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Buchanan Announces Master Races

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Pat Buchanan

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho --  Pat Buchanan announced today the he will be organizing an   alternative to the Olympics called the "Master Races". 

In his speech,  Buchanan said:  "The goal of these new games is bring back muscular Christianity, which will hopefully inspire more breeding between white people.  

The Master Races won't be burdened with any multicultural gibberish about inclusion and diversity.  These games are designed to reduce the influence of the scrailings in America. Yes my friends, Scrailings  are what our white Viking forefathers used to call the outsiders or the ragamuffins.   Our manly events will only have  white Christians competing without any of those evil scrailings."  

The Master Races Official Scrailing Black List released by Buchanan included: liberals, Jews, Arabs, blacks, gays, Poles, Spaniards, Asians,  Mexicans, pagans, reds, greens, the whole State of California.  

Buchanan also provided a partial list of the events for the Master Races:

  • The Quran Put:  Like the shot put,  white people will see how far they can chuck that heathen book.

  • Ghetto Marathon:  A race to see how fast muscular Christians dressed in Nazi uniforms can run through Harlem. 

  • Beer Belly Cannon Ball Diving:   See how much water can be displaced by Sumo sized red necks as they cannon ball dive into a swimming pool from a 100 ft tower.

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