A Short Trip To The Japanese Garden (Portland, OR)

The Five-Tiered Stone Pagoda Lantern

I would like to see this lantern lit up with candles at dusk.  The tour costs $6.75 and is open weekdays at 10:00 AM. There is also a guided tour available at 10:45, which I missed. If you go, I recommend that you take a thermos full of green tea to drink at the end of the tour.  They need to add a working teahouse for visitors!. Note: I took these pictures with an old Olympus 2.0 megapixel digital camera.  Most of the images are un-cropped.


A Stone Lantern On The Stream

This is my favorite shot and location in the garden.  It is a very tranquil setting of a stream or brook.  I have some fond memories of the stone lanterns that I saw in Nara at the Kasuga Grand Shrine. Notice: the bridge in the background. The image below was taken from that location. 


A View Of The Stream From The Bridge (Reverse View)

Can you spot the stone lantern in this reverse view?


The Strolling Pond Garden

The pond is full of large gold fish. This image is cropped.


The Five-Tiered Stone Pagoda Lantern

I'm not quite sure if that is a monk or a spirit on the stone tablet, but I image there are many pond, tree and stream spirits lurking about, especially in the night.


A Fish Pond

The fish all seem to be quite tame and healthy too.


The Sand And Stone Garden

This is a very peaceful and serene garden.  I can almost imagine a Buddhist monk meditating nearby.


The Sand And Stone Garden (Long Shot)


The Poetry Stone

Loosely translated:

miles from Japan
I stand
as if warmed
by the Spring sunshine
of home


A Grand Stone Lantern At The Pavilion


I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, But...

A frog jump or two away from the Japanese Garden is Portland's wonderful Rose Garden, which is free.  I wonder if that's why they call Portland the City of Roses?


Another Rose Garden Shot

Yes, I took time to smell the roses.


Sunset At Newport Beach, OR

Wait a minute, what is No Face during there?  He must have followed me from the Japanese Garden! This image was cropped.



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