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December 2006


James Brown, 73, Dies; ‘Godfather of Soul’ (bio)
"Along with Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and a handful of others, Brown was one of the major musical influences of the past 50 years."  The Godfather of Soul was also a major influence to rap, disco and funk.  Here are a few videos that I picked out from YouTube: I Got You (I Feel Good) B/W, Sex Machine, Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Popcorn, It's a Man's Man's Man's World, Out Of Sight Prisoner Of Your Love, and I Got You (I Feel Good) Ski Lodge Color.

James Brown
[ ]


Jon Stewart Skewers Bush et al on the Winning in Iraq flip-flop

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Jingle Dogs
Of course Christmas is never really complete with hearing Jingle Dogs at least once!  There's also this Korean version called Jingle Pet Song, and last but not least Jingle Cats.

[ ]


The Christmas Song-Nat King Cole
This is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Nat King Cole
[ ]

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
This song, which was recorded in 1971, is another one of my Christmas favorites.   Also, check out The Lennon Files: The FBI and the Beatle. War is Over If You Want It...

John Lennon And Yoko Ono
[ ]

Bowie And Crosby's Christmas Carol
The yin and yang of music kick out the Christmas yams.  See Bing and Bowie: An Odd Story of Holiday Harmony for the story behind the song.

David Bowie And Bing Crosby
[ ]

Weelb And Bob's Christmas Carol
A new classic Christmas song, you be the judge!

Weebl And Bob
[ ]

Sufjan’s Christmas Gift to You
This is beautiful animation of Sufjan Stevens' Song Put The Lights On The Tree and animated by Tom Eaton. It celebrates Christmas in the way it should be celebrated.  Besides Sufjan is a Wolverine too!

Call your Grandmother!
[ ]

The 20 Funny Videos of 2006 - Political Humor Videos
Dan Kurtzman.

[ ]


John Stewart Bids Adios to Rummy
Don't let the door hit you in the a$$ Mr Golly Gee Willikers!

John Stewart
[ ]

Jon Stewart Says Goodbye to the 109th Congress
This is excellent.  Rick Man-On-Dog Santorum's parting comments are hysterical.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Lil' Bush: Hot Dogs

Lil' Bush, Rummy and Cheney
[ ]

Iraq Study Group
The Daily Show covers the Iraq Study Group's effect on Bush's brain.

Jon Stewart
[ ]


Back In Black
Lewis black on those penguin bashing wingnuts at Fox News.

Lewis Black
[ ]

The Word:  American Orthodox
Stephen Colbert explains in this Word segment what's so funny about peace, love and understanding.

Stephen Colbert
[ ]

Johnny Cash: God's Gonna Cut You Down
This is a video tribute to the late and great Johnny Cash.  See how many musicians you can identify in the video. BTW, God's Gonna Cut You Down is from Cash's lastest album.  It's a great song from the master.

The Young Johnny Cash
[ ]

Frozen, Too Cold To Move
Lewis Black on Larry King on 12/1.

Lewis Black
[ ]

Should He Stay or Should He Go
Another Mesopotamia segment from the Daily Show, be sure to check out the Freudian (drop off the cliff) slip at the  beginning of the program.

Jon Stewart
[ ]

Live Action Hamster Video Game (Waxy)
This is pretty silly, but mildly interesting nonetheless.

The Hamster In Question
[ ]

Sound 101 :: Bad Vibes (J-Walk)
All you need to do is put on Fox News, turn down the sound, and create your own sounds effects.

[ ]

November 2006

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