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Miss Rio (1945)

Bathing Beauty

The Weird World of LSD

Sally Todd and Tor Johnson
in The Unearthly

Issue #2


A Statuesque Beauty

Pin-up Toon


Note: I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on the weekend.

February 2006


Official "I hate Texas" picture thread

Rhett, Robert Barnwell (1800-1876)
"Father of Secession"

Grocery Bag And Panties Meme (Geisha)

Happens all the time in a parallel universe!

National Pancake Day! (MF)
On February 28th a.k.a. Shrove Tuesday pancakes are on the house at IHOP.

Jaap van Deijk 's Pulp Art Palace (Neurastenia)

The Green Widow

White House Had Prior Knowledge Of Cheney Threat
The Onion.

Worst Company in America: Ladder (MF)
It's got to be Halliburton or Exxon.

"I'm a uniter, not a divider"
All Hat No Cattle.

Fuel Me Once

President Determined to Drive Approval Rating Down to Zero
Andy Borowitz.

White House to Cut Medicare and Social Security Costs by Shooting Elderly
Bongo News.

Classic Comedy Routines Vetted for Hyperbole
Specious Report.

A State-Run Firm Based In Dubai - Limerick
Mad Kane.

The Pugs in Hats Pool
This is going too far!


Norman Saunders Men's Magazine Covers

New Man (April 1964)

Atheist Pin-ups! (Dr. Menlo)

Frederick Douglas

Flying Pigs (b3ta)
Warning this a huge image file, but it's funny in a weird sort of way.

The Boris Ziffel Story

Should Christians Celebrate Black History Month?

The Juice

Cheney Shooting Humor Roundup
Dan Kutrzman.

Bush Hides U.S. Report Card In Sock Drawer
The Onion.

Dick Cheney the Victim of "Shoot a Lawyer Day" Hoax
The Specious Report.

Dick Cheney Gun Club: Dead Eye Dick

Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses
Dave Letterman.

Cheney Accident Triggers Jokes on Late-Night TV
"We can't get Bin Laden, but we nailed a 78-year-old attorney."


Annette Funicello

The Monkey's Uncle

Sleeve Girls (PCL)
Pretty girls added to record covers to help sell albums.

Sleeve Girl

Fresh-squeezed SF Mags - Now with even More Pulp!

The Miracle of Ronald Weeks

EXCLUSIVE: First Photo of Cheney Shooting Victim
Bob Cesca.

"Crazed" Dick Cheney in Stand-off with Police after Shooting Man

Cheney Misfires -- Big Time!
Mad Kane.

Cheney Says Shooting Based On Faulty Intelligence
Andy Borowitz.

Cheney Gets His Gun
"Those deferments were well and wisely issued."

Cheney Accidentally Bags Lawyer Out Of Season
Unconfirmed Sources.

Cheney Accidentally Shoots Leak Case Lawyer
The Spoof.

Dick Cheney Invites Jack Abramoff Bird Hunting.
Broken News.

Cheney steps up war on lawyers

Ask Ann Coulter - Ask the White House

Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY!
Daily Kos.

Photoshop Phriday
Star Wars Valentines.

Scarlett Johansson's Vanity Fair Photo
You can keep all your shemale bimbos like Paris Hilton.  Scarlett Johansson is my kind of girl!

Click For A Giant Scan

Wiretapping Intelligence
The Onion.

I'm Not Buying a Mac
Bill Shein.


Mohammed Image Archive (MF)
In this blog, freedom of expression and speech rule. Also, see Muhammad cartoons controversy.

Stop! Stop! We ran out of virgins!

Wall of White Trash Dolls
Too Funny.  Also, checkout Nathan Alexander's Live Superbowl Ad Review.

Little Stone Cold

The Condiment Packet Museum
Quite the collection.

Soy Sauce

Google thinks censorship is evil unless you're talking about those poor Chinese b*stards.

Al Lewis, Beloved as 'Grandpa Munster,' Dies at 82
IWR salutes Al Lewis!

January 2006

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