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Pee Wee Walker Bush


December 2003

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Girl With Lantern 1935

Taisho-early Showa era

Fantastic Flyers

The heart shakes me




  • Elliott Erwitt
    Great photography from the master himself - Elliot Erwitt.  Be sure to check out his Phototoons!  There're fun!

Jack Kerouac

  • Butlin Memories
    These are fascinating surreal postcard advertising images promoting the 50s Butlin Holiday Camps.  Also, I have included a link to (German) nine amazing photographs from Billy Butlin.

Billy Butlin photograph from Ayr

Le diable - Marie-France, 2001

Archangel Gabriel 13th Century

Madonna 1994

The Joy of Solitude and a Pipe -
The Manlike Orang-Utan.

Untitled 1999


Taisho-early Showa era

Brillantina Tricfilina


Chop Suey 1929

Shellfish On the Beach of Bombay

  • Stefania Fabrizi
    These images are powerful and unfortunately fit our current times too well.

The heart shakes me

  • Titian
    Classic and spectacular beauty from the Italian master Titian.

The Sacred and Profane Love 1514

Fantastic Flyers

  • 1936 Olympics (Plep)
    This is great historic presentation of the Nazi Olympics of 1936.

Max Schmeling and Joe Louis Poster 1936

Hush I'm on the Phone.



Krishna and the Naked Cowgirls

Ukiyoe Painting

Claude Cahun 1927

The Princess from the Land of Porcelain

The Atomic Sombreros

Lady Golden Blossom

Sarasvati The Hindu Goddess
of Poetry and Music


Girl With Lantern 1935

You're Special in Other Ways

Charmed and Dangerous

The Jezebel Stereotype

Dolly G

The Beautiful and the Damned

Jane Fonda



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