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IWR Satire

Bush Administration Announces
New Campaign for Social Darwinism

"The Neanderthals didn't need Medicare and
neither does America," says George Bush.

A Rerun of a Bad Movie

"It appears to be a rerun of a bad movie. He is delaying.
He is deceiving. He is asking for time," said the son of Dr. Frankenstein.


Ridge Sworn In As Secretary Of Fatherland, Homeland, or Whatever the Heck it is, Security Department

Tom Ridge salutes Der Führer of the Fatherland.

President Bush Unveils New Healthcare Plan

President Bush at the rollout of  the Three Stooges
Healthcare Plan asked:  "Where'd the Cheese go?"

Powell is Embroiled in U.N. Goldfish Scandal

Colin Powell and the missing goldfish.

Cheney Defends the Administration's
Free Lunch Program

"There is too such a thing as a Free Lunch," said Cheney

Poll Shows Lieberman Ahead of
 Other Democratic Yo-Yos

Senator Lieberman tops Dems Yo-Yo Poll

Kim Jong-il Issues Warning
to President Bush and Barney

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il

Richard Perle to Receive Special Academy Award

Richard Perle

Hollywood (IWR Satire) - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on their website today that Richard Perle will receive a special Oscar for his role as a zombie in the 1968 horror film Night of the Living Dead.

First Dinosaur Discovered in Cuba


Havana, Cuba (IWR Satire) - National Geographic News today reported the First Confirmed Remains Discovered of a Cuban Dinosaur.  The 150-million-year-old vertebra of a coastal-dwelling Castrosaurus dinosaur, was unearthed in the Sierra de los Organos Mountains in western Cuba.

Frist Cleans Out Lott's Office

Senator Frist

Washington (IWR Satire) - Senator Frist was seen doing a little early Spring cleaning in Trent Lott's office on Saturday.

Parody News Captions 2002

Bush Administration Parody News Captions 2002

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