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Amy Crehore


Three Beauties (1793)

The Golden Girl of Africa

Ryan Heshka's Electroladylux

Mieko Minazumi

Bosch Action Figures

An Art Deco Shanghai Girl

Snow 1939

Thurston The Great

Auco and the Dragon

Betty Boop

Spring by Kawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Girl by the Sea 1990

Fantastic Flyers

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Favorite Living Artists
Amy Crehore
Ryan Heshka
Akino Kondoh
Sakae Kurada
Mizna Lens
Yuki Nagayoshi
Seonna Hong
LeUyen Pham
Coles Phillips
Sai Tamiya

Favorite Artists
Henry Clive
More to come.




Svetlana Valueva
In the artist's own words: “My heroes are women. Some were born from my imagination; others are real persons. Every new face, so unique and so unrepeatable, originates in my imagination and then finds its way to the canvas”. This talented Russian artist creates some very beautiful and sensual art.

Ethereal Dream
[ ]

Heather Watts
I really like her work especially the fortune teller painting below.

Insert Coin
[ ]

Irene Sheri
I like this Ukrainian artist's use of bold colors, thin outlines and subject matter to create her wonderful paintings.

Seductive Duo
[ ]

Natsuko Kogure
Natsuko Kogure's zany imagination shows though on her colorful paper Mache sea creature creations.  I think Alexander Calder were still alive that would like these creatures too.

Sea Creatures
[ ]

Performing Arts Poster Collection (PCL)
This huge collection has over 2,000 performance art posters from LOC, including some early burlesque posters  like the one below.  Also, I think I'm in love with Nettie Barton! Who says the government is completely useless?  I know Rush Limbaugh ;-).  Rush should know too because he is about completely useless at they get!

Hottie Mamie Lamb
[ ]

Mikiko Yamauchi
Mikiko is a very talented Japanese illustrator.

[ ]

The Show Chicken (Glubibulga)
These are a hoot!  I think I want a social pest T-shirt!

Social Pest
[ ]

Trudy is very beautiful.

Trudy 5
[ ]

Lui Liu (Neurastenia)

[ ]

Mad-Monsters (E-Mark)
Hey!  Welcome back Exclamation Mark!

Monster Parade
[ ]


Ground Zero 1945
Before 9/11, ground zero was associated with the nuclear terror that rained down on the cites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII.  These images, drawn by the survivors, document the cataclysm that hopefully will never be repeated again.  Can someone please explain to me the difference between these acts of modern total war and acts of terrorism? 

Harue Takashiba
[ ]

The BLAB! Show

Mini-Monkey #3
[ ]

Minako Saito Botsford

[ ]

I really like this Flickr photo set of the beautiful Toronto singer Moulann.  You can listen to some of her songs on her mySpace page.

[ ]

Ray Caesar (Blort)

Sleeping By Day
[ ]

Be Too Gallery
I wish it were easier to identify the artists on this site with their work.

Good Bye
[ ]

Jason Atomic

[ ]

Geiko of Kyoto
This is a great Flickr photo set of the Geiko (no, not Geico) or Geisha in Kyoto.  The Geiko is the fully trained vs. the apprentice or Maiko Geisha.

[ ]

A Splashy Los Angeles Debut by Banksy
If you haven't seen guerilla artist Banksy's works or pranks before check out his site.  Here's a Flickr photoset of his LA exhibitMore Banksy LA images.

A painted elephant is part of the exhibit
[ ]

Talk Like A Pirate Day - 9/19/2006!
It's that time of year again!

[ ]

Diary of Fate (and a buch 'o' reposts)

Lucky Mojo Cologne!
[ ]

Nazis In A Box (Malanda)

SS Scharfuhrer
[ ]

Natural Theatre Company
These people who run this guerilla theatre seem to have the right humorous attitude about our modern pretenses.

The Clock Heads
[ ]


The Cultural Archive
Page down for the site menu. I'm not quite sure what this site is all about, but they have huge and unusual collection of vintage images.  For example, check out the Cold War, Bob Hope, Other Celebrity Endorsements, Charles Atlas, and Ladies Underwear, just to name a few.

They Are Devo!
[ ]

Zhang Hai-Er
His B&W Shanghai photos are remarkable.  His subjects seem to real people from China and not fashion models. Here is a set of his color photos, and here is a spread Zhang did for Time Magazine.

Miss Lin - Shanghai (1989)
[ ]

Yuri Dojc
These aren't bad at all.

Tea For One?
[ ]

Japan-in-America (MF)
This is a great historical exhibit of the influence of Japan in America around the turn of the century.  From the Stereoviews to the Music (MP3), all the sections are worth checking out!

I Want To Go To Tokio MP3
[ ]

Karin Schwarz (Geisha)
These are cute.  Nice to see Geisha back online.

Bad Girls 29
[ ]

Takahashi Nobumasa (Glubibulga)

[ ]

Sexploitation Posters  (Malanda)

The Bed and How to Make It!
[ ]

Aly Fell (PCL)

Bad Kitty
[ ]

Tao Te Ching von Lao Tse (MF)
Multiple versions of the famous Taoist book.  Also, see the Chuang Tzu.

[ ]


Save the Girls (MF)
This is a nose art from WWII vintage aircraft.

Target For Tonight
[ ]


Wu Guanzhong
I was looking for a copy Three Beauties by Utamaro and happened to find this print by the Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong.

Three Beauties
[ ]

Evgeniy Monahov
I like his rear profile oil paintings, e.g., girl in the mirror best.

Meetings in the Metro #2
[ ]

Fang Xiang
These are are beautiful.  I love the color, detail  and composition of these ink and color paintings.

[ ]

Phung Pham
This Vietnamese artist's lacquer on wood paintings are excellent.

[ ]

Other Africas
These are images of Nigerian modernity from an exhibition that was held at the S. Illinois University Museum.

The Oppressor
[ ]

Shen Han Wu
Shen Han Wu is a very talented oil painter.  The subject of his painting are very diverse from the nostalgic Brother's Lunch painting below to his paintings of the Cultural Revolution.

Brother's Lunch
[ ]

Wu Yang
I'm a sucker for ink and water color paintings of beautiful women.

Nude with flowers
[ ]


August 2006

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