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December 2003

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February 2004


Fuji From a Lake

The Bath


Grid with Symbols, 1966

Portrait of a Young Woman
Domenico Ghirlandaio (1485)

Janis Joplins' Porsche

Master Olexiy. The Dormition. 1547


  • Face to Face
    Shiseido and the manufacture of beauty 1900-2000.  This is a spectacular collection of images of Japanese culture via Shiseido advertising.

Hanatsubaki Magazine 1950

Woman on Telephone,
Munakata, Early Meiji (1868–1912)

  • Piero Di Cosimo
    This is pretty racy picture for the 1480's, when you consider it predates Janet Jackson by over 500 years.  Simonetta reminds me a tiny bit of Mariah Carey, especially in this photo, but not a bit like Amanda Lepore.  Are those real?

Simonetta Vespucci 1480

Beni by Kiyokata Kaburaki 1928

Yang Guifei by Kokei Kobayashi 1951

Revolution Until Victory

Buffalo Bull's Back Fat 1832



Master Chen Shu-Ren

Three Women By Jamini Roy

La Paix dans le monde


Curved Line of Instant 1932

Developing a Pill



New Glowfly
by Shoen Uemura, 1929

Nude Woman
by Murakami Kagaku, 1939

  • yenz
    This is very creative interactive animation site.

Racing Cat

Melissa, 1996

Woman With Bow and Arrow
by Utagawa Kunisada 1850

Odalisque allongée, 1926-7

Extraction of the Stone of Fools

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