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Michael Palin and Connie Booth

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Memoirs of a Geisha?


Lucy in the Sky

The SNL Cowbell Sketch
with THEE Bruce Dickerson.

"Girly Picture"

Edgar Beals

Plickey and Muto

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AA-Safe-Way Asian Women's Driving School
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Bush and Blair at the gay bar
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The Smoking Dog
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January 2007


Jon Stewart's Mind Meld With Dick Cheney
Jon Stewart picks apart Dick Cheney's recent interview (Hogwash) with Wolf Blitzer.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

My Hands Are Bananas
I found this little gem while looking for Trashwomen songs on YouTube.  As usual, I'm last person to find out about these sort of things.

[ ]

Laurie Anderson - O Superman
This song O Superman is from Laurie Anderson's great album Big Science.  This is album is a true work of Art Rock, and ranks on up there in my book with Remain in Light by the Talking Heads.

Laurie Anderson
[ ]

Dick Cheney's Lipitor and Hillary Clinton's Smirk

David Letterman
[ ]

Sunday Funnies For 1/28

Stephen Colbert Shines On the Funnies
[ ]

Tangerine Panic (MF)
A good game that is very easy to play, but not so easy to stay alive.  See how many you can dodge.

[ ]

SOTU Satire
This is a lot funnier than Bush's Lame Duck Brained speech, but not quite as funny as Bush's approval rating of 28%!

SOTU Satire
[ ]

Peace of Mind
TDS previews Bush's SOTU speech.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Iggy Pop - The Passenger (live)
This is Iggy Pop's great signature song, which was based on a poem by his mentor Jim Morrison.  There is also a movie to released in 2007 called The Passenger about Iggy Pop's early career during the Stooges era.

The Passenger was on this Album
[ ]

Stephen Colbert On The O'Reilly Factor and Bill O'Reilly On The Stephen Colbert Show

Stephen Colbert
[ ]

Where the Hell is Matt? (AB)
If you haven't seen this yet, check it out.  It's great!  Matt The dancing dude documented his world travels and dance moves on his digital camera.

Dancing Matt On Easter Island
[ ]

Charles Chaplin On-line I: 1914
Bibi reviews Charlie Chaplin movies available free on Archive.org.

Charlie Chaplin In The Great Dictator
[ ]


Daily Show: Deconstructing the “Surge”
Funny Stuff!

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Whack A Bush Monkey
Some sound advice for the Dems.

Don't Get Mad.  Get Even!
[ ]

Bush, Putting It On The Line
TDS covers Bush's Surge speech.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

iPhone: It's Everything You Want it to Be
Conan O'Brien covers the iPhone debut.

iPhone Features
[ ]

Brokeback Mountain Meets Dream Girls

Jake Gyllenhaal And Dream Girls
[ ]


Sunday Funnies
Dubya has rhythm and Hastert's enthusiasm for Nancy Pelosi.  Also, Letterman reveals Pat Robertson's predictions for 2007.

David Letterman
[ ]

ZX Spectrum emulator (b3ta)
This was before my computer time even.  I imagine this is what will happen to the first Vista users.

[ ]

French Animated Musical Videos
Bibi has a collection of French musical videos.

La Femme Chocolat
[ ]

Phono Archive (MF)
There is a ton classical music in free MP3 format on this site.  I need to spend some time here.

[ ]


The Original Mash-up (Waxy)
This is the first mash-up record from 1956 by Dickie Goodman and Bill Buchanan.  It's also available on this album.

Click To Hear The MP3
[ ]

December 2006

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