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Mad Magazine's Gulf Wars Poster
by Mad Magazine

Hu's On First?
by James Sherman

Flight of the Chickenhawks
by toostupidtobepresident

Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'
by The Onion (01/18/2001!)



Notes: I always post new items in my blog before I add them in the archive.

February 2004


Howard Dean Remixes
One of many Howard Dean remix sites from Dean's Iowa concession speech.  Is the Star Wars Kid Meets Howard Dean Video ready yet?  Also, see MTV's Remixers Make Howard Dean's Scream Funky And Danceable, Howard Dean on David Letterman and the Daily Show interview with Howard DeanThe Doctor is In - The Howard Dean Song.


Hail to the Victor!


The Compassionate Codpiece

Pixie alert

Alla Popova 1959


Toast Girl

Alien Platecraft

I don't either!

Kill 'em with Love


A See Through Nun Costume?

Who will be our next president?

Peach Kernel and Walnut Masque

Sakyamuni Buddha


Nurse Badge



January 2004

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GOP Playing Cards

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