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Night Lust

Miss Rio (1945)

Bathing Beauty

The Weird World of LSD

Sally Todd and Tor Johnson
in The Unearthly


A Statuesque Beauty

Pin-up Toon


January 2007


The Trashwomen Discography
These covers are great and a lot better than their music.  The Trashwomen were a San Francisco band modeled on The Trashmen from the 60's.  Everybody's heard about the Bird, right?

Vs. Deep Space (1995)
[ ]

Perry Rhodan Mega-post!
I guess I really do live in a cave,  because I never heard of this guy before.

Perry Rhodan
[ ]

Robert E. McGinnis Gallery (PCL)

Take a Murder Darling
[ ]


Art Buchwald - Goodbye, My Friends
This is the great American humorist Art Buchwald's last newspaper column.  I really used to love to watch Buchwald on his annual New Years visit on the old Evans and Novak show.  Although he would tee off on conservatives, he was so funny that he had even the Prince of Darkness chuckling.  He will be missed.  Also, see his NY Times Obituary and Obituary Video.

[ ]

Vintage Pulp Fiction
It's been awhile since I posted any Pulp covers.  Luckily, Bibi has already found a bunch pulp links for us.

Vice Squad Detective
[ ]

Nazi Raccoons on the March in Europe

Rocky von Ribbentrop
[ ]

What the Chinese want to know (MF)
Top Ten web queries in China.  Did the Long March really begin with a single step?

[ ]


Painting makes Angelina the angel of Wal-Mart
Just call her Angelina of the Wal-Mart, Angel.  Just touch her cheek (no not that one) before you leave, oh my baby!  Actually, of all the so-called celebrities out there, I think Angelina has the most class.  Also, here's more paintings by Kate Kretz.

The Wal-Mart Virgin
[ ]

Travel Labels (MF)

Astor House Hotel - Shanghai
[ ]

Boring Postcards (Plep)
This site really lives up to its name.

It's Da Pope!
[ ]

Country Stereotypes
What is the first image displayed by Google when you enter French Man for example?

[ ]


Banished Words List :: 2007
This list from Lake Superior State University is awesome!

[ ]

The Wartime Forties in Print [VINTAGE] Pool (E-Mark)
I like these.  Don't be surprised if you some of these images in a future IWR satire.

The Bowl Gazer
[ ]

Bibi's box: Pin-ups for Christmas
It's nice to see that Bibi's blogging again.

I'd Contribute To This Santa!
[ ]

SF Pulp Eye Candy
A few new scans from the Datajunkie.

The Shadow Men
[ ]

December 2006

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