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Bosch Action Figures

An Art Deco Shanghai Girl

Snow 1939

Thurston The Great

Auco and the Dragon

Betty Boop

Spring by Hawase Hasui (1925)

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Girl by the Sea 1990

Tournee Du Chat Noir

Taisho-early Showa era

Fantastic Flyers




Costume designs for Alfred Hill's Tapu in 1904
Will R. Barnes costume designs, which includes those for the  indigenous Maori people of New Zealand.

Maori Maiden (1904)

Vintage Posters

George the Supreme Master of Magic (1920s)

Magazine Cover Art from College Humor

Homework in Spanish?

Howard Besser's T-Shirts Database

Long Live Anarchy!

Pulp Gallery Albums
Lots of printable scans from Epson.

Should Babes Be Spanked?

Aya Kakeda (Neurastenia)

Bathing in Lambs

Cornell Japan Collection (Plep)

Sasuke Sarutobe Mid-20th Century


Russian fairy tales (MF)

Beautiful Vassilisa


African Posters

Free Nelson Mandel

Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz

Charlie Parker At Three Deuces NYC (1947)

Luc Latulippe

Maneki Neko

Luke Chueh

I asked for scrambled

Color illustrations created by M.E. Cohen

Body Language


Artwork by Deanna and Ed Beals
It has been a long time since I visited Ed Beals', creator of Plickey and Muto, site.  It looks like Ed has been very busy creating wonderful whimsical art in other mediums besides Flash animation.  I also enjoyed Deanna's hand made hooked rugs.

Circus Freak Dog
Paper Mache Sculpture

Sue de Beer
Her work will be on display at the Whitney in March.

A still photo from 'Disappear Here' (2004)

Whispering Imps on Magic Posters

Thurston The Great

WWI Postcards
This is a small collection, but the images are very enduring.

"Keeping His Hand In"

Amon Carter Museum
This museum has a large collection of Western American photography and art.

Attention, Company!
by William Michael Harnett (1878)

The Collage Art Of Peter Lewis (Penny)

My Dad Is A Duckhead

American Girl Magazine Covers (Life)

February 1929

Erwin E. Smith Collection
Large collection of the cowboy era photographs by Erwin E. Smith from the Amon Carter Museum (see above).

Erwin E. Smith (1908)

Wagon Cook (1908)

Eliot Porter

Yanhuitlán, Oaxaca, Mexico (1955)


UCLA Digital Library Sheet Music Project
This is an outstanding collection of sheet music from the early 20th century that has excellent large scans online and sheet music available for download in PDF format.

Down in My Heart (1919)

Blue Jeans

Philadelphia Sheet Music Lithographers
This is a great collection of lithographs.  In particular, I liked the Civil War era art of Sinclair Thomas of Philadelphia and Napoleon Sarony of New York.

Col. Ellsworth's Funeral March
Sinclair Thomas (1861)

The Hippopotamus Polka
By Napoleon Sarony (1848-58)

Ingrid Bergman - Swedish Magazines (Neurastenia)

Hela Världen Magazine (1940)

Samoa Postcards and Picture Galleries

Samoan Woman

Amy Crehore - New Works

Banjo Gal

Madame Talbot's (Blort)

Beat Chick


Thrift Shop Art Transformations
"Each artist was asked to find a framed piece of artwork at their local thrift store and manipulate it into a piece of their own."

Evolution by Driscoll Reid

January 2005

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