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Lucy in the Sky

The SNL Cowbell Sketch
with THEE Bruce Dickerson.

Karel Zeman

Mr. Kat

"Girly Picture"

Edgar Beals

Plickey and Muto

IWR Interview
Plickey + Muto- Lost
Plickey + Muto- Trip
Plickey + Muto- Shop
Plickey + Muto- Shop 2
Plickey + Muto- Parade
Plickey + Muto- Pearl
The Wenchell Bogum Series
The Last Hula Doll
Hey! Neighbor
SeXXXy Doll
Ed's Head



Kikkomaso or Kikkoman

Lots of Robots

Monkey makes sorbet


Pingu - Yeti Sports

Squirrel Fishing

Star Wars Lego Edition

Tales of the Plush Cthulhu

Wallace & Gromit


AA-Safe-Way Asian Women's Driving School

Apple - Movie Trailers

Bilbo Baggins

Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels

electric 6 - Bush and Blair at the gay bar

John Ashcroft Singing

Pixar Short Films

Suburban Trunk Monkey

The Smoking Dog

Speed Stacking - Emily Fox

Suburban Trunk Monkey

Classic Bad
Monster Video Clips

Attack of the Supermonsters

The Blob

Giant Claw

Plan 9 from Outer Space (BM)

Rodan (BM)

The Bad Movies List

BM =

Note: I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on Saturdays.

December 2005


Merry Christmas from Sundog
This is pretty clever.  Just type in your favorite Christmas Carol and the Chins will sing it for you.

The Chins Singing "Jingle Bell Rock"

Merry Fitzmas (Bedazzled!)
It's time again to decorate the ole Fitzmas tree.

Is that the Douche Bag of Liberty?

A Nation of Laws
Jack Cafferty skewers Bush in this rare CNN Bush hypocrisy commentary.

Jack Cafferty

Mark Fiore.

Say What?

Excerpts From the President's Radio Address, December 17, 2005 (MF)

The Worst President - Ever!

The Passion of the Benny Hill (b3ta)
This sacrilegious short combines scenes from Mel Gibson's The Passion of Jesus Christ with the music (Yakety Sax) from the Benny Hill Show.

Ripples of Genocide: Journey Through Eastern Congo
It is estimated that over 3 million people have died in the Congo since 1996.

Collage From Angelina Jolie's Journal


Dingell's Holiday Jingle
"Congressman John D. Dingell (MI-15) recited the following poem on the floor of the US House of Representatives." Also, check out Dingell's interview with Keith Olbermann.

John Dingell Reciting His Christmas Poem

2-0-5: The Bush Year In Review

Monkey Boy

Daily Show WOC
Every time you say "Happy Holidays" an angel gets AIDS.

Jon Stewart

TDS And Ford
"America is less progressive than South Africa."

Jon Stewart

Sam Seder and the War on Christmas

Is There A Santa 9/11 Connection?

"Queen Of Blood" Trailer

The Queen of Blood

Cable News and Hey Bill
All morons all the time, and then Jon skewers O'Reilly.

Jon Stewart

Keep America Beautiful: Crying Native American
A poignant environmental commercial from the early 1970s.

Iron Eyes Coty

The Dormitory Boys (Milinkito)

Kick Out The Hams!


The War on Christmas.

Stephen Colbert

Christmas Story (MC)
As performed by bunnies in 30 seconds.

A Christmas Story

An Eye For Annai (Bibi's)


November 2005

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