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Lucy in the Sky

The SNL Cowbell Sketch
with THEE Bruce Dickerson.

Karel Zeman

Please Don't Crash XP!

Mr. Kat

Spy Vs. Spy

The Quest

Squirrel Person

"Girly Picture"

Edgar Beals

Plickey and Muto

IWR Interview
Plickey + Muto- Lost
Plickey + Muto- Trip
Plickey + Muto- Shop
Plickey + Muto- Shop 2
Plickey + Muto- Parade
Plickey + Muto- Pearl
The Wenchell Bogum Series
The Last Hula Doll
Hey! Neighbor
SeXXXy Doll
Ed's Head



Kikkomaso or Kikkoman

Lots of Robots

Monkey makes sorbet


Pingu - Yeti Sports

Squirrel Fishing

Star Wars Lego Edition

Tales of the Plush Cthulhu

Wallace & Gromit


AA-Safe-Way Asian Women's Driving School

Apple - Movie Trailers

Bilbo Baggins

Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels

electric 6 - Bush and Blair at the gay bar

John Ashcroft Singing

Pixar Short Films

Suburban Trunk Monkey

The Smoking Dog

Speed Stacking - Emily Fox

Suburban Trunk Monkey

Classic Bad
Monster Video Clips

Attack of the Supermonsters

The Blob

Giant Claw

Plan 9 from Outer Space (BM)

Rodan (BM)

The Bad Movies List

BM =

Note: I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on Saturdays.

July 2005


Galvanize (MC)
This is an interesting music video game from the Chemical Brothers.

Don't Hold Back

Bill Maher on Leno
He discusses Karl Rove amongst other loony Bush cronies.

Bill Maher

Bush's Descent Into Obscurity Game (UI)

How Low Can He Go?

I'm Gonna Flip Out Like A Ninja
The song "Ninja" is by 7 Seconds Of Love , and the animation is by Joel Veitch.

Ninja Kitty Kat

Sugar Crash Game
A very clever game, indeed!

Sorry 'Bout That Kid

Avoider Game (Waxy)
Keep your cursor away from the dude and devices below.

He Wants To Destroy All Cursors

Album of the Month (PCL)
The Middle East Ensemble.  Order a falafel and then sit back and enjoy these ancient belly dance rhythm selections.

10 Nights In A Harem


Choosing a Justice
Dave Letterman on Bush's supreme court nominee.

Ain't That the Truth!

Weelb and Bob.


Rove Actually
RoveGate updates from the Daily Show.

Jon Stewart

Google Moon - Lunar Landing Sites (MF)
"In honor of the first manned Moon landing, which took place on July 20, 1969, we’ve added some NASA imagery to the Google Maps."

Tiny Plaid Ninjas

Plaid Ninja


The System Administrator Song (MC)
This was recorded live in Vegas in 2005. Milk and Cookies has more info. Also, don't forget that 7/29 is System Administrator's Day. 

A Hum Dinger, A Folk Singer

Planarity Game
A good way to kill the longest hour of the week (the hour before the weekend starts of course) on Friday.

Lies and the Lying Liars
The Daily Show brings us up-to-date on the Karl Rove Scandal.

Jon Stewart

Madness Downloads
Madness was an 80's Ska band.  They only had one hit in the USA Our House.  There are few midis and mp3s, and there are several videos in various formats.  I found this page looking for a midi of Jimmy Cliff's The Harder They Come.  Madness has a great 1992 performance of this song in Moscow.  I also liked their TOTP performances: My Girl from 1979 and Baggy Trousers from 1982.

The Tune

Plan 9 From Outer Space (Bibi's box)
Ed Wood's masterpiece is now on the Internet Archive for free!

Plan 9 with Vampira et al

Looking For My Leopard (b3ta)

Joel Veitch Rides Again

Celebrity Jeopardy: Kick Me (MC)
"Featuring John Travolta, Burt Reynolds, and Michael Keaton. SNL skit."


The Dalek Song


The Avalanches: Frontier Psychiatrist

That Boy Needs Therapy

Warcraft Coke Commercial From China
BTW, I love the new version of QuickTime!  It makes it so easy to do screen captures.  Three cheers for Steve Jobs!

No means no

Gerald Mc Boing Boing (MC)

The Doctor Sees Gerald


King Kong Trailer
He looks a little like Dick Cheney don't you think? ;-)

Mr. Kong

Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
Here's another version.

Scientology Gone Bad

Le Building (Milinkito)

Le Building Short

June 2005

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