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The Weird World of LSD

Sally Todd and Tor Johnson
in The Unearthly

"Elegant Gothic Lolita"

Issue #2


A Statuesque Beauty

Just like that!

A swimsuit siren

Pin-up Toon

Official Zombie Reagan Portrait


Rokaaman - Yikes!

Note: I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on the weekend.

July 2005


Ninagawa Mika (Life)

Mika As A Mermaid

Pot Stickers (PCL)


Vintage Postcards (E-Mark)
This is a well designed site, and I love the postcards.

Bathing Beauty

Bathers Rear View

Helen Thomas: If Cheney runs, I'll kill myself
"All we need is one more liar in White House."

The 3 Variable Funny Test
"This test will measure your type of humor."

Fourteen ways to die in Shanghai (MF)
"3 - The #57 bus goes directly to the zoo. You can jump into a tigerís mouth and die."

Japanese develop 'female' android
Introducing Repliee Q1.

Bush In A Word
What, no bozo?

Operation Yellow Elephant (Dr. Menlo)
"Because ranting is safer than enlisting".

Many U.S. Cities Losing Battles To Preserve Their Burger Kings
The Onion.

The War on Terror
As viewed from the Bourne shell.


Petanque/Boules Postcards
The French seem to be obsessed with fannies.  There are over a 1,000 postcards.  If you click on the postcards button in the left hand panel, you get a random selection postcard thumbnails.

Well, Mr referee...
measuring is over now...

Death of a 'TV dinner' salesman
I imagine he died of food poisoning on his way to the bank.


Movie Poster Index (E-Mark)
Movie posters for the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 show.

The Pulp Gallery (Bibi's box)

Thrilling Wonder

Is Science Being Taught In Our Schools?
The Onion.

All Hat and No Cattle.

Is That Condi?

Moot Court Limerick
Mad Kane.

Bush Scouts Nominee
Daily Scribble.

Mr. Burns in the nude? (Waxy)

Dylan Cover Albums
Click the Random Page button for service. Also, check out the It Ainít Me, Babe - Dylan covers List.  Thanks for link Anteater.

The Byrds Play The Songs of Bob Dylan

Osama Clock (Kos)
What is the difference between Paris Hilton and the Supreme Court?


Rod Serling's Photo Gallery (E-Mark)
I have always been a big fan of Rod Serling.  There is also an excellent American Masters documentary called Rod Serling: Submitted for Your Approval on PBS.

Whenever I'm on a night flight,
I always seem to recall this Shatner episode

Over 100 Quick and Easy Healthy Foods
Lots of interesting ideas on good things to eat.

Write Karl Rove a Letter of Support and Stand Against the Democratic Lynching of America's #1 Son!
Whitehouse Dot Org.

Bush 'Not Worried' By Alfred E. Neuman Comparison
Andy Borowitz.

Universe 'too queer' to grasp
Richard Dawkins.

Karl Rove... "Subject" of Investigation
Daily Scribble.

B Movie Heaven

Radar Men from the Moon

British comics - Super-Detective Picture Library (PCL)

Mystery in Baghdad

Pistol Peteís 21C Checklist
Toys for Republicans?

The Mad Bomber in his clown mask

Pulp Morgue (Exclamation Mark)

Planet Of Women Invaders (1966)
Window Card

Loose Lips Sinks Ships

Sexyy Bitchyy
Found this one in my weblog. Hiya Ashley!

Dogs in Togs


Language Is A Virus (MF)
Here are some "writing toys" for you creative writers out there.

William S. Burroughs

Bush bruised in bicycle crash
What a moron.

"Sexy Album Covers" (Bibi's box & PCL)
Some of the non-thumbnail links at the bottom of the page are NSFW. Otherwise, this is pretty tame stuff. 

I Dig Chicks

False breasts betray exam cheats
"A Russian youth wearing a drag outfit which gave him improbably large breasts has been caught trying to sit an entrance exam for a female friend."

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (MF)
The official list of ways to leave your lover, e.g., Run him over with a trolley, Molly.


Kissinger regrets calling Indians "Bastards"
He wished instead he would have called the Indians as *9&5%5! instead.

Bizarre Records
I also liked I wrestled with God and the Dummies section.  I'm sure you seen at least some these before.

Teen Age Dance Party

Propaganda Images From Soviet Magazines (Exclamation Mark)


Cheesy Pinup Cover Girls (Tacky Times)

Are Strippers Immoral?

Mission Unaccomplished
The Daily Scribble.

Food-Court Taco Bell Not As Good, Area Man Reports
The Onion.

Flower Urinal Exhibit (ShanMonster)
There's a market for just about everything, apparently.

Red Hibiscus Urinal

Minnie Lou - Free At Last!

John Ashcroft and
Spirit of Justice (Minnie Lou)

June 2005

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