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In July: the Valerie Plame case heated up significantly; Bush decided to put the 42% Americans, who favor his impeachment, under surveillance; Kissinger apologized for calling the Indians "bastards"; Bush asked Hello Kitty to join the Coalition of the Willing; Rick Santorum's new book was released; Karl Rove received the Medal of Honor; a new Supreme Court justice was nominated; and Bush kept getting everything ass backwards.

The Carlyle Group released six new conservative movies: The Surreal McCoys, Rovezilla, The Mayberry Machiavelli's, The Beast Of Yucca Flats, The Transparent Man, and It Was A Wonderful Life.

Most Hits:

1.  Bush Attacked by Penguins
2.  Bush Meets Hello Kitty
3.  Rove To Get Medal Of Honor


He's Afraid of Cindy.

In August: Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, but it took a few days for the FEMA scandal of the century to unfold (See September); Cindy Sheehan tried to hold Bush accountable for the Irag war, but George hid under a rock until Cindy left town; Angelina Jolie adopted more orphans; John Bolton attempted a coup at UN; Laura Bush did a commercial to promote Texas tourism; George Bush and Rick Santorum caught a record sized catfish; the Rolling Stones released their Sweet Neo-con protest song, but Bush countered with his own recording; Pat Robertson advocated assassinating Hugo Chavez and prayed even harder for more Supreme Court justices to die; and Karen Hughes introduced "Operation Belly Dance" to improve relations with the Muslim world.

The Carlyle Group released four new conservative movies: Not Of This Earth, Neocons On Airplane Glue, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, and George Bush And His Flying Saucer.

Most Hits:

1.  Man-On-Catfish
2.  Condi Tries To Change The Subject
3.  Texas Mescaline


Louisiana is a city, right?

In September: The Katrina disaster, the worst disaster in U.S, history, unfolded live on cable TV and exposed just how incompetent the Bush Administration was (and still is), not to mention, how vulnerable Americas still are to disasters and terrorism despite the Bush blowhard rhetoric to the contrary; Bush did explain why the federal response to Katrina was so slow; Bush called his FEMA response a victory for Social Darwinism, which also taught the poor an object lesson in GOP style compassion; and Jeb Bush issued a Florida orange cholesterol alert.

The Carlyle Group released five new conservative movies: The Bride Of Monkeystein, The Neanderthal Man, George Or Georgina, Star Trek 2008, and The She-Creature.

Most Hits:

1.  Why The Federal Response To Katrina Was So Slow
2.  FEMA's Secret Plan
3.  The Cheneys Visit New Orleans


How Low Can Bush Go?

In October: The Harriet Myers fiasco unfolded; Tom DeLay was booked in Houston for money laundering; President Bush continued his steep slide in the polls; Judy Miller, the Woman of Mass Destruction, was released from prison after her source Scooter Libby let her off the hook; The Iraq war conspirators formed a sumo team to raise money for their legal defense fund; Karen Hughes decided to quit her job at the State Department and pursue a pro wrestling career; Homeland Security Czar and Nosferatu look-alike Michael Chertoff funded an al Qaeda bingo probe in Kentucky; Scooter Libby was indicted on 5 counts in the CIA leak probe; and Dick Cheney was the subject of a French art exhibit.

The Carlyle Group released four new conservative movies: Bush's Weird Worlds, The San Quentin Junket, Deep Tropism, and I Was A Middle Aged Weremonkey.

Most Hits:

1.  The Official White House Halloween Card
2.  The Queen of Halloween
3.  Harriet And Condi Comics


A Carlyle Group Production

In November: Bush asked his White House staff to attend an ethics class (bwahaha!); Bill O'Reilly asked al Qaeda to attack San Francisco; Bush blamed the American people for believing his lies about Iraq; Laura Bush discovered the missing link; Bush got a new power haircut for his Asian trip; top oil executives denied price rigging but nobody including Rush Limbaugh believed them; Bush looked and acted more like Richard Nixon every day; Bob Woodward proved once again that he is just another corporate shill and Bush toady; Michelle Malkin sued USA today; Rumsfeld called Murtha's withdrawal plan "coitus interruptus"; Bush threw his support behind intelligent snake handling; Rummy had a yard sale; and Pearson's Magazine profiled "The Real George Bush".

The Carlyle Group released six new conservative movies: Ma Bush's Killer Brood, The Black Terrorist, Cat-Women Of The Far Right, Neocon Chicks In Chains, Dawn Of The Dick, and Attack Of The Corporate Shills.

Most Hits:

1.  Laura Bush's Eureka Moment
2.  Bush Blames The American People For Believing His Lies About Iraq
3.  Busholution: Bush Turns Into Nixon


Hey, It's OK When We Do It!

In December: Bush unveiled his victory plan for Iraq; the President also claimed two Iraq wrongs make a right; Condi tried to browbeat the Europeans into accepting US torture methods and procedures; Intelligent Design was sounded defeated in federal court and restored my faith in US legal system; the New York Times exposed Bush's extensive domestic spying program; Bush said telling America the truth was a shameful act; Senator John Cornyn defended Bush's domestic spying program; Bush celebrated the holidays eavesdropping on domestic phone calls; Bush got a  Christmas Card from Osama bin Laden; and Laura Bush said on Larry King Live: "I am not a Frump".

The Carlyle Group released three new conservative movies: The U.S. Bondage Queen, The Grinch Who Stole Pickles' Christmas, and Dial M For Moron.

Most Hits:

1.  The U.S. Bondage Queen
2.  George Bush Vs. Tweety Bird
3.  The Secret Three Stooges Plan For Victory In Iraq

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