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"Elegant Gothic Lolita"

Issue #2


My Nightmare Orgy With Russia's Beat Set

Just like that!

In a mall near you

A swimsuit siren

Pin-up Toon

Official Zombie Reagan Portrait


Rokaaman - Yikes!

Note: I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on the weekend.

March 2005


Texas Bigfoot Research Center (LF)

Uh Oh!

Banksy (kottke)
More guerilla art.

Unauthorized exhibition at the Met

Oil Drilling in Alaska - What Do You Think?
A satire from the Onion.

Il Duce Action Figure
There is a video of the artist purchasing this fake product at Wal-Mart. Thanks Steve for this one.

Il Duce Action Figure

Scary Art

Ro-Man from Robot Monsters

Jest In Time
Funny Snopes Rejects

Surgeon General's Warning
A cartoon from All Hat and No Cattle.

Chewing gum can 'enhance breasts'
"A chewing gum which the makers say can help enhance the size, shape and tone of the breasts has proved to be a big hit in Japan."


Photo Essays in Black and White
Photo Essays by Herman Krieger.

Holy Roller

Defective Yeti's 30 Least Hottest Things To Say To A Naked Lady (Waxy)
"Want to join me in the shower? Grouting's more fun with two!"

Condi Ranks Pakistan's Democracy Higher Than Florida and Ohio
A satire by Andy Borowitz.

St. Patrick's Pact With Satan
"Does America Really Need Another Excuse for Catholics to Get Drunk?"

The Side Effects of Green Beer

What Do You Think? Tougher Bankruptcy Laws
A satire by the Onion.

White House Reporter Turns Out To Be Cheney
A satire by Andy Borowitz.

Nothin's More Revoltin' Than Dub's Nominee John Bolton
A song parody by Mad Kane.

A White House Press Conference Coming Soon... (OGM)
A cartoon by David Horsey.

Starring Jeff Gannon

'Ghosts' scare off Malawi leader
"Ghosts - some taking the form of rodents - have forced the president of Malawi to move out of his state mansion, officials have said."


Huntin' with Dubya (All Hat No Cattle)

Hold Still Dammit!

Typing error causes nuclear scare

Teenage girl wins armwrestling battle with robots
Panna Felsen (The Gripinator), a senior at La Costa Canyon High School, arm-wrestled three robots in the competition.

Dog's false lead in murder case

Murphy Smith

"Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies. It's sort of like Congress or Parliament."  Here's the George W. Bush entry.

Top Corporate Hate Web Sites

Coin Collectors Divided over New Bush Half-Penny
A satire from the Specious Report.

Dubya's Democracy Occupation
A poem by Mad Kane.

Greenspan to Head Up U2
A satire by Andy Borowitz

Paperdoll Heaven

Dress Up Lil' Kim For Her
Next Court Appearance

The Doctor Demento Show (Waxy)
Nearly 1,300 shows availible online.  You must be registered (free) to listen to the shows.


Pulp Gallery Albums
Lots of printable scans from Epson.

Should Babes Be Spanked?

Museum of bad album covers (MF)
This looks like Bush's iPod collection to me.

Mr. Bat Sings

Daffy Duck -- SoundBoard

Woo Hoo!!!

Liberal-Bias March Madness 2005
This is a Weekly NCAA tournament style roundup to determine the most narrow minded conservative.

jack benny radio archives (UI)
Jack Benny was perhaps the best loved comedian of the 20th century, and his popular radio show was one of the reasons why. 

Bush's Social Security Radio Address  (Gizoogle)
Bush makes a Snoop Dogg style appeal to younger voters.

Thizzank you beotches fo` listen'n.

Nothing To See Here
This Modern World on Gannongate.

What an outrage!

Blue Moon Zoo (Indigo)
See them all here.

Striped Umbahorra

I'm Smitten (Blort)

Support the Giraffe People

Bush Wins Worst Actor of the Year Award

Doin' What Comes Naturally

Longmire does Romance Novels

Lord of the Tube Socks

Russian Gannon Style Democracy
A cartoon by J. Darcy.

February 2005

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