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Bathing Beauty

The Weird World of LSD

Sally Todd and Tor Johnson
in The Unearthly

"Elegant Gothic Lolita"

Issue #2


A Statuesque Beauty

Just like that!

A swimsuit siren

Pin-up Toon

Official Zombie Reagan Portrait


Rokaaman - Yikes!

Note: I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on the weekend.

September 2005


Bush Family Arrest & Prison Survival Guide
White House Dot Org.

Bush's Booze Crisis
National Enquirer.

I'm Not Surprised Hitler Was A Taurus
The Onion.

Win a Vacation With President Bush!
Landover Baptist Church.


Mark Anthony Lacy (Bibi's)
Retro pinup photography.


How To Make Church Popular
A b3ta Photoshop challenge.

That should do it!

Ace Science Fiction Doubles

She Defied the Code of Space!

Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19th
This should be a national holiday.  Come on George that would help boost your sagging poll numbers!

Halliburton Gets Contract To Pry Gold Fillings From New Orleans Corpses' Teeth
The Onion.

This Fork Is For You, Mr. Cheney
All Hat No Cattle.

page k
get your war on's Katrina Cartoon.

Two Judge John Roberts Limericks
Mad Kane.

Bush: Saddam Must Share The Blame For Katrina
Andy Borowitz.

Bush asks Condi if he can go to the bathroom
Condi says "Hold your horses, dumba$$."

The "Work Blind" Curtain
The perfect cubicle companion.

Stupidest Hurricane Katrina Quotes
"1) 'I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.' –President Bush, on 'Good Morning America,' Sept. 1, 2005, six days after repeated warnings from experts about the scope of damage expected from Hurricane Katrina."

Hastert Suggests Returning Louisiana Purchase to France
Andy Borowitz.

The Stonehenge Pocket Watch

Looks like 2:00 O'clock to Me

I Want To Sit On Trent Lott's New Porch
I want to send Trent Lott to Bulgaria. ;-)


Good Girl Art (Bibi's)
This is an Interesting collection of girlie pulp covers.  This politically incorrect one is so cheesy it cracked me up.

The Land of Esa

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is The Chupacabra

Vicente Fox on the growing
Chupacabra Problem

Bush Declares Mission Accomplished in New Orleans
Specious Report.

Bush: One of the Worst Disasters to hit the U.S.
This one is from Lisa at All Hat and No Cattle. Scroll down to see the image.


PacMan On Trial

If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.

UFOPOP...Flying Saucers In Popular Culture (PCL)

Zenda From Outer Space (1964)

Cats In Sinks (b3ta)

Cat In Sink

Bush: Vacation Ruined By 'Stupid Dead Soldier'
The Onion.

Bush 404 Error - Bush Not Found In Crawford
Wherever he is, he's definitely not in New Orleans either.

Domestic robot to debut in Japan
A robot that recognizes up to 10 faces and understands 10,000 words is to go on sale in Japan in September.  He sounds a lot smarter than Monkey Boy!


But Is There Intelligent Spaghetti Out There?
The NY Times covers Pastafarianism.

Mrs. Betty Bowers' Newsletter
Betty's rants on the Family's new ex-gay Rex Ray, Pat Robertson's prayer death squads and Tom Cruise in drag.

Bush Meets With Protesting Mom In Crawford
Satire by Bob Hirschfeld.

The Anderson Cooper Hurricane Drinking Game
Satire by Chortler.

August 2005

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