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Mad Magazine's Gulf Wars Poster
by Mad Magazine

Hu's On First?
by James Sherman

Flight of the Chickenhawks
by toostupidtobepresident

Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'
by The Onion (01/18/2001!)

The Matrix Satire

I always post new satire in my blog before I add them here.

June 2003


Five on a Mountain



The Frank Kozik Barbie





American Christian Heritage Month
Is it that time of year already?

Our guide to terror-free holiday destinations
A Satire by The Rockall Times.

Dignity Returned to the White House
A Cartoon by Tony Auth.

Bill of Rights `unconstitutional'
A Satire by Diane Stingley.


3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference
Funny stuff.

Rob Nyman's made 3D Weebl and Bob
Hey can you make me one?

Japanese postman living in fear of angry pheasant

Pheasant in Question

Smoking Gun
A cartoon by Clay Bennett.

Comical Ali video on way
It was only a matter of time.

Oh My!
I like red.

The Unh! Project (UI)

May 2003


Betty Bowers' Christian Ministry Newsletter for June 2003
Check out Betty's translation of the Terror Alert Levels.

Quiz: Art or Crap (MC)
I usually don't like these quizzes, but I found this one interesting.

Toyota Cawrolla (GA)
A rather silly Flash game.

Ask the White House - Condoleezza Rice
A new satire from whitehouse.org.

Terrifying Bill Passed During NBA Playoffs
A good satire from the the Onion.

SARS Mask Competition (GA)
Get the picture?


BUSH 2004 Re-Election Campaign
Funny items from Betty Bowers gift shop.

Gloria, Paranoia
A musical satire from the Capital Steps. [MP3]

Comic Strip Stamps
Classic comic strip stamps from the US Postal Service.

Funny Vancouver Sign (BB)
A great sign from the District of North Vancouver.  Woof!

Bush to phase out the Environment by 2004
A satire by Andy Borowitz.

War Planner
An animated satire from Mark Fiore [Flash].

Toilet Roll Portraits
These are pretty cool.

Weenie Art (GA)
The Japanese anthropomorphize hot dogs.


Sex change could be good for your heart!
I think I would prefer the low fat diet myself.

Department Of Homeland Security Deputizes Real Mean Dog
A satire from the Onion.

Random Hall Laundry Update (UI)
Is now a good time to do your laundry at MIT?

Infographic - The NYT Scandal
A satire from the Onion.

GWBUSH.COM - Official Site to Re-Select Bush/Cheney in 2004!
A new Whitehouse.org satire site.


Fleischer's wife says Ari is “less than candid” with her on a broad range of topics
A satire from Andy Borowitz.

Matrix Reloaded stars discover alternate reality
A timely satire from the Rockall Times.

A Woman’s Guide on How to Pee Standing (DB)

The Mac that Lego built
Want to buy it?  It's on eBay until 5/21.

Vacuum Cleaners of Mass Destruction?
I think Powell forgot to mention those in his UN speech.  ;-)

Michael Savage Sucks (BF)
Bill Gates' hero.  So what else is new?


The Bush Statue (MC)
I imagine that's about the right size for Dubya's weenie minus the
socks of course.  ;-)  Here's more information on the socks story in case you missed it.

Satan Reloads The Matrix
Landover Baptist Church reviews the Matrix.


What Do You Think?
The Onion street poll on Bush and Blair's Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Bush Sock Stuffer
An All Hat No Cattle photo cartoon.

Food safety music (UI)
This ode to Mad Cow Disease is a good place to start or perhaps Veggie Believer.

Capitol Steps Comical Ali Interview
See what's new with Baghdad Bob.

Stong Bad's Teen Girl Squad Numba 3
A silly animation from HSR.

Man cuts off own arm to escape reality TV nightmare
A satire from the Rockall Times.

Guerilla Parenting (B3)
Soccer moms resort to guerilla tactics.


Love Hotels (GA)
The Japanese take cute to new extremes.

I wonder if they use hand puppets?


Kitty Kaster Cat Toy
Is your cat bored?

History Of The Internet
Funny satire (for a change) from the Right Wing Lemon.  ;-)

Typing Monkeys Don't Write Shakespeare
After spending a month with a type writer, here [PDF] is their first work.

Life Guard (B3)
Great little guerilla theatre piece.  [WMV]

Ashcroft Cartoon (BF)


Time Cube Central (DB)
The Time Cube knows all.  Check out the mp3 interviews.

US Finds, Then Loses WMD
By Andy Borowitz


Local Man Ruins Date By Just Being Himself
A satire from the Onion.

Translated Traffic Signs
Photoshop traffic sign competition by Something Awful.

Bush Cites The Last Starfighter As Inspiration For Entering Politics
Another satire from the Onion.

Bush Appoints Bennett as Slots Czar
by Whitehouse.org

Modern Drunkard Index


People Who Are Going Straight To Hell Museum -- located on the Mall in Washington, DC
by Betty Bowers

Star Wars Lightsaber Kid
Guffaw Alert for the raw version.  You also might want to relieve yourself before you view this enhanced version! [WMV]

Remembering Joe McCarthy
by Whitehouse.org


Forget the MSG - Pass the SARS!
A great satire by Landover Baptist.

God is fed up with Buddhism, Hinduism, Transcendentalism, Dalai Lamaism, Falun Gongism, Communism and every other ism, all of which translate into Satanism.

Tax Cut Man!
A Satire by Mark Fiore. [Flash]

Rumsfeld Plan Replenishes Iraqi Museum Artifacts
A Satire from the Specious Report.


Daily Show: Bush vs. Bush
Brilliant satire. [Real]

Tobacco Control & Free Speech: President Bush's Statement Denouncing the Tyranny of the World Health Tobacco Control Treaty

April 2003


President Bush Announces National Demon Defense Shield
An excellent Betty Bowers satire.

CIA: Syria Harboring More Than 15 Million Known Arabs
A good satire from the Onion.

Ashcroft Rejected By Newly Created Bride Of Ashcroft
A silly satire from the Onion.


Error 404 (BS)

The 12 Dumbest Comic Book Covers

Jesus H. Christ we're all going to die!
A SARS satire by the Rockall Times.


The Fark Google Logo Challenge


'Most Wanted' Novelties Boost Iraqi Economy
by The Specious Report

Parade of Robots
by Something Awful - Robots theme for this "Photoshop Phriday".

Coverage Interruptus
by Mark Fiore on the news media's tunnel vision. [Flash]

Civilian Warmonger Medal of Armchair Valor - War in Iraq - Complete Coverage
by whitehouse.org


Our Top Priorities
by Tom Tomorrow

New Fox Reality Show To Determine Ruler Of Iraq
Sounds about right, doesn't it? by the Onion


Paul McCartney Cluster Bomb Ban: President Bush Responds to Sir Paul McCartney's Condemnation of Cluster Bombs
by whitehouse.org


Colin Powell Appoints Former LAPD Detective To Restore "Rule Of Law" In Iraq
by the Daily Hog

Spot the Weapon of Mass Destruction
"Fun for the whole family," claims the The Rockall Times.


Welcome to the Home of the Big Bad Chinese Mama! (GA)
Inside are contained the "demure lotus blossoms," the "geishas," the "oriental sluts"-- whatever you had imagined in your patriarchal, colonialist longings.


Vandals Loot Rumsfeld’s Home
It's nice to see that Bob Hirschfeld feels Rummy's pain. ;-)


45 More Legislators Lose Jobs To Increased Congressional Automation
by the Onion

More Iraqi Information Minister Photoshops
by Something Awful

Back From Relapse, Bush Discovers He Started A War
Satire from Broken News.


Is the real Tony Blair still alive?
by the Rockall Times.

British military ups ante in hunt for Saddam's henchmen
by the Rockall Times.


Lirty Dies: Maddam and Yubble-Doo
Hysterical spoof by the Capitol Steps of Dubya Speak. [MP3]

by Mark Fiore

Looted Plumbing Fixtures the New Official Iraqi Currency
by Andy Borowitz

Anagramafied Movies
by Something Awful


page twenty-three
by get your war on

We Love the Iraqi Information Minister


Iraq Liberated from Oppressive Statue Regime
by BBspot


137 More Oil Wells Liberated For Democracy
by The Onion

Bush Subconsciously Sizes Up Spain For Invasion
by The Onion


Armchair generals call for reinforcements
by The Rockall Times.

Flag-O-Rama! (GA)


Re-Code.com : Re-Code Your Own Price for food, electronics, software, movies, music, and more!

Frigging Austria?
by Snopes


Fierce fighting continues over pronunciation of Umm Qarzi
by The Rockall Times

Magazine Ads (PG Language)
by Something Awful

Shock & Awe
by Mark Fiore


The dullest blog in the world

Bomb Iraq and Bomb Saddam

Bush Thought War Would Be Over By Now
by The Onion.

I Should Not Be Allowed To Say The Following Things About America
by The Onion.

Iraq Jokes - Late-Night Jokes About War With Iraq
by Political Humor

March 2003


Religious Toys
by Something Awful

Play Celebrity Coffinmatch!
by The Rockall Times

The Faces of Iraqi Freedom - War in Iraq - Complete Coverage


Iraq War Coverage
by Mr. Cranky

by Gradis

by Mark Fiore


Breaking News
by Defective Yeti


Dubya and Dumsfeld blast footage of US PoWs
by The Rockall Times


Dead Iraqi Would Have Loved Democracy
by The Onion

What Do You Think?  The Media Coverage of the War
by The Onion


page twenty-two
by get your war on

The Gulf War Drinking Game

Food Fight
by Mark Fiore


Collateral Damage
by Clay Bennett

US Department of Laughs

Networks Vow War Won't Disrupt Reality
by The Specious Report


Psychedelic Republicans
by Whitehouse.org


Bretzel for Bush


Bush Gives Dixie Chicks 48 Hours To Flee U.S.
by Bob Hirschfeld

Who would make a better president: Bush or a box of Tic-Tacs? An objective analysis.
by Maddox


Apology from Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks
by the Specious Report


Canadian Apology From the CBC
by "This Hour has 22 Minutes"


by Bang Zoom TV


by Mark Fiore

page twenty-one
by get your war on

Halliburton Today: Vice President Cheney
by Whitehouse.org

Jingo all the way, oh what fun it is to deride...
by kottke.org

Bush is a Gong Show Reject
by BuzzFlash

Cartoon: Blair and Bush's vision thing
by Steve Bell

Patriotic Posters
by Whitehouse.org

Which political stereotype are you?
by Quizilla


Online Polls
by Eschaton

Irish-Americans Gear Up For 'The Reinforcin' O' The Stereotypes'
by The Onion

President Responds to Treasonous Criticism from Poppy
by Whitehouse.org

Dumsfeld releases personal terror dossier
by The Rockall Times

Lost Sequel to Orwell's 1984 Discovered
by The Specious Report


How this whole mess got started...
by Too Stupid To Be President

Helen Thomas
by BartcopNation

France Withdraws Support from Jerry Lewis
by Andy Borowitz


They Love Me.  They Love Me Not.
by Clay Bennett


U.S. May be Close to Finding Cheney
by Andy Borowitz


by Mark Fiore


Web Site Hears From Dick Cheney After Parody Involving Wife
by NYT article on www.whitehouse.org satire in question

Pentagon Revises Cost Of Iraq War From $100 Billion To $24.95
by Bob Hirschfeld


Bush Offers Taxpayers Another $300 If We Go To War
by The Onion


Most Emailed Photo
by Yahoo Photos


The Vatican Against Cloning In Programming Languages
by BBspot

page twenty
by Get Your War On

CNN SpinCast
by Take Back the Media

Why I'm the Coolest Stud at MIT
by A Weird Student at MIT

Indecent Exposure
by Mark Fiore

U.S. Offers Cameroon Mazda Miata in Exchange for Iraq Vote
by Andy Borowitz

February 2003


Terror Ready.net

Federal France-Bashing Guidelines & Standards
by Whitehouse.org


My Blog pages
by The Rockall Times


Nuke France
by Robert Higgs

Urgent Bulletin From the DuctStar Group
by the New Yorker


The Top 100 Conservative Idiots
by Democratic Underground

Tens of Bush Supporters Take to the Streets To Show Support for War
by Betty Bowers

The  Breakfast From Hell
by X-Entertainment

General - ready.gov
by YayHooray!

Stimulation Nation
by Mark Fiore


Lethal Buddies!
by This Modern World

Duct Tape Can Protect You From Terrorism
by Clay Bennett, CSM


Bush Blames Blizzard on Saddam
by Andy Borowitz (02/17/2003)

Hans Blix and the Inspectors [MP3]
by The Capitol Steps (02/17/2003

Can The World of Star Trek Help Americans Understand Muslims and their Culture of Terror?
By Landover Baptist Church (02/17/2003)

Massive Pro-War Rallies Held In Private, White House Says
By Andy Borowitz (02/17/2003)

Revealed: Why we must bomb Iraq back to the Stone Age
by The Rockall Times (02/17/2003)

President's Statement Urging Cessation of Public Hysteria
by Whitehouse.org (02/17/2003)

get your war on | page nineteen (02/17/2003)

by Mark Fiore (02/17/2003)

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