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August 2007


IWR Videos For 08/20/2007

Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio [Lyrics] [Bio]
I dedicate this classic song by Wall of Voodoo to Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan and the Republican Party.  Stan Ridgway has such a weird great voice.  Also, check out amazing Cannon Song by Ridgway.

Stan Ridgway
[ ]

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Hong Kong Garden [Lyrics] [Bio]
I haven't listened to Siouxsie Sioux in quite a while.  Also, Cities in Dust is one of my favorite songs by the group.  It reminds me a lot of the current conditions in Iraq.

Siouxsie Sioux
[ ]

The Cure - In Between Days [Lyrics] [Bio]
This one is dedicated to all you fascinating Elegant Gothic Lolitas out there (More Lolita Pictures). BTW, I think The Cure was one of the best bands of the 80s. Their music still sounds great today too!

Expressionism Meets New Wave? - The Cure
[ ]

Psychedelic Furs - The Ghost In You [Lyrics] [Bio]
These guys really had a unique style, and this was one of the best songs, which was also in the movie Lost In Translation.  I like Love My Way a lot.

Psychedelic Furs
[ ]

Even Dick Don't Know Dick
This is the Daily Show's coverage of Dick Cheney's 1994 interview in which he said overthrowing the Iraqi government would have put us into a quagmire.  Here's Cheney's 1994 C-SPAN interview.  BTW, if you haven't see Jon Stewart Slam McCain’s Racist, Hypocritical, Disgraceful FL Campaign Chair, check it out it's a hoot!

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Didem the Turkish Bellydancer I and II
What an enchanting beauty Didem is.  Some day I'm going to have to go see a live Middle Eastern belly dance show.  There are lots more Didem videos here.

[ ]



IWR Videos For 08/06/2007

King Sunny Ade - Synchro System [Bio]
King Sunny Ade and His African Beats is one of my favorite bands of all time.  I really love that Juju music sound!  It just makes you want to get up and dance.  I've got to see him live some day.  There is also complete live eight part Holland concert video on YouTube to give you an idea of what his more recent concerts are like. I first heard King Sunny during the great Napster Cambrian Explosion, and now thanks to YouTube we're having another little Tsunami of music videos.

King Sunny Ade (c) 1980
[ ]

Mute Math - Typical [Bio]
I noticed in the paper that these guys were playing over the weekend in San Francisco.  So I looked 'em on YouTube, and I found this song and clever video that I liked by them.   Does that make me typical now? ;-)

Mute Math - Typical
[ ]

You Don't Know Dick Plus Four Other Daily Show Segments!
Jon Stewart finds another bizarre Dicklette about the man behind the curtain.  Here's Jon's coverage of the Larry King interview of Dick Cheney.  Also, checkout The News, Count on It segment where Jon reams CNN over their Stories per Hour (SPH) concept, Jon's take on Tony Blair's replacement Gordon Brown and Rummy's Testimony on Pat Tillman.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

The Word - College Credit
Stephen Colbert on College Credit.

Stephen Colbert
[ ]

Franco Luambo Makiadi -Tpok Jazz - Massu [Bio]
Another great artist to come out of Africa was the Congolese musician and singer Franco Luambo and his TPOK Jazz band.  They played a very fast beat Rumba that later inspired the Soukous (modern African Rumba) movement.  This song Massu sung by the lovely Jolie Detta is one my favorites by the group.

Jolie Detta In 1980s
[ ]

Shangri Las - Give Him a Great Big Kiss [Bio]
This all girl band from the Mid-1960s were an influence the punk and new wave bands of the 1970's, e.g., Blondie, New York Dolls, B-52s, etc.  This was their best video I could find on YouTube.

Give Him A Great Big Kiss
[ ]


July 2007

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