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Pee Wee Walker Bush


December 2003

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"A Dancer of Kyoto" 1924

Tournee Du Chat Noir

Taisho-early Showa era

Fantastic Flyers

The heart shakes me




Parisian Woman
Alexander Deineka, 1935

Terrot Automobiles 1898

  • Lucas Cranach the Elder
    Cranach was a German Renaissance painter and graphic artist of portraits and female nudes.  Here is another version of this site that has larger images, which unfortunately you can't link to.

Venus and Cupid 1509

The Russian Venus 1926

Tournee Du Chat Noir

Bird Rattler 1933

Bertha Belle Westbrooke

Darwin to Doraemon 2003


"A Dancer of Kyoto" 1924

  • Childe Hassam
    A Met exhibit on American impressionist Childe Hassam.

Avenue of the Allies, Great Britain, 1918

Towers Open Fire!


Scandale Lingerie Ad 1955

Summer of Love


Woman in Kimono

The Source

Suzy Solidor

This Machine Kills Fascists

A WPA Theater Poster

Kembra in Prettyland

Red Kimono

Cute Collage

  • Liuz Heng (Neurastenia)
    This Chinese artist makes gelatin silver print, which have that vintage look.

Peking Opera Empty City 1998

Venus Doing Her Sponge Thing


Man's Ruin


Luxury Cigarettes


  • Aya Takano
    "Imagining what the world would be like in 800,000,000 years, I had a wonderful time creating this work. I hope everyone will enjoy it." - Aya Takano

An Animated Artwork - Reminds me
a tiny bit of that Kikkoman Guy.

Venus Disarming Cupid
by Jacopo Amigoni 1730-40

"M. Duras, again !" Marguedu

William S. Burroughs

Chesterfield Girl

Josephine Baker by Paul Colin 1927


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