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July 2007


IWR Videos For 07/30/2007

Bill Maher: The Decider Part 1 of 8
This is an excellent and recent performance by one of the best standup comedians and social commentators of our times - Bill Maher.  Be advised the language is pretty coarse and may be unsuitable for younger or more sensitive people.  However, I almost laughed till I cried watching all eight segments.  Great and Brilliant material!

Bill Maher on Stage
[ ]

Devilishly Sweet Dionysos video
This French animation and music are quite charming.  Excellent!

Dionysos Music Animated by Joann Sfar
[ ]

"I Lived on the Moon" Video Clip by Yannick Puig (MF)
I'm a sucker for well made animations like this one.

Yannick Puig
[ ]

Simon & Garfunkel on Letterman (2003)
Simon and Garfunkel sing "America" live on David Letterman.  These guys are great.  Also, check out the duo singing the Sounds of Silence back in the 60's.  Their music and lyrics are just as relevant today as they ever were.

Simon and Garfunkel
[ ]

George W. Bush, Expert?
Jon Stewart reams Mr. Chimps and his toadies for not being accountable for anything except their own BS!

Jon Stewart 
[ ]

Fats Waller - Aint Misbehavin' 1943
I hadn't seen this particular clip of Fats Waller before.  It's great.  He's one of my favorite singers and composers.

Fats Waller
[ ]

Arnold Schwarzenegger as President!
What a hideous thought!

[ ]

Guys and Dolls (Waxy)
This video about guys, who have affairs with life sized dolls, is oddball odd, as Captain Beefheart might say.  It's just too freaking weird even for me.  I could only watch about two minutes before it lowered my blood sugar to dangerous levels.

[ ]



IWR Videos For 07/23/2007

Damaso Perez Prado - "LA NIŃA POPOFF" [Bio 1916-1989]
Cuban Perez Prado was known as the "King of the Mombo".  Need I say more?  Anyway, there are a bunch of his videos on YouTube. You just got to love those frilly white outfits. Whatever you do, please try not to think about the theme from "I Dream of Jeannie" if you listen to Mambo No. 5.!  Here's a couple of other videos that I liked by Mr. Prado: Guaglione (I almost lead with this number), MAMBO No. 5 and MAMBO A LA KENTON.

Perez Prado
[ ]

This newsreel by the 92 (now) year old loony Newsmax "journalist"  George Putnam really gives you an insight into the perverted "conservative" brain.  No wonder all these Republicans get picked up by the vice squad.  They spend all their time salivating in dirty book stores!  He does however have a point about the fact that very few blind people belong to nudist camps.  Think about it...  What a hoot!

Perversion For Profit
[ ]

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (1967) [Bio 1966-1968]
BTW, here's Neil Young singing Mr. Soul on the Hollywood Palace in 1966.

Their Second Album
[ ]

John Lee Hooker: Boom Boom
This is a great clip of John Lee Hooker in Chicago from the Blues Brothers movie.

John Lee Hooker
[ ]

Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man
The greatest poet songwriter of our time, Bob Dylan, singing one of his best songs.

Bob Dylan
[ ]

John Coltrane - My Favorite Things [Bio 1926-1967]
John Coltrane and McCoy Tyner are great as usual on this recording of one of my favorite Coltrane cuts of all time.  Actually, one of my favorite songs of all time period.

John Coltrane
[ ]

The Doors - When The Music's Over (1967)
Turn out lights!

Jim Morrison
[ ]

Tonight on Countdown “The Falafel Factor” 
O'Reilly really sticks his foot and his falafel in his mouth again calling the Daily Kos Nazis. His future roommate in hell William Kristol joined in with the same delusion today.  You almost feel sorry for these morally and logically bankrupt smegpots.  America has seen their version of the "conservative" utopia and have rejected their pathetic and dysfunction outlook on the war and just about everything else.  If it wasn't for Moon and Murdoch subsidies, both of these chumps would be selling papers.  Also, check out Keith Olbermann skewering Bush et al for their scapegoating of those of us who disagree with them.

King of the Asshats
[ ]

Daily Show: Bush’s Fuzzy al Qaeda Math
Thank god for Jon Stewart!

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Michael Moore
This is a funny interview of Michael Moore by Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert
[ ]



IWR Videos For 07/16/2007

Grace Chang - Jaja Jambo [Bio 1934]
Grace Chang or Ge Lan was a Hong Kong singer and movie star in the 1950s and early 60s.  From these video clips, you can see just how talented and beautiful she was during her heyday.  She's one hell of a singer.  I've never heard Chinese sound so melodic in the Western sense.  I hope Netflix gets a few of her movies. 

Grace Chang - The Mambo Queen
[ ]

Beer Beer Beer
Is there a more important or relevant topic?

Beer! Beer! Beer!
[ ]

Bill Moyers’ Roundtable On Impeachment Of Bush & Cheney
I saw this on Friday night and though it was a very well reasoned argument for impeaching Bush.  It's not about getting even with the republicans, but it is all about restoring integrity to our system of government.  Modern conservatism for years has bludgeoned government so eventually it install an imperial strong man Mussolini like presidency.  However, there is no place for a dictator or an imperial president, who thinks he is above the law.  It's time to pull in Bush and Cheney's chain!

[ ]

Worst Person in the Universe
BTW, here is the video of the Christian extremists disrupting the Hindu Chaplin's Senate invocation.

No!!! Not Again!
[ ]

Bush Sees Progress in Iraq

The Smegbag-In-Chief
[ ]

A Mark Fiore animation.

Bush at Kamp Kanwinit
[ ]



IWR Videos For 07/02/2007

Daily Show: Lewis Black Exposes Right Wing Media Paranoia
Lewis Black is funnier then hell as he reveals such conservative absurdity as the Conservapedia.  Those Wingnut loonies think the Wikipedia is way too liberal!

Lewis Black
[ ]

Daily Show: Immigration
Jon Stewart and John Hodgman take Lou Dobbs and Pat Buchanan to task their ridiculous smear campaign against illegal aliens.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Bill Moyers on Murdoch
Bill Moyers toasts Rupert Murdoch but good.

Bill Moyers
[ ]

Cheney's Commandments
A Mark Fiore animation.

Unka Dick Gets Excited
[ ]

Pink - The Patron Saint of Dreams (via Blort)

St. Pink
[ ]


June 2007

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