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December 2003

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Betty Boop

Spring by Hawase Hasui (1925)

Kimono and Kat

Bather Arranging Her Hair by Renoir (1885)

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Girl by the Sea 1990

Rock N Roll Chick 1

Tournee Du Chat Noir

Taisho-early Showa era

Fantastic Flyers

The heart shakes me




  • Kunisada and Kabuki
    A spectacular collection of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints from The Fitzwilliam Museum.  These are some of the best scans of this type that I have seen on the Internet.

Ichikawa Danjuro VIII 1852

Ichimura Takenojo V
as Abe no Yasuna 1862


The Cat Daughter

Monks Praying

Heterixalus boettgeri
Click the image to hear his call

Duck Women


The Scream


  • Kodomo no kuni
    Artists and children's books from 1920's Japan. This is an IWR redux from last December, but it's definitely worth another look.

This Town, That Town
Illustrated by Okamoto Kiichi


Panel  by Jean Dunand (192830)

Girl Friends (1916-1917)

Card Players by Otto Dix (1920)

A Widow by Jean Dubuffet (1943)

Double Bust Portrait by Utamaro

Nude #5

Louise Brooks on Classic Magazine


Almost looks like a Joan Miro Painting


Burraq-un Nabi

  • MFA Boston - Japanese Prints
    Woodblock prints by ukiyo-e masters, ranging from the seventeenth century masters Moronobu to those of contemporary artists.

Excursion to View Cherry Blossoms by the Sumida River by Toyohara Chikanobu (1887)

  • Zen Gardens (Scout)
    This is a wonderful collection of Zen Gardens from Bowdoin College.

Flowers: Hana

Justice in Leather?

New Orleans Police Department
mug shot of Bertha Farnsworth


Spring by Hawase Hasui (1925)


Rock N Roll Chick 1

Report Dog Bites

Diler Daku

Sing a Song of Sixpence


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