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Amy Crehore

La Cigale (1872)

Portrait of a Woman Holding a Fan

A Very Sexy Cleopatra

Three Beauties (1793)

Three Gold Fish (2003)

Fuco Ueda

Yakuza Poster

Ryan Heshka's Electroladylux

Snow 1939

Thurston The Great

Betty Boop

Spring by Kawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Girl by the Sea 1990

Alive in Kyoto
Art Deco
Bibi's box
Coisas do arco da velha
Coudal Partners
Exclamation Mark
Indigo Blog
Little Hokum Rag
PonyXpress (NSFW)
Sampler of Things
Scout Report
Seven Deadly Sinners
Sugar 'N Spicy
Tea Time

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Alexa Wilding

Alluring Alexa Wilding
I was looking at 19th century paintings of the 1860-70s on Wikimedia and kept running into the enchanting beauty of Alexa Wilding, who stood out like a goddess amongst the other paintings of the period.  I did a little research and found out that artist Dante Gabriel Rosetti happened to run into Alexa on the Strand in London in the 1860's.  She was seamstress in a dress shop at the time.  When Rossetti pressured her to let him paint her, Alexa made an appointment for a sitting, but never showed up much to the chagrin of Rossetti.  Several weeks later in the Strand, Rossetti saw Alexa again from his cab and this time talked her going to his studio.  They never became lovers, but Alexa certainly became Rossetti's muse. They remained good friends until Rossetti's early death in 1882.  Alexa died shortly thereafter in 1884.  If you are interested in more details about Rossetti's artwork, check out this site.

Venus Verticordia (1864-68)

Veronica Veronese (1872)

Lilith (1864-68)

La Ghirlandata (1873)

Regina Cordium (1866)

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Video Links For 06/30/2008

Big Joe Williams - Baby Please Don't Go (1963) [Lyrics]
This is magnificent live performance by Big Joe Williams near thirty years after he release Baby Please Don't Go in 1935.  Here is the recording of the 1935 version

Big Joe Williams
[ ]

Green Day - American Idiot [Lyrics]
This is a damned good and bitingly satirical rock song. Green Day won a Grammy in 2005 for their album of the same name. 

Green Day
[ ]

Frank Zappa - Montana 08-21-73 [Lyrics]
This is a very interesting video of Zappa from 1973 live on Swedish TV.  That's got to be the most ridiculous suit I've ever seen. 

Frank Zappa of Swedish TV
[ ]

Johnny Cash "I Walk the Line" (live 1959)
Like Zappa, there is no one today comparable to the late great Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash
[ ]

Woody Shaw Quintet - Rosewood
This is a very good recording from 1979.

Woody Shaw (1979)
[ ]

Puddle Of Mudd - Psycho
I kind of like this song.

Puddle of Mud
[ ]

Polysics - Electric Surfin' Go Go (Live Japan 2006)
These guys play super fast.

Kayo on the keyboard
[ ]

The Aquabats - Fashion Zombies!
And another interesting rock parody.

The Aquabats
[ ]



Luis Ricardo Falero

Luis Ricardo Falero Art Renwal and Art Magik
I couldn't find out a whole lot about this Spanish artist who died when he was just 45 in 1896 just 13 years after he created the beautiful painting below of the Moon Nymph.

Moon Nymph (1883)

La Pose (c1896)

The Butterfly

[ ]


Video Links For 06/23/2008

Ayo - Life is real Bio
This is a great song.  I'm going to have to pick up her Joyful CD.

[ ]

Abbey Lincoln - Spread the Word  Bio
This is an interesting song by jazz singer Abbey Lincoln from the 1956 film The Girl Can't Help It.

Abby Lincoln
[ ]

Aga Zaryan - Throw It Away
I like this song by this Polish jazz singer.

Aga Zaryan
[ ]

The Jazz Messengers - A Night in Tunisia Bio
Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers perform live Dizzy Gillespie's "A Night in Tunisia" live.

Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter
[ ]

YouTube - The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA [Live]
This is great tape of the Beach Boys performing live in their prime.

Beach Boys
[ ]

The Cramps - Bikini Girls with Machine Guns Bio
I love this song.

The Cramps
[ ]

Urusei Yatsura - Kewpies Like Watermelon
I found this weird group looking for the real Urusei Yatsura, one of my favorite comedy anime series created by Rumiko Takahashi, on YouTube.

The Urusei Yatsura Band
[ ]

Daily Show: Guantanamo Baywatch
Jon Stewart is very funny as per usual.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

The Word: The Lexicon Artist
Stephen Colbert on McCain's use of the word transcendental.

Stephen Colbert
[ ]



Edward Robert Hughes

Edward Robert Hughes (1851-1914)  Wikimedia, Illusions Gallery, Maga
This is last Pre-Raphaelite painter that I will feature for awhile.  Edward Robert Hughes was the nephew of Arthur Hughes.  Later in his career, his work became more influenced by the Symbolist art movement.

Midsummer's Eve (1908)

Princess Out Of School

Heart Of Snow

[ ]


Video Links For 06/16/2008

Art Tatum - Yesterdays and Humoresque
This incredible piano player, which I found via Rip Rense's site, is in an league all by himself.  I also really like his recording of Tiger Rag.  I'm surprised I never heard of him before.

Art Tatum
[ ]

Suzanne Vega - Solitude Standing
I've been a fan Suzanne Vega for years.

Suzanne Vega
[ ]

木村弓 - いつも何度でも (Yumi Kimura - Always With Me)
This song was played at the ending Hiyao Miyazaki's Academy Award winning animation Spirited Away.  It's a delightful song played live Yumi Kimura, who also sang the song for the movie.

Yumi Kimura
[ ]

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California
This one of the best of the modern bands in my opinion. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers
[ ]

Yui - Summer Song
I liked this J-Pop recent song.

[ ]

Alice Cooper - School's out (Live 1972)
It's that time of the year isn't it kids?

Alice Cooper
[ ]

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
I also liked Shaun of the Dead.

Zombie Nation
[ ]

Tokio Ska Paradise Orchestra - Skaravan (Live)
It's always nice to end on a ska number.

Tokio Ska Paradise Orchestra
[ ]



Edmund Blair Leighton

Edmund Blair Leighton ARC
I'm sorry, but I just can't get enough of these Pre-Raphaelite paintings, and Leighton's work is pretty damn good.  Check out the full size image of "Accolade" below, it's an astounding work of art.

Accolade (1901) - "One of our finest images on Wikimedia Commons"

Stitching the Standard

Alain Chartier (1903)

[ ]


Edouard Bernard Debat-Ponsan

Edouard Bernard Debat-Ponsan (1847-1913) Bio
There are not too many images of the French Academic painters works on the Internet.  My favorite painting of his is definitely "Truth Emerging From A Well" below.

Truth Emerging From A Well (1898)

Le Massage (1883)
[ ]


Video Links For 06/09/2008

Bo Diddley - Road Runner
May he rest in peace.

Bo  Diddley
[ ]

John Lee Hooker - Hobo Blues (Live 1965)
This is heavenly.

John Lee Hooker
[ ]

Dick Dale & The Del Tones - Misirlou (1963)
The King of Surf Guitar plays Misirlou.

Dick Dale
[ ]

Guy Mitchell - "She Wears Red Feathers" (1953) (Lyrics)
The lyrics to the song are pretty funny and here's the live version if you are interested.  You might remember this one by Guy.

Guy Mitchell
[ ]

Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid: Original Version
Bart got me hooked on Shirley Manson, but their music great too.

Shirley Manson
[ ]

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
This is a great song by great band.

Smashing Pumpkins
[ ]

Amy Tan on Creativity
This is a very fascinating and humorous tutorial of author Amy Tan's view of the creative process.

Amy Tan in Monterey
[ ]

Fox News Producer Ambushes Bill Moyers; Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine
It's great to see Bill Moyers carve up Billo's toady.  I love the asks for Rupert Murdoch to explain where his $20 per barrel oil is.

Bill Moyers with O'Reilly's Toady
[ ]

Colorado catches 'thong bandits'
Too funny!

What Morons! LOL
[ ]



Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes (1832-1915) 
This is another wonderful English Pre-Raphaelite painter.  His Ophelia below is just outstanding.  I love the colors, tints and especially the beautiful and delicate figure of Ophelia below.

Ophelia (1851-1853)  See also this "first version" image.

"Hughes showed early artistic promise & enrolled in the Royal Academy Antique School in 1847. He was encouraged by Millais, who was always an affable individual. Hughes was inspired directly by The Germ, the short-lived Pre-Raphaelite magazine. He attended PRB meetings, in rather a junior hero-worshipping manner. Hughes was liked by the PRB, in fact he was throughout his long life, a well liked individual. He was also encouraged by Rossetti."

More Archives: CGFA, Wikimedia, ArtMagick, Arthur Huges and the Tate

Fair Rosamund (1854) I adjusted the color based this image.

The Nativity (1858)

In The Grass (1864-1865)

The Door of Mercy (1892-1893)

[ ]


Art And Video Links For 06/02/2008

Mondo Bizzarro Gallery [NSFW]
There is a lot of interesting artwork on this website, which has its gallery in Rome.  I've blogged some these artists before e.g., Lisa Petrucci, Ray Caesar, Shag and Audrey Kawasaki.  A lot of the images are erotic in nature, so keep that in mind if you are at work or are offended by such things.  Here's a description from the site's about link.

"Mondo Bizzarro was born in 1995 as Alex Papa’s odd creature. The original idea was to establish a bookshop about cool art, erotic photography, underground comics and cult movies in his home town, Bologna."

Here's a few images that caught my eye.  I'm really not in to bondage images, but the quality of Takato Yamamoto's Japanese inks on paper on "Pure Desire" is remarkable.

Pure Desire By Takato Yamamoto

Untitled Hand Colored B&W Photo by Ken-Ichi Murata

[ ]

Nagoya TV Museum of Woodblock Prints
I had blogged this site five years ago, which was before I became a Japanese woodblock freak.  There are some very nice scans from the Ukiyo-e masters here.

Hiroshige - October
[ ]

Vintage Girly Magazines via Metafilter
This blog has complete scans of old girly magazines, which are fairly tame and very cheesy compared to today's smut.

Cloud 9 - Betty and the Go-Go Set
[ ]

The Ethiopians - Train to Skaville
These guys are great!

The Ethiopians
[ ]

Wilco - California Stars
This is a great cover of the wonderful Woody Guthrie song - California Stars.

[ ]

Weezer - Pork and Beans
This is good song with a familiar cast of viral internet characters.

[ ]

Tom Russell - Who's Gonna Build Your Wall
I guess Lou Dobb's is going to have to mow everyone's lawn after they put up that wall.

Tom Russell
[ ]

Derriere Bollywood
A musical video tribute to you guessed it from clips from various Bollywood movies.

Bollywood Buns
[ ]


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