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The Dance Two 1973

Sophia Loren at home 1955

Piano Lesson 1983

Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses, early 1890s

Saddam Hussein's Hero

Shinjuku 1938


Van Gogh's Jackie O'

Oshichi by Utagawa Kuniteru, 1867

Postman 1889

St George and the Dragon,
late 17th century

Illuminated initial S c. 1135

Print of the Week

Monkey in a Persimmon Tree
By Ohara Shoson 1935

Neocide DDT Ad

Minnie Mouse


IWR Japanese Print of the Week

Green Tea

The Kept Princess
by Toshikata Ohsai,  c 1450

When the Morning Stars Sang Together
by William Blake 1805-10

Life and miracles of the invisible man
Collection by Eduardo Tokeshi

Miss Blossom Ivory Soap Ad 1899

The 5th National Industrial Exhibition
held in Osaka 1903


Nepcetaq (shaman mask)

The Singer in Green 1884

The Dance Class 1874

Confess 2000 #005

  • Kitano-tenmangu
    These are great photographs of the Kitano-tenmangu temple in Kyoto.  Also, here is beautiful picture of a white faced girl taken at a ceremony at the temple and more pictures are also available here.  I've got to go back to Kyoto some day soon.
    The god of this shrine is Sugawara-no-Michizane, who lived in Kyoto more than one thousand years ago. Many students come to this shrine every year because it is believed that they can get clever if they pray here.

A stone lantern in the cherry blossoms


Maiko Girl by Kuroda Seiki, 1893

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