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Three Beauties (1793)

The Golden Girl of Africa

Ryan Heshka's Electroladylux

Mieko Minazumi

Bosch Action Figures

An Art Deco Shanghai Girl

Snow 1939

Thurston The Great

Auco and the Dragon

Betty Boop

Spring by Hawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Girl by the Sea 1990

Fantastic Flyers

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Bird's Eye View Of Solar Eclipse
This is a great picture of bird during the recent solar eclipse taken by Aamir Qureshi in Islamabad.

Bird Silhouette

Pierre Bonnard
I happened to see this article, Pierre Bonnard Retrospective at the Musée d'Art Moderne in Paris, in the New York Times and then found this Australian exhibit with the wonderful painting below.

Woman In Front of a Mirror (1908)


Film Fun Magazine Covers
These are large scans of the beautiful magazine covers from the art deco era magazine Film Fun.

January (1928)

Kagedo Japanese Art Gallery
There are some wonderful art objects and paintings on this site.  I particularly liked the Nihonga (Japanese-style) paintings.

Fair Wind by Miki Suizan (1933)

Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) Magazine Covers
I always liked Wonder Woman, and  this site has tons of images from her Lynda Carter's career.

Starlog Japanese Version (1979)

Raising Cupid
This exhibit of French engravings are from the Age of Gallantry collection at the Hermitage.

Jupiter And Io
by Marin Bonnet (1783)

Souther Salazar

Frog Jump

Penelope Dullaghan (AD)
A very talented artist.

Bowl and Chopsticks

Girodet: Romantic Rebel
The James Dean of the 18th century?

Danaë (1798)

Michael Baumgarten (Neurastenia)
This guy is pretty weird, but I like his sense of humor.


Recent Scans From Schaukasten
I love these pulp style movie posters.

Man Bait

Yet More Cult Posters (Bedazzled!)
These are scans from the early movie seriels.


Liberty Meadows (PCL)
I liked the covers best.

Liberty Meadows Cover #5


Henry Clive
These are some of the most beautiful magazine cover illustrations I've ever seen.

Singapore (1938)

Lauren's Alice in Wonderland Page
This is a large collection of samples from various Alice in Wonderland illustrators. There are lots of links to other Alice sites as well.

Edward John Prittie (1923)

Masami Teraoka's Art Theatre
I happened to see a special on PBS about this very talented artist.

Geisha (2003)

31 Flavors Invading Japan
Series/Today's Special (1982)

Manfredi Beninati
I really like the color composition in these paintings.

Aziz (2004)

Phyllis Plattner

Legends #14

Lori Earley (Neurastenia)


sally bennett


mr. imagination



The Marx Brothers (PCL)
This is a nice collection of Marx Brothers images and MP3 recordings.

Duck Soup


Cali Rezo (Geisha)
Excellent artwork!  I like Cali's subject selection, use of colors, and especially those fascinating stylized eyes that seem to look right through the viewer.


Samuel Palmer Vision and Landscape
"A major retrospective marking the 200th anniversary of the great English Romantic painter." This exhibit is now at the Met, who could have a put up a better web page if they weren't so damn lame. ;-)

The Magic Apple Tree (1830)

Russian Woman in Engravings and Lithographs
I think Countess Samoilova is a hottie!

Countess Samoilova

Hay In Art (Scout)
"A collection of great works of hay."

Rest in Harvest
by Adolphe Bouguereau (1865)

Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture

Magazine Ad 1940

Nuremberg Chronicle
"The Chronicle is probably the most sophisticated printed book published before the year 1500 because of its use of different graphic layouts that integrate text and image in more varied ways than anything that had previously been attempted."

The Apocalypse

Children Books of the Early Soviet Era

Nazagel (1931)

Kevin Hauff (Neurastenia)

The Work Ethic


Gordon Parks
In memory of Gordon Parks, here is a sampling of his photography.

Department Store
Birmingham, Alabama, 1956


Zhang Hongtu
"The colors and brush works are impressionist and post-impressionist, the images are from the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, the media are oil and canvas."  This makes a wonderful combination!

Shitao (album)-van Gogh #2 (2002)

Egypt And Nubia Lithographs (1846-49)
These beautiful lithographs were created from drawings made on the spot by David Roberts give a stylized picture of what Egypt and Nubia looked like over 150 years ago.

The Great Temple of Aboo Simble,  Nubia

Nubian women at Korti

A Francesca Woodman Gallery
This is a collection of the stunning and sensitive photo artwork of Francesca Woodman, whose life was cut tragically short by suicide.

Italy (1977-78)

Chin Chin Kobakama
This particular fairy tale reminds a bit of the soot balls in Spirited Away. These are complete scans of the originals which could be printed.  Also, here are more wonderful Japanese fairy tales at the NYPL: The Goblin Spider, The Boy Who Drew Cats, The Fountain of Youth and The Old Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling.

The fairies of the floor-mats (1926)

Jueves Magazines and Cabral Covers (Neurastenia)
These magazine covers are great!

Jueves Magazine

America In Caricature
This is an interesting collection of early American political cartoons.

McClellan and Davis (1864)

Michael Parkes

The Golden Serpent (2000)

Hiroshi Sugimoto (Scout)
The Hirshhorn Smithsonian Museum exhibits key works of the great photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto.  I love the Sanjusangen-do Temple photo (below) in particular, because it really captures the experience of being in the Temple Hall itself.  If you are ever in Kyoto, you have to visit this temple!  It is simply an amazing experience.

Sanjusangen-do Temple
of 1001 Kannons or Bodhisattvas statues

Andrew Brandou (Bibi's)

Hell The Blue Room

February 2006

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