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March 2007


Bill Maher - New Rules
Bill Maher toasts Bush et al for their treasonous acts against Valerie Plame.  Make no mistake about it, Bush, Rove and Cheney are the real traitors, and Valerie Plame is a genuine patriot.

Bill Maher
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Daily Show: Bush’s DOJ “Reasonable Proposal”
Jon Skewers Monkey Pants DOJ "Reasonable Proposal" for Rove et al to testify off the record.  Also, Jon does a number on Fredo.

Jon Stewart
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Colbert Dares Democrats to Impeach Bush
It's about time isn't it?

Stephen Colbert
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South Park vs Mormonism
This South Park episode tells the story of Joseph Smith and the birth of the Mormon Church.

Joseph Smith
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History Lesson
Jon Stewart gives John Bolton a history lesson.  Why is it that ultra conservatives always seem to get history so wrong?  BTW, here's the John Bolton interview.

Jon Stewart
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Bob Barr: Administration uses DOJ as political football
Conservative Libertarian Bob Barr says Bush should focus on restoring the integrity of Justice Department instead of drawing the wagons around the White House.

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Boxer Puts Inhofe In His Place
If you haven't seen this exchange, it's great.  Bag-O-Feces Inhofe still thinks he's controlling the horizontal and vertical, but Barbara Boxer gives him a terse reality check to the Neanderthal man from Oklahoma.

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A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead
This is a funny mashup of Beatles' Hard Day's Night and Night of the Living Dead.

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IWR Tuesday Videos!

Chris Coles Gallery of Expressionist Paintings Bangkok Thailand (MF)
These are excellent paintings and videos of Bangkok's decadent nightlife.  The colors are sensational!

Click The Spasso Girl To See The Bangkok Nights Video

Ikiru on-line
Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece Ikiru (1952) is now available free to view onlineIkiru is Kurosawa's version of Leo Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilyich.  It is one of Time Magazine's All Time 100 movies, and is also one of my favorite movies and directors.  This film is from the golden age of Japanese cinema, and you get an almost documentary view of post-war Japan in the early 50s.  If you can, get the Criterion Criterion Collection version and listen to the commentary to get details on Kurosawa and Japan at that time.

Ikiru (To Live)

Mad TV iRack Apple Iraq War Parody
This is a hoot!

The iRack

Dance Club
The Daily Show covers Bush's Latin America trip.  Also, Check out the Sunday Funnies if you haven't seen it already.

Jon Stewart

2 Minute News Hour (AB)
This is a two-for-one parody of Fox News and Ann Coulter.

The Ann Coulter Show
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Bill Maher - New Rules
Bill covers Texas immunization controversy among other recent events.

Bill Maher
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Daily Show: Cheney Comes Home
John Stewart covers Cheney's recent overseas trip and discovers the secret of the Cheney cyborgs. 

Jon Stewart
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February 2007

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