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Night Lust

Miss Rio (1945)

Bathing Beauty

The Weird World of LSD

Sally Todd and Tor Johnson
in The Unearthly

Issue #2


A Statuesque Beauty

Pin-up Toon


Note: I always post new items here before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on the weekend.

July 2006


Since the weather is so fine.... and Mo' Eye Candy!
More great scans from the Datajunkie.

Hell's Angel (1951)

New Atom (1943)

Vintage Octopus Pulp Covers! (RaShOmoN)
Neon meat dream of an Octofish?

Katy Keene

HalloWig (Presurfer)
I wonder if Pickle's has one of these?

It's Pink!

Keeping Beer Cold
As global warming is taking its toll this Summer, Growabrain has collected a series of links on the nectar of the gods icy-cold beer!


More Than 9 Muses
This kitschy slideshow from PCL features women with musical instruments.  These are pretty tame images, but still probably (NSFW).

Skin Tight

George W. Bush's 4-Point Plan for the Middle East
Betty Bowers.  Brilliant!!!!

Landover Baptist University Announces New Advanced Degree in Motherhood
Landover Baptist.

Wild and Crazy Neocons Cartoon

Condiplomacy Cartoon
All Hat No Cattle.

President Bush Bravely Protects America's Womb Boogers From Homicidal Parkinson's Nazis

Ode To The Groper
Mad Kane.

Detainees To Be Transferred From Guantanamo to Naomi Campell
Andy Borowitz.

Pres. Bush not concerned that he has only one friend on
Bean Soup Times.


Olbermann vs. O'Reilly Poll (CL)
Cast your vote!

Galaxy Magazine
More great scans from the Datajunkie.

Life in the Future!

Psycho Sally (Geisha)
"With motorized "stabbing action" this little dolly's crazy about you!" - Ack!

Afghanistan gets first fashion show in decades
High fashion burqas?


Girls With Guns
What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to read the Bill of Rights and then look at 24 pages of sleazy detective magazine covers featuring girls with guns!  ;-)

Texas' Most Dangerous Man = Bush? ;-)

I ain't got nothin' but eye candy for ya, baby!
More great sci-fi scans from the Datajunkie.

Blue Boy looks familiar doesn't he?

Lady Liberty Trades In Some Trappings (MF)
I imagine this church is just across the street from Graceland. ;-)

Bush Declares Independence From The Constitution
Andy Borowitz.

Superman:  Back From Another Galaxy to Rape Your Girlfriend and Destroy Your Family
Landover Baptist.

Taco Bell Launches New 'Morning After' Burrito
The Onion.

Happy Independence Day
Specious Report.

Bush Isn't God. Who Knew?
Mad Kane.

Bill O'Reilly's Back: The War On Independence Day


Vespa pin-up girls from the 50's and 60's (PCL)

Isn't She Beautiful?

Dell laptop explodes at Japanese conference (Presurfer)

Dell Laptop Self-destructs

Microsoft adCenter Labs Demonstration
Enter a URL and see what evil empire predicts!

President Angrily Denounces Traitorous Pinko New York Times

Rush Limbaugh Jokes

Professor Pressured To Sleep With Student For Good Course Evaluation
The Onion.

Bush Opposes Marriage Between A Man And A Flag
Andy Borowitz.

June 2006

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