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Lucy in the Sky

The SNL Cowbell Sketch
with THEE Bruce Dickerson.

Karel Zeman

Mr. Kat

"Girly Picture"

Edgar Beals

Plickey and Muto

IWR Interview
Plickey + Muto- Lost
Plickey + Muto- Trip
Plickey + Muto- Shop
Plickey + Muto- Shop 2
Plickey + Muto- Parade
Plickey + Muto- Pearl
The Wenchell Bogum Series
The Last Hula Doll
Hey! Neighbor
SeXXXy Doll
Ed's Head



Kikkomaso or Kikkoman

Lots of Robots

Monkey makes sorbet


Pingu - Yeti Sports

Squirrel Fishing

Star Wars Lego Edition

Tales of the Plush Cthulhu

Wallace & Gromit


AA-Safe-Way Asian Women's Driving School

Apple - Movie Trailers

Bilbo Baggins

Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels

electric 6 - Bush and Blair at the gay bar

John Ashcroft Singing

Pixar Short Films

Suburban Trunk Monkey

The Smoking Dog

Speed Stacking - Emily Fox

Suburban Trunk Monkey

Classic Bad
Monster Video Clips

Attack of the Supermonsters

The Blob

Giant Claw

Plan 9 from Outer Space (BM)

Rodan (BM)

The Bad Movies List

BM =

Note: I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on Saturdays.

November 2005


Buddy Lee Guidance Counselor (Indigo)
These wonderfully imaginative and well produced sketches about the life and times of Buddy Lee are simply hysterical.  I suggest starting out with Darcy's Movie.

Buddy Lee Stunt Doll

Earth to America - Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group


William S Burroughs: Thanksgiving Prayer
I had never seen this wonderful Burroughs (one of heroes) piece before.

Turkeys Open Fire!

Police Squad: The Survivor Interview
This show from 1982 was way ahead of its of time or maybe not.  I love Leslie Nielsen's deadpan humor.

Police Squad

Earth To America - Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

Political Bloopers And Practical Jokes

Keith Olbermann

Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens Soundie
This is fairly surreal, but I like it. The strange bass player reminds me of Detective Coke Ennyday from Mystery of the Leaping Fish.

Marimba Queens In Action

SNL Spoofs Fox News, Bush, and Jean Schmidt

Jean Schmidt

March of the Cowboy Thugs

Art by Mark Bryan


Bush In Japan

Look Out Tokyo!

New Rule
Bill Maher on evolution.

Bill Maher

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Carnival in Rio
The governor of California takes side tour of Rio (Kind of Raunchy).


Weebl and Bob go Gothic.


morning musume vs. lizard (MF)
Yet another bizarre Japanese game show, where young girls strap meat to their heads and then a rather large lizard is released.

Holy Sh*t!

Memoirs Of A Geisha Trailer
Opens December 9. Also, see Eastern lore, Western allure.


Partisan Pharma
BTW, I saw this after I created my Cheneytol spoof.

Oil of DeLay?

Jesus Is Magic (Fimoculous)
Clips from irreverent comedian Sarah Silverman's movie Jesus Is Magic. Probably.

Sarah Silverman

Which Side Are You On?
Aardman Studio's art appreciation short.

Ukiyoe via Surfboard


The Daily Show on the recent Senate closing. Brilliant!

Jon Stewart


Science Explained

Thousand-hand Bodhisattva Dance
Here is a larger QuickTime version from IFilm.  Here is more information about the dancers.

21 Deaf Chinese Dancers Become
The Buddhist Goddess of Mercy

German Interviewer Loses It
I don't know what this is all about, but it's funny in Monty Python-esque sort of way.

Very cool illusion
Oh No! I see spots before my eyes!

VR Quake 4 (MF)
QTVR Full Screen Shots.

Quake 4

Scooter's new lawyer?

Murray Kleinman

October 2005

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