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Michael Palin and Connie Booth

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Memoirs of a Geisha?


Lucy in the Sky

The SNL Cowbell Sketch
with THEE Bruce Dickerson.

"Girly Picture"

Edgar Beals

Plickey and Muto

IWR Interview
Ed's Head


Kikkomaso or Kikkoman
Lots of Robots
Monkey makes sorbet
Squirrel Fishing
Star Wars Lego Edition
Tales of the Plush Cthulhu
Wallace & Gromit


AA-Safe-Way Asian Women's Driving School
Apple - Movie Trailers
Bilbo Baggins
Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels
Bush and Blair at the gay bar
John Ashcroft Singing
Pixar Short Films
The Smoking Dog
Speed Stacking - Emily Fox
Suburban Trunk Monkey

Classic Bad
Monster Video Clips

Attack of the Supermonsters
The Blob
Giant Claw
Plan 9 from Outer Space

The Bad Movies List

November 2006


I think if I see another Borat clip, I going to puke my guts out.  Now, Ultraman Leo, on the other hand, is more my speed.  I used to love watching Ultraman when I was in graduate school, but I never knew there was a Leo version?  Anyway, there is a whole boatload of Leo episodes on YouTube if you're interested.  By the way, here's more information on the Ultraman Mebius series at Wikipedia.  I can't believe there were 16 different Ultraman series.

Ultraman Leo
[ ]

PCL LinkDump's Christmas Audio 2006

PCL's Roundup of Xmas
Music on the Internet
[ ]

Sunday Funnies
Find out what was in Barbara Bush's stolen purse!

[ ]


Will Cukey escape from the Evil Panda?
[ ]

Head In
Bill Maher does a takeoff of the stupid HeadOn commercial at Bush's expense.

Bush With His Head Up His A$$.
[ ]

Skateboarding Girls (Presurfer)

Will She Make It?
[ ]


Is James Baker a benchwarmer?

Jon Stewart
[ ]

2006 Election...A Comedic Roundup
This is from Keith Olbermann's Friday Countdown.  Very Funny!

Rummy Rolls A Joint
[ ]

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson On Youtube
Check out these great Johnny Guitar Watson videos and also the links on this Metafilter item.

Johnny Guitar Watson
playing Ain't That A Bitch
[ ]

Robot Chicken: Calvin and Hobbes Alive
Calvin and Hobbes come to life on this Robot Chicken animation.

[ ]

The Rush Limbaugh Boogie
Have a laugh at Pigboy's expense.

[ ]


Colbert Pays Tribute to the Outgoing Republican Majority
The Nightmare is Over!  Also, check out Colbert and Congressman-elect John Hall (D-NY) singing the national anthem.  Finally, here is the latest word - Sigh.

Stephen Colbert
[ ]

Another ridiculous episode of Weebl and Bob.

[ ]

New Rules with Bill Maher
Bill Maher has some excellent comebacks to Bush's lame rhetoric.

"When they say the terrorists want the Democrats to win. You say, are you insane? George Bush has been a terrorist's wet dream."

Bill Maher
[ ]

Borat Introduction
Milk and Cookies has a slew of wacky Borat videos on its site.

Borat 101
[ ]

Bush's Freudian Slip And George W. Bush: Fakin' It

Monkey Pants
[ ]

October 2006

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