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Three Beauties (1793)

The Golden Girl of Africa

Ryan Heshka's Electroladylux

Mieko Minazumi

Bosch Action Figures

An Art Deco Shanghai Girl

Snow 1939

Thurston The Great

Auco and the Dragon

Betty Boop

Spring by Kawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Girl by the Sea 1990

Fantastic Flyers

Amy Crehore

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Favorite Artists
Henry Clive
More to come.


August 2006


Wang Xingwei
This artist definitely has a whimsical and colorful imagination.

Air Hostess
[ ]

Jeremy Lipking
This very talented artist recently won an award from the Portrait Society of America for his Danielle painting.


Reclining Nude
[ ]

Du Xinjian
I these surrealist-style paintings very much.

Juggler (2004)
[ ]

Li Zhanyang (NSFW)
Some readers might find some of these amazing unique sculptures disturbing or perhaps even sexist, but they reflect the artist's own history and wild perverted imagination.  These are definitely on the edge.

Bottoms Up! (2000)
[ ]

Liu Ye
These are charming paintings!

A Woman Reading
[ ]

Zhiwei Tu
Also, checkout Tu's Native American paintings.

Chief Eagle
[ ]

Zhou Wei Hua

[ ]

Ptolemy Elrington (b3ta)

[ ]


Cao Wei Hong
These are absolutely charming.  I have got get one these. Her oil paintings feature partially-nude ladies in traditional Ming and Qing era stylized settings.  Coa's female figures remind me of a Chinese Betty Boop.

[ ]

Sol Dust Love's Photosets
There are tons photos of mostly beautiful women (That's what I'm interested in anyway!) in Sol's Flickr photosets.

A Lovely Girl
[ ]

Shuai Mei
Shuai Mei's paintings are simply wonderful.  I just wish her web site had better organized links to her scanned images.  I'd buy one of her works in a flash, if the price was right! If you want to see the full size images, use the Google image search tool.

Tea Time
[ ]

Bathing in the Myth (Little Hokum Rag)
This is a nice set of paintings from the Balnea Museum, a virtual museum of bathing and seaside tourism.  Why is it I never seem to run into Nymphs like these?

Hylas & the Nymphs (1896)
by John William Waterhouse
[ ]

Li Gui Jun
I think I'm going to order Chinese food tonight.  ;-) These are very sensuous images.  If you want to see the full size images, use the Google site image search tool.

Warm Spring
[ ]

Malanda Art (Malanda)
Malanda is very talented, indeed.  I wonder what the lost secrets are all about?

Lost Secrets
[ ]

Ma Yixing
This has got to be ultimate modern China Girl painting.  This artist's paintings are very diverse, but I'm not so crazy about horses.

China Girl
[ ]

Huaxiang Wang
There are so many wonderful Chinese artists.  It's too bad their aren't better sites display their work in better resolutions at least!

Morning On The Silent Mountain (1999)
[ ]


Leonor Fini
Leonor Fini is one of the great surrealist artists of the 20th century. This Japanese site has a collection her art images (larger images) and photos of the artist. Here is another site too.

La Chambre descelee
[ ]

Mara Tran Long
I couldn't find out much information about this French artist, but I really like these lithographs.

Chapeau de roses
[ ]

Kyoko Matsumi
Kyoko is a very talented illustrator.

Untitled Illustration (2005)
[ ]

British Advertising Images (Neurastenia)

Lost Souls Postcard
[ ]

Tony Oursler
I have to see one of his exhibits the next time he is in the area.  Click on the image below to see sample video on his Lisson show in 2003. Also checkout this slide show from the Met.

Lisson Gallery Exhibit (2003)
[ ]

Aura Rosenberg
Aura is a very creative photographer.  I like her black noise and kid photos.

Porn Rocks (Safe For Work)
[ ]

Miriam Schaer
These are my kind of books! ;-)

The Things We Do For Love
Girdle Book
[ ]


The Ship That Never Came In
This is a fascinating animation from the great underground comix artist Kim Deitch. At the end of the animation, you can browse the "lost images", like the one below, from the Fontaine Fables classics.  Here is a link to his artwork for sale referenced in the animation.  Check out his Halloween lithograph!  Also, here is Kim's wonderful entry from the Webcomic Katrina Relief telethon.

Nat-zy Katsy

Balthus (Little Hokum Rag)
Amy Crehore is not only a wonderful artist, she also has great taste in artists.  I found the link above looking for decent image archive, but in the process also  found the gem below on different site. Also, there are a few more images here, here, and a Japanese site here.

La Chamber Turque (1963)

Alberich Mathews (Malanda)
I just love the photograph below!

A Single Misplaced Strand - Wow!

Atsuko Tanaka
Photographer Atsuko Tanaka is unique in her large selection of African America women as subjects.  Her work includes fashion beauties like Vanessa below, but she also takes photos of women with more natural looking physiques.

The Stunningly Beautiful Vanessa

Shinichi Yamashita
What a wild and poignant imagination this artist has. Is the woman of your dreams real or just a cleverly constructed robot?

Robot Doll

Andrzej Pagowski Posters
These are great posters!

Czyje to dziecko

Masatoa Illustration
I like these, because they are easy on the ole cerebral cortex.

Image Magazine Cover

Shirin Neshat
This Iranian artist gives the observer a glimpse into life of a Muslim society. Maybe we should try understand people better before we start bombing them?  Don't you think?

Soraya (Zarin Series), 2005

More Galaxy Covers!
Datajunkie, where the heck do you get all of these old sci-fi magazines? 


Keitai Girl - Noriko Yamaguchi
"Yamaguchi uses her body to challenge present-day social mores by quite literally camouflaging herself with materials such as red azuki beans, golden thumbtacks and silvery cell phone keypads which become a constructed second skin that acts as a meaning-laden barrier against the world beyond.."

Keitai (Mobile Phone) Girl

Marq Spusta (Neurastenia)

Veronica's Voyage

PICASSO, La Exposición del Reina-Prado
If you are lucky enough to be in Madrid this Summer, you might want to check out this Picasso exhibit at the Prado Museum.

La Vida (1903)


Artwork 'changes to suit moods'
"Artwork that changes to suit a viewer's mood has been created by scientists."


July 2006

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