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Issue #2


My Nightmare Orgy With Russia's Beat Set

Just like that!

In a mall near you

A swimsuit siren

Pin-up Toon

Official Zombie Reagan Portrait


Rokaaman - Yikes!

Note: I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on the weekend.

January 2005


CherryVega's Gothic Lolita photos (kottke)
I posted an article about the elegant Gothic Lolitas of Tokyo about a year ago.  These pictures were taken in Tokyo by CherryVega in the Summer of 2004.

An Elegant Gothic Lolita

Massive cow manure mound burns for third month
This red state really knows how to make a lasting tribute to Bush's reelection.

A Fitting Tribute

The Rice Confirmation - What Do You Think?
"Great. Now the public face of U.S. diplomacy is that of a pissed-off terrier."  Satire by the Onion.

Bugs Bunny In Drag
Scroll down for the Bugs Bunny exhibits.


My Snowy Tribute to Calvin & Hobbes (Waxy)


American Social Hygiene Posters (Plep)
Good advice on how to use your mind constructively.

Is Your Mind Diseased?

Bunny suicides


Natural Phenomena Named After Frank Zappa

Phialella zappai


US right attacks SpongeBob video
It just had to happen! ;-)

Falwell Outs SpongeBob

Tell Bush
Send a voice mail to congratulate the Codpiece!  Some of these uncensored recordings are pretty funny.

Happy Iguanaration Day!

Richard Nixon Library

Send a postcard to a friend

Cars Stuck in the Mud

Don't try this at home

The Cookie Factory
The automated Internet fortune cookie generator from geek-foo.

Supreme Court To Break Up If Rehnquist Leaves
A satire by the Onion.

Tsunami:  Oriental for "God's Wrath"
A satire from Landover Baptist Church.

Little Condi Riding Hood
A cartoon from the Daily Scribble.

'Beloved' Speakers for Hire
Bill Shein on the "beloved" Ari Fleischer.

Cheney to Become Human Billboard at Inaugural
A satire by Andy Borowitz.

Canada minister in pizza scandal
Don't try this at home either!

Kraftwerk: 1981 Merchandise pocket calculator
I'm the operator of my pocket calculator.


Winners of the "I Look Like My Dog" Contest

Pretty Silly

N Korea wages war on long hair
"No matter how good the clothes, if one does not wear tidy shoes, one's personality will be downgraded."

Long hair robs the brain of energy

Be The Bush (Blort)

Get back to nature

Pentagon reveals rejected chemical weapons
It was proposed that an aphrodisiac chemical weapon be created to turn soldiers into homosexuals.

The Apple iProduct
Satire from Gizmodo.

Blacks, Whites Put Differences Aside, Work Together To Make Better Burger
A satire from the Onion.

The Hunt for Liberals Crossing the Canadian Border
A satire from Landover Baptist Church.

The Hunt Ends -- No WMD -- No Prob.
A cartoon from the Daily Scribble.

Rodeo in Salem gets unexpected song rendition
"I hope you kill every man, woman and child in Iraq, down to the lizards."


The Museum of Food Anomalies (MF)


The Onion's Jaded Review of the Top Stories of 2004

big heads
The big heads of 2004.

Chairman Mao at Tiananmen Gate

250 versions of House of the Rising Sun (Waxy)
250 MP3s of this old blues/folk ballad from Russia with love.  Downloads are a bit slow.


Vampirella Comics

Issue #2

Wearable Animal Heads (Blort)

Be taken seriously for a change

Banished Words List :: 2005
Battleground state, etc.

Randomly Generated New Year's Resolutions
In the year 2005 I resolve to: Pig Out

FOX News Coverage of the Tsunami
Featuring Burton.

Ralph Wiggum Soundboard (MC)


The President Calling

LBJ Orders Pants

Lyn Nance-Sasser (Blort)

Mom's new boyfriend

How Walmart Is Destroying America And The World
Hey, it's on sale!

This from the art of Ryan McNamara.  I also liked Condoleezza Rice Was Never Prom Queen.


The Adventures of Gawd the Almighty

Gawd and his kitty kat

The Universe, Explained
A satire by Bill Shein.

New Year's Superstitions
Snopes sets the record straight.

Year In Review Lists for 2004
Contains over 500 lists.

December 2004

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