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June 2007


The Cure For The Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran
It's that time of the year and the only way to cure the summertime blues is to fight fire with fire (See blues videos below).  BTW, this is definitive version of the classic Rock 'N Roll song written and sung by Eddie CochranBlue Cheer does interesting psychedelic cover though.

Eddie Cochran (1959)
[ ]

Built for Comfort by Willie Dixon
Almost all of the great classic Blues songs were written by one man - Willie Dixon.  I can't imagine modern blues without Hoochie Coochie Man, Evil, Spoonful or Back Door Man, just to name a few.

Willie Dixon
[ ]

Wang Dang Doodle by Koko Taylor (featuring Little Walter)
I saw Koko Taylor sing her trade mark song live in the basement of the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI in the 1980's.  She was great!

Koko Taylor
[ ]

Killing Floor with Hubert Sumlin, Eric Clapton & Robert Cray
Hubert Sumlin is one the most innovative and influential guitar players of our times.  He was mentor to Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix and many other famous rock guitarists.  Hubert also played lead on most of Howlin' Wolf's great hits like Killing Floor and Smokestack Lightning.  It's great to see the master guitar player is still kicking out the jams in his 70s!

Hubert Sumlin
[ ]

How Many More Years by Howlin' Wolf
Howlin' Wolf is my all time favorite blues singer.  He also wrote some blues classics of his own Killing Floor, Forty Four and Smokestack Lightning. He plays a mean harp too!   I also liked this more modern version of Evil too.  This clip is from the recent (2003) documentary movie on Howlin' Wolf's life - The Howlin' Wolf Story.  I saw it, and it's very good.

Howlin' Wolf (1966)
[ ]

Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters (live at Newport 1960)
This has got to be one of the two greatest blues songs (Smokestack Lightning by Howlin' Wolf is the other.) of all times sung by the King of Chicago blues - Muddy Waters.  Also, Got My Mojo Working is another great classic of Muddy's.

Muddy Waters (1960)
[ ]

I'm running out of time!  In short, here is Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker, John Henry by Mississippi Fred McDowell, Your Funeral and My Trial by  Sonny Boy Williamson, and last but not least T-Bone Walker backed up by Dizzy Gillespie (Live in 1964).

[ ]



IWR Video Links For 06/18/2007

The Monterey International Pop Festival 1967
It was forty years ago that the "Year of Love" was jumpstarted with this historic rock concert was held in my old stomping grounds of Monterey California (I lived in Pacific Grove in the 1990's). Anyway, this is a fascinating collection Monterey Pop performances listed by artist, e.g., Hendrix, Paul Butterfield, Otis Redding with links to YouTube.  Great Stuff!

Monterey Pop Festival Poster (1967)
[ ]

Dave Letterman interviews Michael Moore on his new movie "Sicko" which is scheduled to be released on June 29th at a theatre near you.  It's time we provided universal health care to all of citizens like they do in most other countries.  It's also time to clean up the disgusting pharmaceutical industry while we're at it too!

David Letterman
[ ]

The Daily Show: Arming the Sunnis or "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." and The Daily Show catches Tony Snow Lying
It's amazing the how little the Media analyzes the talking points that are being fed it by the Bush administration.  You'd think they'd get hip after nearly 7 years of lies?  On the other hand, it looks like these media people are really just hand puppets for Big Business.  Thank god for Daily Show!

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Comedy Central's 'Lil Bush' Heads To Iraq
This is pretty funny.  Lil Condi is so cute.

Lil Bush, Lil Rummy And Lil Satan
[ ]

Spike Jones - The Sheik of Araby
I love these old Spike Jones pieces and that wonderful vintage cartoon sound.

Spike Jones Vocalist Singing The Sheik of Araby
[ ]



Louise Brooks on YouTube
Louise Brooks [Bio 1906-1985]
Thanks to Netflix, I have now seen several Louise Brooks movies. Pandora's Box her was greatest movie, which was directed by G. W. Pabst in Berlin.  It's now one of my favorite movies of all time. The close ups of Lulu (Louise Brooks) are simply enchanting.  Her timeless beauty and talent as a silent era actress are truly remarkable.  My eyes were just glued to the screen by her beautiful expressions, bright eyes, bob hair cut, long smooth neck and back.

Louise Brooks

PANDORA'S BOX - Lulu's "Mr Brightside"
This is a video taken from clips of Pandora's Box, which I think is quite well done.  I also like the music by the Killers.

Louise Brooks in Berlin
This is a clip from the documentary "Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu", which is a pretty decent film about Louise Brooks.

Louise Brooks - A Tribute in Color
This a video of several sacrilegious colorized photos of Miss Brooks.

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Al Green - Take Me To The River
The great Al Green kicking out the jams on Soul Train in the 1970s.

Soulful Al Green
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Talking Heads - Take Me To The River
Fast forward to 1984 and the Talking Heads innovative concert movie "Stop Making Sense", and watch them cover Al Green (above).

David Byrne
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April 2007

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