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Amy Crehore

La Cigale (1872)

Portrait of a Woman Holding a Fan

A Very Sexy Cleopatra

Three Beauties (1793)

Three Gold Fish (2003)

Fuco Ueda

Yakuza Poster

Ryan Heshka's Electroladylux

Snow 1939

Thurston The Great

Betty Boop

Spring by Kawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Girl by the Sea 1990

Alive in Kyoto
Art Deco
Bibi's box
Coisas do arco da velha
Coudal Partners
Exclamation Mark
Indigo Blog
Little Hokum Rag
PonyXpress (NSFW)
Sampler of Things
Scout Report
Seven Deadly Sinners
Sugar 'N Spicy
Tea Time

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Amy Crehore
Ryan Heshka
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Yumiko Kayukawa
Akino Kondoh
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Mizna Lens
Hu Ming
Yuki Nagayoshi
LeUyen Pham
Yuko Shimizu
Sai Tamiya
Fuco Ueda

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Fernando Botero
Sandro Botticelli
Alexander Calder
Mary Cassatt
Paul Cézanne
William Merritt Chase
Edgar Degas
Paul Delvaux
John William Godward
Hashiguchi Goyo
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Ando Hiroshige
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John Singer Sargent
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Kitagawa Utamaro
John William Waterhouse

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Vintage Japanese Advertisements

These are some of the most beautiful advertising images (Babelfish) that I have ever seen.  Not only does the Toys Club have these gorgeous eye-popping ads, it also has a remarkable collection of tin and clockwork/moving toys.  Checkout the The Flying Saucer for example; it's great!  The Butterfly Arrow face cream ad below is my favorite.  Please go to the full article to see the rest of my selected images.

Butterfly Arrow Face Washing Cream (Pre-WWII)

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Vintage New Year Postcards

Here are a few of my favorite Happy New Year postcards from the New York Public Library's digital archive.  There are 231 postcards mostly in English, but there are a few in French, German and Spanish.  There is also an interesting historical 1906 postcard featuring TR, the Czar of Russia and the Emperor of Japan.



Japanese Lanterns

Angels Kissing

To Ye Future

[ ]



IWR Art Links For 12/24/2007

Delphin Enjolras (Bio 1857-1945)
I love the lighting and tints in these gorgeous paintings.

La Lettre

Young Woman Reading by a Window

Nude by Firelight
[ ]

Duane Hansen [Bio 1925-1996]
These sculptures are a great antidote to all of the Madison Avenue hype that we Americans have been fed constantly for years.  There should be more art about average people.  Don't you think?  BTW, I think I saw that young shopper earlier today at the mall.  She almost knocked me over!  There are more of his images here and here.


Young Shopper
[ ]

Chinese Paper Gods
These paper gods were collected over 60 years by missionary Ann S. Goodrich, who spent much of her life trying to understand Chinese culture including writing several books on the subject.  These Paper Gods are part of the colorful Chinese New Years celebrations.  There were paper gods displayed in each room in the house, which were then burned after a year use or burned directly after ceremonial usage.

Zeng fu Caishen
[ ]

The Floating World of Edo Bathhouses (Babelfish English Translation)
This Japanese site is all related to the Edo period and Japanese bathhouses.  There are some nice original digital prints (Bf) of Edo Woman.  There are detailed descriptions about the bathhouse itself (Bf), the styles and beauty of Edo Women (Bf) and a newspaper (Bf).  This site is loaded with interesting and beautiful images and information about Edo period bathhouses.

Torii Kiyonaga's "Women at Bath"

Untitled Edo Woman
[ ]

As The Flames Get Brighter The Snowman Screams
Just in case you are being overrun by an overdose of Christmas sentimentality, this is just the cure!

Bun Warmer Santa
[ ]


Yoshu Chikanobu

I found this wonderful collection of 289 prints by Chikanobu in the The Scripps College Collection of Japanese Prints at the Claremont College Digital Library.  These are large beautiful scans of this mostly unknown Meiji period Ukiyo-e artist, who lived from 1838-1912.  I had really not looked closely at Chikanobu's prints before, but was I reminded of his work today when I saw an item on his triptychs in Femme.  I did some research of my own, and then, I ran across this spectacular collection.  I must have spent at least two hours looking at these beautifully designed and colored wood block prints.  The prints are very well documented and excellent descriptions and interpretations of the individual prints are provided.  I had a real hard time just trying to select images for this post because there are so many beautiful artworks.  According to Artelino, his early prints normally sell for $100-200!

Applying Powder to Neck (1897)

Sewing (1896)

Snake: Shinobazu Benzaiten (1894)

Wang Pou (Oho) Visits a Grave During a Storm (1890)

Aquarium (circa 1896-1897)

Moon Viewing over Sarashina Rice Fields (1891)

[ ]



IWR Art Links For 12/17/2007

Edwin Longsden Long [Bio 1829-1891]
Edwin Longsden Long was a very talented British Orientalist painter.  His female figures are very lovely and his attention to detail is quite astounding.  I think his The Pharaoh's Daughter finding Moses is one of the best Old Testament biblical paintings that I have ever seen.

The Eastern Favorite

Love's Labor Lost
[ ]

Tetsuya Ishida [Bio 1973-2005]
Tetsuya Ishida's surrealist paintings reveal the troubled artist within trapped a cold merciless modern mechanical world.  It is thought that he committed suicide by jumping under a train.  How sad.

Self Portrait In The Classroom
[ ]

Ai Shinohara
Ai Shinohara's surrealist paintings are also a bit on the weird side, but she is a very talented painter and illustrator, indeed.

Drift about at the dream spring, 2007
[ ]

Xiaoqing Ding (via Blort)
These are great!  I want one for Christmas!

What Do You Care
[ ]

Hugo Boettinger (via Little Hokum Rag)
Hugo Boettinger is a Czech impressionist painter in the tradition of Renoir.

Jugend (1918)

Drei Badende Mädchen am Bach (1910)
[ ]

On the Wings of a Big Orange Fish
This is an interesting set of images by Lotusgreen with people riding on orange fish.  There are two images I believe by Yoshitoshi and the image below by Suzuki Harunobu has got to be one of the most famous Ukiyo-e images of all time.

Mitate no Kinko by Suzuki Harunobu (18th Century)
[ ]

Claude Verlinde (via Femme)
Claude Verlinde is a much less depressing surrealist (than those above) in the hybrid style of Paul Delvaux and Hieronymus Bosch.  I love his female figures.

[ ]

Hasegawa Yosuke (via PCL)
These are fun.

Lincoln As Dixie Cup
[ ]


Christmas Postcards

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas postcards from the New York Public Library's digital archive.  There are 844 postcards in total from all over the world, e.g., France, Slovak Republic, Germany, Poland, Japan, Norway, Spanish for your holiday viewing pleasure.

Veselé Vianoce!
Slovakian Santa

All Good Wishes For Christmas!
Great Old House

Joyeux Noël!
French Postcard

A Merry Xmas!
Ship Postcard

[ ]



IWR Art Links For 12/03/2007

Fernand Khnopff [Bio 1858-1921More Works and A Few More Works
As time goes on, I'm becoming more attracted to symbolist painters like the Belgian artist Fernand Khnopff.  I especially like his painting below for which I could not find a title or date.  But isn't she beautiful? 

[ ]

Takayoshi SAKURAI
I love the colors in these works of art.  The painting below is sort of like a Hokusai view of Mt Fuji on peyote. But the father of all Mt. Fuji paintings or prints in my opinion is Red Fuji by Hokusai.

Takami (2006)
[ ]

Chinai Kyosuke
Although there are only three images on this site, the painting below just outstanding.  Does anyone know if this artist has a web site their own?  I couldn't find one.

[ ]

This artist is very talented.  I love his Mt. Fuji's and also his female figures. There are a few more images available by this artist on this site, and also here too.

Un-translated (2006)

Spring instrumentation (2005)
[ ]

What a weird, but cute Kitty Kat!

Joker (2006)
[ ]

Allison Delarue Collection at Princeton University Library
I really liked the sheet music cover below.  It's enchanting.

Untitled Sheet Music Cover
[ ]


November 2007

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