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The Chicken and Said Egg

Please Don't Crash XP!

Mr. Kat

Mr. Doll

Spy Vs. Spy

The Quest

Squirrel Person

"Girly Picture"

Edgar Beals

Plickey and Muto

IWR Interview
Plickey + Muto- Lost
Plickey + Muto- Trip
Plickey + Muto- Shop
Plickey + Muto- Shop 2
Plickey + Muto- Parade
Plickey + Muto- Pearl
The Wenchell Bogum Series
The Last Hula Doll
Hey! Neighbor
SeXXXy Doll
Ed's Head



Kikkomaso or Kikkoman

Lots of Robots

Monkey makes sorbet


Pingu - Yeti Sports

Squirrel Fishing

Star Wars Lego Edition

Tales of the Plush Cthulhu

Wallace & Gromit


AA-Safe-Way Asian Women's Driving School

Apple - Movie Trailers

Bilbo Baggins

Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels

electric 6 - Bush and Blair at the gay bar

John Ashcroft Singing

Pixar Short Films

Suburban Trunk Monkey

The Smoking Dog

Speed Stacking - Emily Fox

Suburban Trunk Monkey

Classic Bad
Monster Video Clips

Attack of the Supermonsters

The Blob

Giant Claw

Plan 9 from Outer Space (BM)

Rodan (BM)

The Bad Movies List

BM = www.badmovies.org

Note: I always post new items in my e-Zine before I add them to this archive.  I usually update this page on Saturdays.

October 2004


Ice Age - Part 2

Oh! Oh!

Eminem in Mosh

He needs your help!

Triumph sticks it to the Spinmeisters


A Hip Hop Fantasia

  • adieu
    Another animation by Naoki Mitsuse.

Dynamic Obsolescence


You have to get it working


Will there be a draft? 

Don't Forget Poland!

Karl Rove's Ace in the Hole

Homestar and Marzipan

The Orphan Girl


He Works Hard for Millionaires

Can you find all the Carrots?

What's in her bag?

Bush Loses Debate With Himself

Bulbous Boufant?

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Dad's a Hot Head

He's so lonely.


Edwards and Cheney in 2001

You get three lives

Bremer let's the cat out of the bag

  • zoom
    This is a fascinating application of Flash technology to produce a great interactive artwork.  You zoom in and out of the image with your up and down cursor keys.

He doesn't look too happy

  • Topobo
    "By snapping together a combination of Passive (static) and Active (motorized) components, people can quickly assemble dynamic biomorphic forms like animals and skeletons with Topobo."

Topobo Moose

Mr. Milk Presides

Karl Rove

Click the Image Above to
See the Kilngons in Action

Strong Bad


Bush's Porky Pig Impersonation
Fails to Woo Voters

The Parallel Universe Weebl

The Yo-Yo In Chief 

If this carrot could talk?

The Vice Ferengi

Choose your favorite weapon!

  • Breadfish
    Have you seen that marvelous breadfish?

He's Like an Inverse Sandwich

Chuck that paper

Muppet Man

Da Bomb?

September 2004

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