food [Lyrics]
This is a perfect song for the holidays.

Miss Platnum 
[ ]

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat [Lyrics]
These guys are good.

Kaiser Chiefs
[ ]



Takehisa Yumeji

Takehisa Yumeji at the MFA  Yumeji Museum blog 1 and Yumeji Museum blog 2
Takehisa Yumeji is one of my favorite Japanese artists.  I love his colors and delicate female beauties.  He was also a poet early in his career, but he knew he could never make money as a poet.  Although his painting were unorthodox for his time, his works were popular with the public, and he was fairly prolific.  Unfortunately, he died when he was only 49 in 1934.

House of Pleasure on the Hill

Geisha Peering Out of Bathhouse Curtain (1913)

Young Girl with Umbrella from Jogaku sekai

In the British Museum, Princess Tatsutra (1935)


[ ]


Japanese Postcards - MFA

MFA Boston: Japanese Postcard Collection Highlights
I've blogged a link to MFA collection of Japanese postcards over four years ago, but the MFA has recently added this Flash of their collection highlights.  The 98 postcards exhibited are simply beautiful.  The MFA actually has over 20,000 postcards in their main collection, which is an unbelievable treasure trove of turn of the century Japanese artwork.  Here is the non-Flash version.   They must have the largest collection of Japanese artwork outside of Japan. I will be blogging more Japanese artwork from the MFA in next few days and weeks.    So stay tuned.

Female Nude Seated in Water by Ichijo Narumi (1906)

Client in a Print Shop from Ehagaki Sekai

Woman Holding Hand Drum by Nakazawa Hiromitsu

[ ]


Video Links For 12/08/2008

Leadbelly - Where Did you Sleep Last Night - [Lyrics]
Folk Blues songs really don't get any better that this one.  It's truly a great song by the blues and folk legend Leadbelly.  I also included Nirvana's cover tribute below.

[ ]

[ ]

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - "Rock me Mama" (1944)
Arthur Crudup was another of those remarkable Mississippi delta blues legends. His recording of That's Alright Mama and So Glad You're Mine were both covered by Elvis and some of the few songs I liked by the so-called King. Here's Arthur singing So Glad You're Mine (Live 1973).

Arthur Crudup
[ ]

Go-Bang's - Bye-Bye-Bye
Insert this week's Japanese girl rock band (1991) here.

[ ]

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out [Lyrics]
This alternative rock band from Scotland is really talented.  BTW, they are named after Archduke Ferdinand, whose assassination in 1914 was the catalyst for the WWI.

Franz Ferdinand
[ ]

Blink 182 - I miss you [Lyrics]
This pop punk band from Poway, California is very good.  They also starred in a Leave It To Beaver parody on Mad TV - Leave it to Blink 182 (Mad TV).

Blink 182
[ ]

Maria Mena - I miss you love [Lyrics]
I like this Norwegian singer.  She's beautiful isn't she?

Maria Mena
[ ]



Art Links For 12/01/2008

Zhang Zhen
These are very nice figurative paintings from the Shanghai artist Zhang Zhen, according to this article about her:

Zhang Zhen was selected in 2007 as one of Chinas top 25 emerging artists by a prestigious panel of art critics, including the curator of the Asian Art Museum in the USA, Jeff Kelley, and the director of Art Cologne, Gerard Goodrow. Zhang's paintings are private and sensual, yet magically dreamlike at the same time.


There are more of her works here and here.

[ ]

mica12244art's Photostream
Mica just keeps posting all of these wonderful vintage art images that she finds.  Great eye candy!

Out of the Blue

Goddard Pinup Egyptian Princess
[ ]

Kyotonils' Photostream via Alive in Kyoto
There are some very nice colorful Fall images from Kyoto.  I have to go back there some time and spend about a month or two.

A Fall Image From Kyoto
[ ]

Little Hokum Rag: Don't Miss "Gen Art Vanguard" - Dec 4-7, 2008 Miami, FLA
Amy just keeps getting better and better.  If you happen to be in Miami in December, check out her paintings.

The Song of the Firefly (2008)
[ ]

The Tokyo Bibliophile
Here are some more beautiful gems posted by Lotusgreen.

Japanese Soup Label?
[ ]

Tango with Cows via Scout Report
Book art exhibit from the Getty Museum featuring books by the Russian Avant-Garde (1910-17).

A Game In Hell: Poem (1912)
[ ]

Christmas and holiday cards for geeks

White = #FFFFFF (HTML Hexadecimal Code)
[ ]


Video Links For 12/01/2008

Muddy Waters - You Can't Loose What Your Never Had (1966) - [Lyrics]
This is another wonderful song from one of the best blues bands of all time.

Muddy Waters
[ ]

Sam Chatmon - Brownskin Woman (1976)
Sam Chatmon was one of the original Mississippi Sheiks.

Sam Chatmon
[ ]

Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (1979) [Lyrics]
After the Mumbai terrorist attack and the stock market crash, it always good to take a step back and look on the bright side of life.

Monty Python
[ ]

Doc Watson - 1991 - Deep River Blues (Solo Live) [Lyrics]
I saw Doc Watson and his son play a long time ago at the Canterbury House in Ann Arbor.  They were excellent.  My hope is that some day that acoustical music like this will make a big comeback.  You can have all of this American Idol nonsense!

Doc Watson
[ ]

Bjrk - Hyper-Ballad (Live) [Lyrics]
Bjork is my favorite modern female recording artist, and this is great performance by her.

[ ]

Audrey Hepburn - Gap Commercial (2006)
As I have said before, Audrey Hepburn is the most beautiful actress that I have ever seen.  I've been watching a lot of her old movies lately, but I still haven't seen Funny Face from which these images of Audrey were ripped.   BTW, I never had seen this commercial before either.

Audrey Hepburn
[ ]

Perfume - Dream Fighter PV [HQ] (2008)
I kind of like Electro World by this electropop group from Hiroshima too.

[ ]

Another weird video loop from that madman Jonti Picking (Weebl):

Crazy Japanese English language program does odd song about diarrhea. Weebl remixes it. Wonchop makes a video. We've got problems.

[ ]



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