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Cigarette Smoker
A Moki Indian. Arizona c 1899

Dancing Clown
by Jonathan Borofsky 1982-83

Mark Twain at age 56 in Berlin 1892

Reminds me a bit of Slim Pickens
 in Dr. Strangelove

Bunk! 1972

Sadie Pfeiffer by Lewis Hine 1910

The Twenty


Marguerite au Sabbat

Queen of the Night, Babylonian,
1800-1750 BC From southern Iraq

Carrying Fish
BY A.A. Almelkar 1962

Two Sisters
By Mohamad Hoessein Enas 1963

The Blue Kimono 1888


Hollywood Reporter

Robot Romance


Young Woman ("Laura)
by Giorgione 1505

Young Woman at her Toilette
By Giovanni Bellini 1515

The Death of Cleopatra
by Guido Cagnacci 1659/63

  • Mary Cassatt
    "Known for her perceptive depictions of women and children, Mary Cassatt was one of the few American artists active in the nineteenth-century French avant-garde."

Woman Bathing 1890-1891

Alexandra Exter's Costume model of a Martian guard for the film Aelita 1923

Young Girl and Hydrangeas
By Alfredo Ramos Martinez 1916

  • José Guadalupe Posada (Cipango)
    "In 1900 Maucci Brothers, a Spanish publisher, commissioned Posada to illustrate a series of pamphlets for children on the history of Mexico."

The White Mermaid and the Black Triton

  • Games We Play
    "The Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections investigates the evolution of games since 1800."  This is a wonderful collection from Cornell.

Gay Wolves Punchboard, ca. 1940


  • William Bouguereau
    These paintings seem to capture the innocent beauty of Bouguereau's youthful female subjects from the last quarter of the 19th century.  Contrast these images, for example,  with the annoying narcissistic modern sheboy look of Britney Spears et al.

Twilight 1882

Lovely Blue Cat 1999

Nude In Landscape 1923

The Bathers 1918


A Barbershop Sign

Powerful Image

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