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Amy Crehore

Hashiguchi Goyō

Pal C. Molnar

Fuco Ueda

Three Beauties (1793)

Yakuza Poster

Ryan Heshka's Electroladylux

Mieko Minazumi

Snow 1939

Thurston The Great

Betty Boop

Spring by Kawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Girl by the Sea 1990

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John Harte
Australasian born photographer John Harte works out of Osaka Japan and looks like he has a lotta fun along the way too. Check out his photo gallery on Flickr.

Skewered Portraits #1
[ ]

Yuan Sheng Zhong [bio]
I had a few China Girl links left over from last week's post because the site was down or too lagged.  These paintings by Yuan are quite good.

Fairy on the lake side
[ ]

Xiang Wei Ren [bio]
Just a few paintings, but these are China Girl paintings.

The Beauty and the Picnic
[ ]

Amanda Robbins
I liked the Summer Maiko below the best.

Summer Maiko

Hallowed Eve
[ ]

Children's Map Competition
The ICACI holds an annual map drawing competition for children.  If anything, these talented kids have a wonderful and an unpretentious imagination and sense of color.

Indonesia (2005)
[ ]

The Trashwomen Discography
These covers are great and a lot better than their music.  The Trashwomen were a San Francisco band modeled on The Trashmen from the 60's.  Everybody's heard about the Bird, right?

Vs. Deep Space (1995)
[ ]


Ed's Note: The main theme this week is China girls. While you are browsing, you can listen to David Bowie song China Girl which was co-written by Iggy Pop.  Also, I found this version of China Girl featuring a slideshow of images of the ultimate China girl - Shampoo.

Update: A reader named Janet pointed out to me that abortions of female fetuses is still disturbingly high and is increasing the gender imbalance in China at an alarming rate.  I'm a pro-choice man, but not when it comes to aborting a child based on sex.  That's just too sick.

[ ]

Feng Li 李峰 [English]
Feng Li is very talented painter with a draftsman's precision in his artwork. I picked his China girl painting below as metaphor for the new China. What will the 21st century have in store for her and the rest of the world?  Hopefully, she's not thinking about shooting down satellites!

My Painting (1999)
[ ]

Dong Wenjie "Angel" [bio]

Morning Sun (2003)
[ ]

Xie Qui Wa [bio]
There are some excellent larger images of his work at this gallery.

Quiet Rose (2004)
[ ]

Mark Beam
It's pretty rare to see such a talented artist with a great sense of humor.

Howdy Buddha
[ ]

Aya Kato (Neurastenia)
These are just great!

[ ]

Perry Rhodan Mega-post!
I guess I really do live in a cave,  because I never heard of this guy before.

Perry Rhodan
[ ]

Robert E. McGinnis Gallery (PCL)

Take a Murder Darling
[ ]


Hu Ming [bio]
Hu Ming grew up during the Cultural Revolution drawing Chairman Mao's portrait in school and falling asleep reading the little red book at work.  Her life story would make a fantastic movie.  She learned to drawn anatomy from a forbidden book on Michelangelo, but she did not start oil painting until she was 38 years old!  As army nurse, she a lot of experience giving shots to soldiers, which may account for the influence of bulbous female bottoms in her works.  Her depth as a painter is truly remarkable as evidenced by her grasp of both modern and ancient Chinese painting techniques.

Three Gold Fish (2003)

Woman And Frog (1995)

To Bathe (1997)
[ ]

Wladyslaw Theodor Benda [bio]
The Polish-American immigrant W. T. Benda was a remarkable graphic artist and illustrator who was famous during the Art Deco era for his unusual and enchanting female creations. He was also a master mask maker.  In 2004, his work was recognized by the Library of Congress in the exhibit American Beauties: Drawings from the Golden Age of Illustration.

The American - May 1933
[ ]

Enrico Campagnola
I couldn't find much information about this Italian artist.  All I know for sure is, he has a whole three floor museum dedicated to all his works of art.  Many of his subjects to me have an almost Byzantine style look to them (bottom image).

Nu allongé  (1950)

Jeune femme au bouquet (1972)
[ ]

Shen Na
These are some pretty funny and sexy almost cartoon like paintings, but look closely at the images and you can see her emerging and unique talent.

The Right Hand #6 (2004)
[ ]

Chairman Mao Era New Years Posters
Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! There's like a kajillion images of those smiley, happy people from the Cultural Revolution.  Unlike the starving Chinese proletariat, I don't think Mao every missed a meal. 

Our beloved Chairman Mao
[ ]


Loretta Lux
Loretta Lux's photos have a surreal quality to them.  I'm not sure how she gets her model poses, tints and lighting.

The Rose Garden
[ ]

Wang Green (王绿霞)
I really like the color and subject matter of these woodblock prints.  At least, I think they are woodblock prints.

[ ]

Edward John Poynter (bio)
I like this English Neoclassic painter's work a lot. His female figures like Andromeda or The Cave of the Storm Nymphs are very beautifully rendered and depicted in natural settings often by the raging sea.

At Low Tide (1913)
[ ]

Kitao Shigemasa (bio)
These wonderful images by Ukiyo-e artist Kitao Shigemasa are from the book Seiro Bijin awase sugata kagami or A mirror of beauties of the Green House from the NYPL. Some think Shigemasa's work may have inspired the masters Utamaro and Hokusai.

Beauties of the Green House (1776)
[ ]

Nianhua Gallery
Hey, it's that time of the year to put up your stove and door gods and goddesses!

Mu Guiying Door Goddess
[ ]

Panni Malek (Neurastenia)
I like these unusual pinups.

Poster- "Sci-Fi of the 1960s"
[ ]

Janet Jones
I found this talented artist's collages looking for examples of Haiga.

Shades of Meaning
[ ]

Follow The Sun - Australian Travel Posters 1930s - 1950s
It's Summer there now isn't it?

Western Australia 1940s
[ ]

Travel Labels (MF)

Astor House Hotel - Shanghai
[ ]

Boring Postcards (Plep)
This site really lives up to its name.

It's Da Pope!
[ ]


Siona Benjamin, G2 and G3 (Bio)
Siona Benjamin is a Bene Israel Jew who was born in India and influenced by Islamic/Mughal and Indian paintings. These diverse influences make for some very fascinating artwork.


The Immigrants New Clothes (Rebecca)
[ ]

Mata Hari, G2 and G3 (Bio)
Mata Hari or "Mother of God" in Sanskrit was super star of early 20th century.  She was an exotic dancer, courtesan and alleged double agent, who was executed by the French in 1917. Her soul piercing gaze and remarkable beauty can still be found in a study of her publicity photographs like the one below. The story of her life is still spell binding and would be great subject for a movie today.

Mata Hari
[ ]

Vivan Sundaram (Bio)
This remarkable collection photomontage images Re-Take of Amrita by Vivan Sundaran merges the past pictures of his grandfather with his modern photos of models.  BTW, the model below reminds a little bit of Frida Kahlo.  In one image, she even has a small mustache.

Untitled #2

Untitled #16
[ ]

Henry Wo Yue-Kee (Bio)
I saw Henry Wo Yue_Kee's paintings for the first time at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco as part of the Chinese art exhibit on the 2nd floor.  They also had a wonderful main exhibit on the Hidden Meanings in Chinese art.  I didn't know about sexual meaning of two badgers.  I didn't even know they had weasels in China.  However, I'm still ticked at the museum for not having any Japanese prints on display like Utamaro or Hiroshige.  How in the heck can you have a Japanese exhibit without woodblock prints!

Devotion (2001)
[ ]

Fiona Hewitt (Blort)
Nice illustrations.

Miso Pretty
[ ]

Guillaume Seignac (Bio)
The space really needed a nude, and this beautiful painting of Psyche fills the bill.  Don't you think?

The Awakening of Psyche (1904)
[ ]

The Wartime Forties in Print [VINTAGE] Pool (E-Mark)
I like these.  Don't be surprised if you some of these images in a future IWR satire.

The Bowl Gazer
[ ]

Bibi's box: Pin-ups for Christmas
It's nice to see that Bibi's blogging again.

I'd Contribute To This Santa!
[ ]

SF Pulp Eye Candy
A few new scans from the Datajunkie.

The Shadow Men
[ ]

December 2006

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