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Amy Crehore

La Cigale (1872)

Portrait of a Woman Holding a Fan

A Very Sexy Cleopatra

Three Beauties (1793)

Three Gold Fish (2003)

Fuco Ueda

Yakuza Poster

Ryan Heshka's Electroladylux

Snow 1939

Thurston The Great

Betty Boop

Spring by Kawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Girl by the Sea 1990

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Art Links For 07/30/2007

Pierre-Auguste Renoir and ARG Gallery [Bio  1841-1919]
I've always admired the French Impressionist painter Renoir.  I love his colors, tints and especially his wonderful rendering of the female figure.  You can tell that he loves women and girls by how well he captures their feminine essence.  Renoir was also very prolific and an inspiration in that he kept painting and creating art until the end of his long life.  He had severe rheumatoid arthritis and had to have his brushes strapped to his hands.  Below are two of my favorites.  What is your favorite Renoir painting?

Girls at the Piano (1892)

The Bathers (1887)
[ ]

Gustave Courbet [Bio 1819-1877]
Gustave Courbet lead the French Realism movement.  I'm sure he also raised more than a few Victorian eyebrows with some of his erotic paintings.

Woman with a Parrot (1866)
[ ]

Japonisme - Bathing Beauties
This is a nice of set of images for Midsummer Nights Dream.  Lotusgreen also has another set here.

Illustration by Charles Robinson
[ ]

Vintage Geisha Photos from Tinafish_03 (Tea Time)
This is an interesting collection of vintage Geisha pictures.

Maiko with a Parasol (1920s)
[ ]



Gerda Wegener

Gerda Wegener [Bio 1886-1940] NSFW
Gerda Wegener (no relationship to Alfred Lothar Wegener) was a Danish illustrator and painter, who must have driven the Victorians completely insane.  For example, Gerda's transvestite husband Einar Wegener ("Lili" in drag) became her favorite model for many of her paintings and illustrations for magazines like Vogue.  Eventually, Einar really became Lili in the first publicly known sex change operations in the world. That aside, I wish someone would create a decent archive of her wonderful artwork.  I think the Madonna painting below shows what a talented  and unusual artist she was, but I also find fascinating her erotic art alluring as well.

Madonna (1935)

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Ruth St. Denis

Ruth St. Denis [Bio 1879-1968]
Ruth St. Denis was a major pioneer of modern dance, who was influenced by Egyptian, Indian/Hindu and Japanese dancing styles.  Early "American audiences were hostile to her experiments, labeling her the 'Jersey Hindoo' and comparing her with the belly dancers at the local burlesque houses."  However, when she toured Europe in from 1906-09, her dances became a great success worldwide. She was also influenced by Eastern mysticism and even started her own Church of the Divine Dance in Hollywood in 1947.  If you click the links below, you can see some sets of her exotic dances.  There are over 600 images of Ruth St. Denis in the NYPL Digital Library.  I think her life story would make for a very interesting movie or documentary.  BTW, here's an interesting and mildly revealing photo of Ruth dancing on the beach without her dark hair wig, and also a color tinted print from 1915.

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Art Links For 07/16/2007

Moira Hahn
I blogged Moira's work a few years back.  I liked her work then, but I think her work has even gotten better since.  I love how she infuses cats and parrots into classic Japanese and Chinese imagery.  She has a great imagination and sense of humor too.

A Three Hour Tour (detail) - 2006
Double Trouble II - 2005

[ ]

Anne-François-Louis Janmot (1814-1892)
This French painter was admired by the great symbolist painter Odilon Redon. The painting below is my favorite work of his.  I especially love the color of the setting sun.

The Poem of the Soul - One Evening
[ ]

Liang Li Qiang
Liang Li is very talented Chinese painter and sculpture.

[ ]

Irina Davis (Bibi's)
What a stunning beautiful woman Alenushka is below.

[ ]

Gatochy's Favorites via (Art Deco)
What a great print!  But is that the moon or sun?

Marjorie Miller - Spring's Promise (1920s)
[ ]

The Abduction Lamp (Geisha)
I got to get one of these lamps!!!!

[ ]



Art Links For 07/02/2007

Lin Fengmian [Bio 1900-1991] Archive
His innovative blending of traditional Chinese and Western painting styles made him one of the true great artists of the 20th century. Unfortunately, those Maoist bastards destroyed most of his great works and imprisoned Lin during the infamous Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.

Seated Woman (1886)
In the Met Museum
Beauty Playing A Musical Instrument Birds in Autumn

 [ ]

Cui Xiuwen [1970]  
I just love her art photography!  Power to the new generation of women artists in China!

Angel #4 (2006)

Sanjie (2003)
[ ]

Herbert James Draper [Bio 1863-1920] Wikimedia Commons  (via Little Hokum Rag)
I really like these Neoclassical painters like Draper.  The tints, subject matter and composition in his Pearls of Aphrodite below are absolutely stunning!  BTW, those Neoclassical dudes really had a fixation on red hair though. ;-)

Pearls of Aphrodite
[ ]

Shiori Matsumoto [1973] (via Neurastenia)
I blogged Shiori's work three years ago because I thought her paintings wer outstanding.  I still do!

Peony Lantern (2007)
[ ]

I like these.

[ ]

Bread Wrappers (via Bedazzled)
Bamby bread?

Bamby Bread
[ ]

Colonel Sanders in Japan Costume Shocker

Colonel Sanders Cools Off In His Summer Kimono
[ ]


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